I am confused..Where am I?

  • Dear Laithano,

    I don't know where to begin..I was told that I have two soul mate's . One..left me ..I was told we had several past lives togeather and some devastation always occured to keep from completing it. I was told that the second soulmate was also there and loved me too. I am told that I am now involved with the second soulmate. I am told that I have no guardian angel at this time either( or I quess no spirit guides either). The problem is I love both of these men, however I love one more than the other ( the one that left or my 1st soulmate.. if this is true). My heart cries out for him and I love him. Not because he deserves my love ( he does not ) It goes deeper and beyond that, it transends rational thought and logic ( I am both ) I am not prone to acting on fantasy, I deal primarily in facts or..things that make sense to me.. I was told also that this is my last time on this earth as a soul. I am wondering ...and if this is within your capablities...If this is all true and 2nd will this 1st soulmate wil come back to me, 3rd or will I marry the supposed 2nd Soulmate or will there be a marriage a all for me. Because of the breakup with the 1st soulmate my finaces are in shambles ( because of me not him ). I did some wild things that are totaly unlike me. In desparation I made some choices looking for answers. I also want to know...which one would give me the love, support an security I need in my life. I am lost and confused. Can you or anyone give me some direction?

  • Light-en-Dark, what are their zodiac signs. That helps...

  • Light-en-Dark

    This is all very hard for you to understand

    because you taking intuition answers and mixing

    them with your logic, i sense you use logic perhaps ALL TIMES

    soul mates are really complicated, but in some cases we have 1,2,3,4,5,6 ect soul mates

    because they are there to teach us leassons in life or for our future

    you can even have a soulmate as the same sex as you & feel very connected to the person at first glance, their there to teach you something. Some are called soul contracts

    which some times we may have known the person in a past life, & both of you agree

    to meet in another life to teach or simply finish where you left off in another lifetime

    because the prior lifetime didnt involve them maybe you had another tasks to reach

    or the circumstances werent right so when incarnated we make soul agreements

    dosent mean these people will be around forever in the phsyical form,

    i believe because someone told you souldmate your thinking he has huge importance

    but maybe your lesson has already been taught nw its time for you to learn new lessons.

    With a new soul mate because you are now at a different stage in your life, and now

    need a new soul mate to teach you NEW LESSONS.

    this is how life works we all work together in some form, Logic cant understand

    this logic sees us as seperate but we are all here working together!

  • Mine is 09/14/1958

    1st is 12/24/1943

    2nd is 11/06/1952

    Thank you all for your reply in advance. I appreciate this very much.

  • I was told, that the 1st soul mate and I were meant to be togeather in this life time and be the final time. That we were to love each other and be togeather for the rest of eternity. That he would die before me and I would die six months later. But something happened and there was interference from another that love him before and was involved in the occult to make him pay, by never being able to find true happiness, and always moving on in a selfish way ( putting himself first ). I was told that was not what God intended, and from our past lives we have damage arours. I have have mine cleansed and tried to have his cleansed. But whatever was done or performed on him...I just don't know what to believe. I wished I would have never known any of this...but it has been brought to my attention and now.....I just don't know!! I am Virgo, my life has to make sense! ( my emotional life ), and it does not!!! I worry about finances and worry that I am not living the path that God intended for me. I worry that because of this...I may never find the light when I pass....

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