Sagittarian Compatability

  • I'm a sag and I just wanted to know what people think about sagittarian compatability because I get along with prety much every sign. So which is the most compatible with us?

  • I love SAGS you guys are always want honesty at least the SAGS in my family! I can respect that plus i know some other SAGS that have a wild sense of humor!

  • Dated a sag girl she had a lot of energy,and was fun and intelligent haven't any one like her since.Fond memrories

  • Hi,

    I am a SAG and I have dated quite a few men from other signs. I get along very well with most signs (friendship) because we SAG don't stay angry for too long although some signs do not appreciate our bluntness sometimes.

    Relationship's wise - Most signs are pretty much okay but Taurus is really giving me a hard time. Finally, I have found my match when it comes to stubbornness! One good thing with Taurus, he teaches me what PATIENCE means ( we SAG have problems with that word lol)

    Just my opinion, based on my own experience 🙂

    All the best!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Im not tryin 2 b big headed but all of u r rite! Wat do u think bout Leo, Libra & Aries with Sag?

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