Oh god please help!

  • iv lost my rings. my engament ring, and two of my mothers. I took them off at school, I dont know where they are. im afraid someone took them maybe even one of my friends. I would have rather lost just about anything else in my life but those rings. please help me.

  • Hi KarmaComa,

    I am sorry to hear that. I am sure it must be devastating for you.

    I cannot help you in finding your lost object but maybe you can ask for angels guidance? They don't help unless you ask them to. Have you ever talk to angels before? I do that everyday.

    Give it a try. You can speak to them aloud and clear or you can whisper it softly within you. Doesn't matter how, they will always hear you.

    Archangel Chamuel (pronounced SHAM - you - el) is the angel who eases your anxiety, brings you peace, helps find lost objects, situations or people. Call his name and ask for his assistance.

    Hope this helps! Good luck.

    (If you want to know more about angels, ask "angelreader" . I learned a lot from her. She is our angel in this forum)

  • thanks, ill try that.

  • i feel guilty talking to angels instead of god

  • ...Jamaica & Roma.... Karma Coma....

    i know this sounds hard, but the first thing you have to do is release your emotional attachment to them. they are only "things". very hard to do, but when you pray for release, the feeling of peace will astound you, and that may be the lesson here. try to stop yourself from thinking one of your friends may have taken them. when you get them back, you will feel guilty for thinking that. your friends love you and don't want to see you suffering. then, realize that love is eternal and your engagement should be able to endure this loss. then, with all that emo work done, the outcome will be a pleasant surprise when you get them back. you will be so grateful for having evolved that your higher self will feel elevated more than the material object could have ever given you. that is why you come to this site, to grow spiritually. it is hard to be spiritual. if it were easy, everyone would do it and there would be no killing or wars. no poverty or greed. so let it be a blessing to you in a weird sort of way and know you can survive any material loss. there will be more in your young life, as there is in all of ours. it is very difficult but you will survive. your mother loves you. your emotional well being and safety is far more important to her than her rings. she would give away hundreds of rings to keep you safe and happy. give your mother some love and thank her for being your mother. all this will heal your soul. the rings will find their way back to you, and if they don't, just bless them with love and move on. hugs i feel for you. ~

  • thankyou. I'll try all that. I am feeling angry now as reality is setting in. I have spent everyday almost for the last six months with these women....nevermind I know you are right. thank you for the good adive.

    heres hoping that they do come back.


  • I feel you put them in some sort of bag/satchel or pouch or a large pocket.

  • Karmacoma, if you feel guilty talking too the angels instead of God, just remember God sent the angels! You can ask God too send the angels you need, God is love, and God is good, thats why we have angels, and miracles! I pray you receive one and find your rings, I know its not just about jewerly, but the sentiment each one means too you! Do you really have a suspicious feeling surrounding there whereabouts? I have done this too before, because it was just so weird, one min something was right in front of me, the next min, gone, I was always trying too focus on ten things at once, I just couldn't imagine, so I thought someone must have been involved, but no one was, I had simply put something down in a place it didn't belong, I truly hope that you find them, but try not too worry too much, as it never helps, just try too stay positive.

  • Karmacoma...I feel for you and I do understand your feelings. I, like Captain see you sticking them in your purse or satchel...large pocket possibly. I have found the harder you try and find something, your memory becomes more blocked. Relax, take a few deep breaths and try and put negative thoughts out of your mind. The more you are not focusing is when it will come to you as to where they may be. I think when you took them off your hands you became distracted by something and without thinking, placed them somewhere safe out of the way. Perhaps in a pocket, purse or even on a shelf.

  • yes god will return them to you

    i pray it will

    be alright

    just thank god for the safe return

  • Captain and morning glow! the minute I read your post's, it hit me. I had a feeling that like you say I was distracted and not thinking put them in a safe place. I usually do keep them in a satchel, thats initialy why I freaked out because they were not their when I got home. BUT being distracted i put them in a make up case that functions just like a shelf! ( I'm in cosmotology school) Thank you all so much for your words and paryers. I did call on the angels and prayed outloud and in my heart to god. I realize just how much these rings mean to me, and I think I will put them away and not ware them anymore. thanks again!

    Im just so happy to have them back...maybe I just wont ever take them off again.

    : )

    ps I feel awful for suspecting my friends. what's wrong with me I wish I wasnt like that.

  • That is pretty awesome....glad you found them!

  • This post is deleted!

  • What a fascinating outcome to all of this. I'm glad you have your rings back Karmacoma, but I couldn't help but think that Buhbyecancer hit the nail on the head. There's a lesson in this for you too.

    We come into this life with nothing and we will leave here with nothing. That is God's design. I've known people who have suffered total losses of their possessions as a result of flood or fire. Too many parents who've lost their children to illness or accident. I thank God I've never endured such things, but their experiences have shown me what's really important in life. You can lose every material possession you own in this life and it will never compare to the loss of a loved one. See what a stress those rings put on you in the time they were gone? The memories those rings represent are with you always. If you ever lose them again, hopefully you'll relax and let the memories be enough whether they show up again or not. But, I am glad they did, a very nice happy ending for you. 🐵

  • Oh a happy outcome, good! You put them away too free up your hands in another pocket you keep close by, like Captain said! Nothings wrong with you, you realized your mistake, made an unspoken apology, of course if you made any accusations you would have too make a spoken one, but other wise, alls well tht ends well!

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