How To Reach Your HigherSelf

  • 1. Belief & Expectation

    The first step is to BELIEVE that you have a Higher Self to establish communication with! Then EXPECT every day that this communication will improve as you focus diligently on inner growth and understanding. Without these two essential prerequisites, it is hard to achieve anything at all in life, even on the physical level. For inner growth, these two qualities are necessary. So set a GOAL to achieve contact with the Higher Self, review that goal daily, and maintain your purpose with determination until success is yours.

    2. Transform Your View of the World

    We are brought up with a primarily materialistic world view that neglects the role of Spirit. To establish close contact with spiritual realms, we need to have our entire being - conscious and subconscious - congruent with our goal. In any major activity/goal you have to establish the rules of the game and the way it is played. Contacting your Higher Self is the same. So you need to start seeking out writings and teachers that expand your understanding of the universe and how it works in relation to your actions and thoughts.

    3. Solitude

    Make regular time for yourself where you can be totally alone. A quiet place is preferable. Just sit quietly with no expectations. Do NOTHING. This may feel very uncomfortable and strange in the beginning. Persist and practice! You need to give time and space for the inner voice to make itself heard. It will likely do so during that quiet time or else during the events of the day for instance: A synchronistic event will occur or someone will tell you exactly what you need to hear or you will get a sudden flash of intense insight. All great geniuses of history have found times of regular solitude and silence for themselves and most self-help/motivational speakers/books will tell you this is so very important.

    4. Meditation

    In meditation, you work to discipline your mind and silence the internal chatter that constantly fill it. You create a pure vessel for the Higher Self to fill. Following your breath is an excellent meditation discipline, as is concentrating upon a candle flame. Or visualize a golden ball of light in your Solar Plexus that fills your whole body with energy and healing. There are many practices that you can study and use. Please read more under my articles about meditation and auras.

    5. Journal

    Record your feelings, emotions, dreams and insights every day in a journal. This will help you to come into closer contact with your inner intuitive depths. You can ask the Higher Self questions here, and then later on record whatever insights/answers you receive. If you do this regularly with belief and expectation, you WILL receive the answers you need.

    6. Inner Dialogue

    Conduct a regular inner dialogue with your Higher Self. For the next month try this: decide to keep in contact throughout the day with your Higher self. Say to your Higher Self, "I know you are there and I want to get to know you and pay attention to you. Please begin to speak to me and guide my life" Don't worry if this dialogue is entirely one-way to begin with. Remember that you have been out of touch for most of your life. It takes a while to clear the cob webs! Persist with this inner dialogue as if talking to a friend - chatting, asking questions, sharing your hopes - and begin to listen for answers. They will come.

    7. Life Lessons

    Look upon life as a Mystery School. Believe that the whole of your life - events, situations and people - has been structured PRECISELY in order to teach you exactly what you need to know right now. Approach life as if the whole of creation is conspiring to do you good! Whenever something happens in your life, for better or worse, ask yourself what the lesson is for you. Even unpleasant people/situations have been deliberately placed there as a challenge to help you grow. As you begin to view life as a drama in which you play the starring role, the role of the Higher Self will become increasingly evident in your life. Record your findings in your journal.

    8. Dreams

    Expect your Higher Self to speak to you in dreams. Before going to sleep, do some stretching and bending to relax your body completely. Take some crystals that enhance dreaming to bed with you. Ask your Higher Self a question and expect an answer. When you wake up, recall whatever you can of your dream and write it down in your journal. If you are not used to remembering dreams, this will take time and persistence. However with patience, you will begin to recall your dreams AND receive answers from your Higher Self.

    9. Mindfulness

    Focus upon living more and more in the present, on the NOW. When you are eating, be aware that you are eating. When you walk, know that you are walking. The only real moment is now - the past is gone forever and the future has yet to be. Therefore, work to clear your mind of concerns, illusions and extrapolations. Clear the mental clutter from the mind and create space for the Higher Self to fill. [this is one I still personally have trouble with...always thinking about something else rather than the task at hand.]

