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  • I just feel bad about how they were treated then and today, none of them have any of the old beliefs. You can see it in them at the pow wows. My middle son has just enough indian in him to be able to live on a reservation. He will be tha last generation. (unless he gets with a native american) I'm not sure what all races he has but I do know of Blackfoot and Lakote. You should see them perform the dances. Their minds are not into it at all and that breaks my heart. Their heritage, should mean alot to them. I would be very proud of my heritage if I was native american. And full blooded too. Do you remember several years ago that some black people tried to sue over "your ancestors enslaved our ancestors" What kind of crap is that? I swear, everybody will sue you for anything these days. Like the people that actually won the lawsuit with Phillip morris. My father didn't know that smoking would kill him? What the h e l l did they think would happen? They are putting something in their bodies that doesn't belong there. BTW, I haven't smoked one cig today. And the first day is the hardest. Soon, I will go to bed and not even think about smoking. Then tomorrow, I will have so much to do, I shouldn't think about it then YAY foe me! lol TTFN

  • I wanted to share this with anyone, wanting to enhance

    or access thier intuition, GOOD LUCK..just found it

    on my favorite site.

    This hidden power is is available to those who recognize and accept that there is a higher realm of knowing and communication beyond their own physical bodies. The universe is full of this unlimited energy that can be tapped by almost anyone who will make the effort to focus and tune themselves to its subtle vibrations. These vibrations are not just for the so called 'gifted' persons, but for everyone who makes the effort to learn its secrets. Most all psychic people are that because they recognized the signs of this energy and focused their attention on its workings which is the very thing that is required in order to develop it. If they hadn't focused their attention on it, then they wouldn't be what they are.


    To begin tuning into this force you need to learn about focusing. Focusing on even the smallest instance of psychic phenomena that happens to your self and to people around you. Play the event around in your mind continually, to get familiar with the sense of the action and presence of the energy involved. This will give you a perception of how involved and integrated is the underlying hidden power that caused the event to take place.

    Everything is connected

    One of the most important things that anyone needs to understand is that every living thing has consciousness has a connection to everything else in the universe. People, animals and plants are all connected to the hidden energy of universal consciousness that permeates the entire universe and 'wires' all of us together.

    Understanding and accepting this concept is the most important requirement to developing one's own latent ability. The next important requirement, is that the person must have both a desire and willingness to develop and tune themselves so they can also connect with the universal spirit


    After that, it becomes a matter of adopting a certain kind of mind set that is necessary to cultivate a power thinking process. Next, you will need to practice diligently a number of exercise techniques to get feed back while developing these abilities. Feed back helps you to learn and understand the signals and symbols that are received and experienced as a normal part of the learning to experience process.


    To advance, you need to find a development circle or starting a "circle" of your own. A circle means weekly meetings where like minded people can practice in a positive environment. Another thing you can do is to visit the pages on Esp and Telepathy which is part of this website. There you'll find tests and practices which will help you to begin developing your latent psychic abilities. They are not games, but rather exercises for someone who is serious about psychic mind development. This development is a primer for those who feel they'd like to continue into mediumship.


    In addition to these practices, the student should learn to meditate. Although, this is not a rigid requirement, it makes a lot of difference in how fast you progress. You can develop a lot more quickly when you practice meditation.

  • Everyone has it.

    Everyone is aware of their five basic senses, seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing and tasting. What everyone is not so well aware of is their sixth sense, that sense of otherworldliness, a connection to something more and greater than their physical senses are able to perceive.

    This is the entrance to the world of the unseen encounter, the unheard communication, the unfelt touch of someone from the spiritual world trying to make a connection with someone in the physical body.

    Nothing to fear.

    The sixth sense is a part of everyone whether or not they like it. It is a normal part of the human psyche and not abnormal or reserved for special or gifted persons. Thanks to the media and to religion, it has been misrepresented and as a result, people associate the spirit world with fear and trepidation. A person has more to fear going to their car in the parking lot after work than from those souls in the spirit world. Contrary to the media’s misrepresentations, those in spirit do not have physical bodies to carry out evil deeds like some thug in a parking lot.

    It is scientific.

    Every human being is equipped from birth with what they need to communicate with the spirit world from where they came, and to where they will eventually go when they give up their physical body. This is the same scientific phenomenon that works in the transmission of electronic information such as the television or radio. These require that you tune into a particular band or frequency to get the program that you want. The sixth sense is similar in that it requires tuning in to another person’s frequency or to the frequency of someone in the spirit world. Electronic tuning is done through electronic means that is mechanical in nature. Spiritual tuning is done through the brain with mental focus, intent and desire being the means.

    Mental tuning.

    Although, tuning by mental focus is inconsistent and capricious, while electronic tuning is reliable, consistent and tangible, it is no less scientific. The difference being that psychic and medium communication is in its infancy as far as future development goes. It has a scientific basis for its manifestation because all things that happen work according to scientific laws, even by laws that haven’t been discovered yet. Consider technology that we take for granted, anyone that would have predicted one hundred years ago where we would be today, would have been laughed to scorn. So it is with mediums and communication with the so-called dead, it is a science in its infancy.

    You’ve already had contact.

    One doesn’t have to be a practiced medium or an ordained saint to make contact with the souls from the spirit world. At one time or another, everyone that is alive today has seen them, heard from them, been touched by them, smelled them, either while in the waking state or through a dream. Those that can’t recall having the experience are not aware of the signs or, because of fear and ignorance programmed through religion, are in denial. This is the first step in development of your sixth sense, recognizing the times that you have been touched by those in the spirit world.

