I just have two questions

  • i just have two questions, can u please help me i would really appreciate it. ok first one is, how long is pluto going to square with the sun and is it long enough for a change in my life? and the second question is when is saturn goin to return from retrograde in libra, n whats the difference if its retrograde in libra then when its not?

  • Do you mean transiting Pluto squaring your natal Sun? Or do you mean that the Sun that is now at 5 deg Aries squaring Pluto at 5 deg Capricorn? Pluto is slow moving and can spend anywhere from 14 – 30 yrs in a sign. The sun moves about 1 degree per day, so in transit it won’t square for long. If your natal Sun is squaring transiting Pluto then that’s a different story, it will definitely be there long enough. Looking up in my handy dandy ephemeris, Saturn will go direct in Virgo at the end of May and leaves Libra for good in Oct. 2012. A retrograde planet just means that the energy is more introspective or internalized. I’ve never felt any effects of retrograde or direct Saturn in transit.

    What will really be interesting is the cardinal t-square coming up this summer with Pluto (Capricorn), Saturn (Libra) and Uranus/Jupiter (Aries). There are a few major configurations coming up starting as early as the end of May. August 6th when the moon moves into Cancer it will complete the cardinal grand cross. It will also make a grand cross with my natal Mars and my partner’s natal Sun. Do you have anything in the early degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn? What does it all mean? ....idk there’s all kinds of predictions out there, but I’ve never been into mundane astrology (yet). I don’t mind looking at it after the fact to see how it all fits in though.

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