    10. Patience!

    Yep, that lovely, wonderful, special word! Remember, you may have been spending your entire life out of touch with Source. So doesn't it make logical sense that it may take time to learn how to re-establish contact. Anything worth doing takes time and practice and work! Be vigilant and practice these steps every day and you will receive the answers you need. Remember: Your Higher Self WANTS to be in contact. In fact, to even speak of it as someone apart from you is contradictory. The Higher Self IS you! The real you. So get in touch with YOU!

  • i found these important steps online,

    i figure some might benifet alot from this

    of your like me and trying to reach your higher

    purpose. šŸ˜ƒ


  • Thank you for sharing this addictd : )

  • Hello ineedtomeditate, love your headline lol

    No Problem Hunn!

    Anytime šŸ˜ƒ

  • Thank you for sharing this. It is wonderful information and I, like you, am going to reach my higher self at some point. This is a great starting place. Blessings to you too.

  • Hi Addictdtoriches!! That info is brilliant and very helpful. Just wondering where I'd find the articles on Meditation and Auras that you refer to in the body of it. Thanks a mill.

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  • AuntBuck

    No problem hun!

    the steps to reaching the higher self can be very difficult seeing

    that i havent attained it yet, But i think because thiers steps its a process

    and theirs alot of other things we must figure out and do to reach this

    which is i think release our pressures, worries, and clutter which all

    belongs to our lower selfs and since we've been accustom to our lower

    selfs basically all our lives its its hard to really go outside of that...

    dont worry im having these same difficulties. its a process indeed.

  • Thank you!

  • Hi Addictdtoriches,

    Thank You for posting's very timely for me to read it all...especially # 7....

    I have lived most of my 58yrs out of touch with source...I can't expect to re-connect over night!!

    I have been somewhat exasperated of late because of my impatient's to be in touch with my higher self and get to know what my passion and purpose's only been about 6yrs I started on this wonderful...but sometimes frustrating on finding "me"

    but, once again, thank you addictedtoriches for posting this thread :0)



  • bmp.

  • Hopeternal,

    No problem, glad to help.

    Most times we have to be Humble,

    Humble to face our lower selfs and humble to

    face our higher selves.. Reaching ones higher

    self is indeed a struggle but the rewards are rich

    you must change your values, and open yourself

    to yourself and others become receptive to all

    living things becuase people can help, & helping people

    is like cashing in good karma becuase it always

    comes back to you, sometimes we help ourselves

    through helping others. Reaching ones higher self also

    takes actions.

  • Addictdtoriches,

    thank you for this. I came to the forum to make a question, as I seem to not know how to move, and instead I came out with a list of 'to do' things about myself.

    I don't know why it is so difficult to stand up for myself and go live my life, although I know I am doing little steps towards that.


  • lully09

    Hello Doll! How are you ?

    My heart reaches out to you during this time...

    The First Law O f Nature Is Self-Preservation,

    We must be able to take care of ourselves before

    taking care of anyone else, This is how you build

    survival skills through the unexpected times.

    Everyone see's this differently some people are

    willing to sacrifice & help and majority only care's for

    themselves now-a-days.. Your list is strongly recommend it,

    Great! Write down Small Goals Achieve those then do the things

    You THOUGHT you wouldnt have been able to, look at this

    list everyday and imagine you already achieved these goals,

    align these thoughts with your mind "I WILL BE OK"

    enough times until you believe yourself, because YOU WILL.

    *What kind of troubles are you having standing up for yourself ? Someone

    pushing towards failure you feel ?

    *What do you want to do in life ?

  • i really think this topic is good, those things are really steps toward becoming full circle. not easy though šŸ˜‰

    i found a prerequisite to doing any of these is a base of self-confidence and a free and open mind, which is usually the exact thing most people are hoping to find at the end of the way, but it is also the beginning, this paradox is really holding people down a lot.

    i found the pure unbiased ananlysis of factors involved very helpful. as well as ritual.



  • angel hugs

  • Thanks addictdtoriches I hope you are well.

    Love and Light Bee Xx

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