  • Great information Addicted....thanks for posting this!

  • Addictd, great info, thanks for sharing that.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Addictoriches hey how are you....i must be honest i have written a few times on this thread but i never really read the first post [ listen to your intuition] well i was listening to my intuition when lol i picked this tread to check out...oh so why is this funny to me well I am a model and I am currently working for my agency on a future fact I just hung up the phone with my agent soooo i had to share......What is my intuition telling me? I must ponder lol

    .........................WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST !!!!!!!!..................................


  • zephire,

    Glad to know you liked the thread, I recommend writing

    because first we must try every method just because

    we are'nt in favor of the excerise, Its still a excerise that can

    help and you may even master in it, Im not that big on it either

    but writing is very helpful, To the stages you need to grow your

    intuition then you will be able too speak these words.

    thank u hun 😉

    for sharing your positive energy to the thread.

    Many Blessings


    Im and FIne, Good to see you back here hun.

    I feel you've been having some bumps along your modeling

    interest and promoting your uniqueness of image..

    and now things will be coming together soon for you, Its something

    within though I feel you are lacking, you need lot of approval

    from outsiders or depend much on other opionions, Be self confident girl!!

    and bring out your personality more.


  • addict

    Hey yes i have been having some bumps with modeling which is not my passsion honestly but i love to help people so i decided to take on this project and i love when you say to show my pesonality more i got it instantly....I have been a bit timid but as of lately the real me has been coming out... QUESTION when you say uniqueness of image what exactly do you mean by this? the reason i ask is because i am always classiffying myself as unique lol....but do others see this??? Thanks for following your intuition lol your wonderful oh and I will be more confident just some people see it as something different so i guess i tried to curve my confidence to accomidate others BUT NOT ANYMORE thanks girl i needed that!!!!

    many many many blessings.......huge hug


    I say show more personality, because I feel you have a good for modeling image,

    but tts ALL ABOUT PERSONALITY and building relationships in that industry

    I've Been to auditions and TOOK THE LOOK and seen other girls as well

    with the look, but no personality, I was teaching the other girls there how to work on thier runway

    so I was chosen 1RST GIRL because i was able to not only build relationships with the judges quick but the qirls as well TRY that, GET love from everyone.

    its a job where its about WHO YOU KNOW

    anything you do you have to be passionate about as well, i felt the same about modeling

    once I began audition but it takes passion and patience because everyone see's

    beauty differently. Be confident and it will get better.

    Blessings, Best Wishes Hun [HUUGG]

  • I am way past my modeling years now but when I was in my 20's, I almost did. I didn't (and no offence to anyone) it was too superficial to me.Iam unique and wanted to stay that way. Not become one in a million. Just like I love my name now for the same reason I hated it when I was younger. It is so different. It is Larisa. I know of maybe 2 others. It's russian for Laura so it is probably quite popular in Russia LOL There will nevr be another me or anyone like me. I have just started talking to an old friend (I haven't seen in over 20 yrs) but we are so much alike. It's scary. 20 years ago, that's not what I thought LOLWe will have to 1 up eachother on crappy experiences we have had. Of course, I feel like I got that one but who knows. I got him beat physically lol. I have an acct. on Twitter but I don't twett so I don't know why I ever started it. Anyway, good to have you back Addicted. Everyone noticed you were gone!

  • Yes, The modeling business can

    be very superficial, depending where

    you are from, I stay not too far from hollywood

    so its a very day thing IM USED TO IT lol,

    for a country gal or a small town gal its alot

    harder for you to work on that personality they are looking

    for. because they are REALLY looking for it to be natural.

    Its a fun industry to go into, if your into limelight &

    building relationships with creative people.

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    you have to go through pages to see the last 'page NOW

    only on this thread though ? random.

    just go to the top of the address bar, and where you see pages= type in the previous

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  • ooooh I see what you are saying...well when i began with my agency it started off with a photoshoot they were late with my photos (but i am leaerning patience at this point in my life) good thing for that...when i went to pick up my photos he told me about the upcoming project the agency was working on a singing group (oh my agency is also a talent agency as well) so they told me i had the look they needed but i told him i do not sing ( not even a little lol)..but he said he would work with me.ooook so I began reheral practice with the girls one thing lead to another got some girls who could really sing lol and my agency made me Asst. Coordinator well manily because i have good people skills..(well i am a ppl person) so i fully understand...and I think you may have been picking up on my confidence with the singing part manily..I was so not confident about that....i do not want to pat my own back but EVERYONE LOVES ME lol !!!except those who hate on me

    have a wonderful day!!!!!!

    many blessings


    sorry if i spelled your name I read your reply on how you like to be unique as do I but the part that was really funny is I have a very unique name as well when i was younger totally hated it...but now I soooooo love it manily for the same reason it is different and I strive on being diifferent...just had to share that

    you have a wonderful day as well...

    many blessings ladies....

  • yeah, it is so weird how your thoughts and perspectives change. lol I do have a goal! I want to open an animal rescue site! I think that is my calling and maybe even my destiny! Every since that thought popped up, that is all I can think about so that is my goal. No matter how long or what happens, I will get that opened! It will be for the animals I help and for the people that work there. They won't feel like employees. More like friends with a paycheck. lol

  • Sylvannah that's a great goal. More power to you girl. I hope you make it happen, you are going into it for the right reasons with a good mind set and serving a wonderful purpose, it doesn't get much better than that.

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