Access Your Intuition Here!

  • It will happen! I just don't know when.

  • Anyone Want To Exchange Readings ?

    Or would like insight On something or someone ?

    Im feeling high-spirits lol,

  • say whatever comes to mind...dont hold back.

  • Once again its a error on my page,


  • addictd, hi if you have any new insights for me I'd sure like to hear them. Still trying to connect with family and ancestors having some success but perhaps you know more..... dad has been trying but I'm still a little dense, I'm trying to open up more but it's not as easy as it sounds.

    Specifically I'd love to figure out if among the pictures I've posted on our site is one of them my great great grandfather ATC? If so, what did the T stand for? Does he have anything for me?

    Also, if I could bother you, my nephew paid me a visit today, he and I share an interest in our gifts. He said to ask my friends here on the site if they saw or had any info for him, not sure what he is looking for exactly but if you have any thoughts would like to hear them. He is 35 born Dec 26.

    Thanks in advance RC

  • hello Addictoriches, by the way, so am I! lol! I

    could use some insight on my recent move, is going to work? Will I get to stay? I would also like to know about my future this winter. Am i going to go back to work? thank you in advance, it is a wonderful offer you have given. love & light! misskay

  • bump !

    back in business !

  • Hello Addictdtoriches,

    Thankyou for your kind offer I would love for you to access your intuition on me and see what you can pick up on .I will also try to do the same for you

    Many blessings Mags

  • LivingonaPrayer,

    hello, honey.. thanks ! im a little scratchy but i definetely wanna start back, thanks

    for participating !

    okay the first thing i picked up was mother & marriage,

    marriage first... are you married ? unmarried, married..

    & mother, is she in distance ?

    quiet, are you a quiet person ? as im picking up your vibes i feel calmness on the exterior.. i feel you aren't the biggest talker, more so a thinker..

    when everyone might be taking out thier frustrations you just watch and listen...

    and plan on how to get to the next step [ wise ]

    dark brown hair ? i keep seeing also this woman in a plaid shirt, if im correct

    it looks like she's working.. { Country Scene }, and yellow not sure where this

    comes in at, but i keep seeing these yellow walls .

    blessings. 😉

  • Hey addicttoriches

    You are spot on with the dark brown hair and my walls are a yellowy orange like a mango colour Im am watcher and a listenener ,i cant place the plaid shirt and i live in the city .

    Now for you i am seeing short blonde hair similar to whats in your avatar and horses all around you im sorry i havent picked up much i will try and focus more tonight when the kids are in bed Thanks for doing this it very interesting be back soon Magsx

  • living on a prayer,

    okay cool.. 😉

    right now i do have a medium length dark blonde hair with streaks,

    horses, 😉 im a city girl too, no horses. no problem it was a great start,

    just go with whatever you pick up.. thanks, blessings !

  • I'm not sure if I have an innate ability to focus something like this, but I would gladly be someone's practice guinea pig. Maybe at some point it would be good to try and find a way to tap into interesting things like this... if at all possible. It might not be in me at all ^ ^;

    But either way, give it a go if you wish. I'm interested to see it in action. :3

  • OCain,

    wanna try first or... me first ?

    don't be nervous say whatever comes to mind, dont hold back either...


  • go first. This entire thing is COMPLETELY new to me, and saying what is on my mind with a chance of being wrong is something I never ever do. >_>

    You go first please. ^ ^;

  • ocain,

    okay i undersand..

    I feel a younger boy around you.. im not sure who, do you have a little brother ?

    or im sensing when you were younger, with spikes ? and im feeling a fun energy

    playing pranks either you have a little brother that plays pranks on you or when you were little you played pranks on people lol. cute...

    a mother comes to mind, are you the baby ? i sense your mother is a strong lady

    firm personality with others but with you, youre her baby i sense.

    I also see a toilet top, why ? i dont know ! with this type of vase or plant or something

    meaningful it might be a night stand or a stand for a room but its a green vase kinda

    something on top...

    wife beaters, do you wear wife beater the shirts alot ? the sling-shot shirts.. ?

  • I giggled quite a bit when I read this...

