Spirits im not sure

  • a lot has happened here

    so in order i have shadows all the time

    or something behind me or feel

    i have been here 10 years i have had investigations

    in past have been not real or we are in denial ?? not sure

    i was told i was given a gift to prepare me for bad things to come any thoughts ???

    scary at times but alot of true things are here

  • Dear angelonwatch,

    I'm not clairvoyant so can't really see what you are wondering about...but can hear our angels so I asked to speak to Archangel Michael (who is my guardian angel) for a quick answer on what this is and here is what he said to tell you:

    "You are feeling the presence of spirits who have not found the light and are not choosing to find it. You are much more powerful than they are. When you are ready, call out my name and ask me to come help you escort them to their destination. They mean no harm...they just are lost. I can help you if you ask me to come and do so.

    As for you being told you have a gift to prepare you for bad things? You have many gifts. Many God-given gifts and talents. And they prepare you for GOOD things. Live from your heart, not your fearful mind. I will protect you. My protection is error-free and I'm surrounding you right now. If you ever feel frightened, let me know and I'll be right there to ease your worries and concerns. You are protected, and so is your home."

    Your angels can help you the moment you ask them to. Otherwise, they can't because they have to abide by your free will choices. Ask them out loud -- or silently -- whatever you feel most comfortable doing. Michael is a wonderful Archangel ally to have because he is full of courage and strength and is our "chief" angel in charge of protection.

    Angel blessings to you.


  • Thank you


    I understand the gifts of God

    yhis is different its all my life

    not only here

    i have something on my heart weighing heavy to day any help would be so wonderful

  • You will get help here, good luck!

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