To Stone Eye

  • hi stone eye,

    LS told me that you give good readings!

    she even gave me your thread "any reading yall" but I don't think that thread is active anymore...

    would you mind giving me a reading? for a friend...


  • shoul be To Stonyeye!!!


  • Hi Emergence, Awww... that was nice of LS to say! I try my best with tarot but do consider myself to still be practicing though I'll definitely give it a try for you if you don't mind waiting a day or two. For some reason, I am very slow with the readings. Takes me awhile to get in the right frame of mind etc. Please check back here in a few days and I'll tell you what I get. Anything in particular you want to know? I don't want too much information since I find it easier to read without knowing much about the other person but generally, are you wanting to know about love, job, or life direction in general?

    Take care! xx SE

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Stonyeye,

    I am so sorry for this late reply. I am not sure what happened but I did reply to your post 2 days ago but it seems that something went wrong. My reply is not here lol

    By chance, I am looking at this thread now and realize that my reply is missing.

    So here is my reply;

    Yes, LS is great! She has been helping me for a while now, giving me tips on meditation, cleansing, intuition etc...

    This is great, I rather not tell you the whole story of my life because that might effect the reading (I think). I personally want to know what you can get without me giving all the hints etc... that would be awesome. 🙂

    So you don't even need my DOB etc? (I heard that DOB is mainly for astro reading, not necessary for tarot etc..)

    These past few months have been a roller coaster ride for me. Too many things happened at once. I am more positive now since I started to post on this thread. Everyone are being so helpful and that helps me a lot. If you can tell me what you can see for me in these months / years to come? I have recently made my decision where my love life is concern, will this effect the previous readings? This path I am taking now is totally different that what I am used to.

    So if you can cover on love, life, career and financial, that would be awesome.

    I will check this thread often, please take your time. No hurry at all.

    You can also email me if you want to (whichever is convenient for you) at

    Thanks Stonyeye. Wish you a wonderful weekend!!

  • StoneEye,

    you still around?


  • Yes! Emergence, Haven't forgotten you! I tried a week ago and wasn't getting much. I think it's due to my own life being kind of busy and scattered right now than any reflection on your cards. I'll try again this weekend and if I can quiet my own mind enough to get anything I'll post...I promise! 🙂 Hope you're doing great! xx

  • No problem! Take your time...whenever you are ready!

    I am sorry to hear about your situation, hope it will get better soon!

    Take care and have a great weekend okay?

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Thank you so much Emergence. I'm fine. Things are good. Just busy and a lot going on so I feel stretched in different directions....thus the scattered thoughs. I've read some of your posts and think we have a lot in common. Both have experienced ex pat life and still have that itch to live in new countries.....the mind always busy consiidering decisions about where to go next....or something like that?


  • lol StoneEye!

    Don't read my post! That might influence the reading! (haha, just kidding)

    Yeah, I guess this is the "year" for me, for big changes.

    Feel stretched in different directions ---> VERY TRUE!

    I always have the itch to live somewhere else but this year, the itch is getting stronger lol!

    Are you a Sagittarius too??? We have much in common.

    I can be busy with some stuff now but my mind is already wondering what I am gonna do next.

    Sometimes, they are BIG plans and if I blurt them out to friends, they are taken aback by my plans. They think I am a nutcase....taking too much risk 🙂

    x x x

  • hahaha! Yes, I know. I read your post before the reading request! I've tried to resist since then! 🙂 Totally understand how you feel by the way. About the desire to be in many different places and experience it all. Completely. I am a Libra. Are you a life path 5? That's supposed to be the number of the desire for change and travel. More later!!!


  • Nope, not life path 5...not telling!!!

    Will tell you after the reading LOL!!


    x x x

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