    Ironically, you may have interpreted that wrong. My idea was that when you felt that there was a younger boy you were really sensing the ghost of who I once was. The strange fact of the matter is that I am the little brother. I have no younger siblings. Wait, with spikes...? I used to spike my hair when I was a kid actually... in fact, that was just the hairstyle I used all the time until my hair...

    I was a little troublemaker when I was young, and I loved playing pranks on the unfortunate and unwise. Why on earth were you seeing me when I was young...?

    My mother... I didn't pay as much attention to my mother as I should have. Only thing I can say, and repeat, is that I was her last child. I felt distant from her after a certain age... but when I was younger I was very attached to her.

    I could swear I see the same vague image that you're describing here because a green vase certainly rings a bell but, I don't know what. I'm not sure if it's terribly significant but it does ring a bell, even if I don't know which...

    As for the wife beater shirt thing? I wear v-neck white undershirts all the time actually...

    So basically, what just happened, is that you ended up seeing my younger self. Moreover you ended up seeing images of my younger years entirely...

    This is certainly not your first time. :3

  • ocain,

    okay thats why i keep getting a baby sense, you are her baby.. i wasn't sure if you were

    her only baby though even though thats what i was sensing.. lol

    i giggled a bit too when typing this..

    and i have no clue.. as to why im sensing you younger.. when i allow my senses to come through i just go with whatever comes through not expecting anything particular or particular information lol, but thats what i got.

    hmmm. i dont know where the green vase comes from , either it looks like a sculpture that im

    seeing i dont know ! lol,

    Yeah basically, its your vibes that im attracting thats allowing me to recieve whatever

    information you subconsciously give out, or wherever your energy vibes most give off.

    its a fun little process.

  • Sorry Addictdtoriches my brain is fried at the minute i will try again

  • Addicted and Brian, you two are so funny! Yall have me laughing out loud at you two. I went thorugh several pages today reading your posts and got a good laugh. I needed that. Thank you! Addicted, can you or Brian pick anything up on me? I hope I'm not closed and impossible. My family on my father's side were blessed with different gifts and I didn't really figure this out until recently, looking back putting two and two together and talking to my cousin about them has helped understand our heritage of gifts. I just wish I'd known growing up. My aunt would see things before or while it was happening and if she dreamed someone was hurt or in a wreck, she could wake up and drive straight to where they were. Her and my Granny had other gifts that I'm not fully aware of just yet but I also have several gifts. I to see things before they happen and have saved some people from danger. I have received numerous messages from the dead (my loved ones) through dreams. I havent lately that I can recall and miss them very much. I have heard my husbands spirit in the house numerous times before I moved and saw him once. He communicates with our children also. I have strong intuition about people I know. I haven't learned to use it on strangers though. I feel others pains and emotions. The intuition and feeliing suck though. They are energy zapping and consuming. I could definitely do without those. I have in past been able to talk to others without speaking but it took a lot of effort for them to hear me. (I'm not weird but I was trying to get my son's attention in public one time to let him know I was there so he wouldn't be sad). It worked and I knew instantly when it worked and I asked him later how he knew what to do. He said he didn't know, something just told him where I was. I used to practice sending love to people through my thoughts to see if I really could. Still haven't mastered it but would love to be able to speak to others when they're not with me. Do you know anyone that can do this? Usually if someone is on my mind alot, I find out later that they have either passed away or been in a bad accident, etc. I'm trying to enhance this as well because it's not possible to contact everyone I think about. I'm trying to learn the difference of thinking about someone or are they heavily on my heart? It's hard to tell. I have definitely been blessed with different gifts, some are nerve-racking but I'm trying to turn them into good. I feel like I have other gifts, but not sure what. I've also been told that I have but never really got to ask about them because I was younger. I feel like something is missing. I haven't ever seen aura's that I can recall and I would love to give readings but feel like theres a lot of blockage there. I'm not sure if you can pick anything up on me especially after telling you so much but I just wanted to give you an idea of what I already know, if that makes sense. I hope you can. You have been interesting to follow. Hope you're having a good day. Can't wait to hear from you.

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