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  • bluecat123


    Well im not sure about Moods, i often feel ones energy

    how to protect yourself from recieving thier energy is to

    simply embrace Yours, with a gesture, a smile anything

    which often can change ones energy quickly.. energy is vibration,

    vibration is thought, increase your energy become powerful

    people feel power, now you have high energy & good energy

    it will then surface and spread to everyone and they may not even

    know why, people will become a magnet to you because they

    feel good around you soo Increase your energy ! šŸ˜ƒ

  • Rock71 - OMG.....I just thought about this. I'm leaving my job on Tuesday and now that I have worked out all the fear and what not....I've been doing little happy dances all day when I'm here since I'm so excited about moving forward and doing stuff different. are right. I have been doing some dancing. LOL. Too good.

  • AuntBuck,

    aaahhh, i didnt find it... but maybe its around that area;

    ill find it soon as im not looking for it i assume! lol

    thanx alot though.

  • I lost a ring once, after moving across the ocean, then from my moms too my own place, after several years I was organizing a box of photos, and what nots, well, there it was on the bottom of the box. Weird how those happen sometimes, I honestly don't wear them anymore bc rings are so tiny, and I'm so prone too misplace them. I do hope you find them!

  • Aunt Buck, your description of me is accurate!

  • Addictdtoriches and AuntBuck (page 2)

    thank you for your thoughts as to who I may be. I did not expect a response as I was just fancinated with the topic and what those ahead of me had written.

    -Yes I do have very clear skin which is soft. (I receive many compliments).

    -Yes I dressis as neatly as I am able to. What few clothes I do have are of quaility and natural fabric. Even as a child and teen my stepmom and siblings would be after me to buy quanity rather than quality. Even with a limited clothing budget, I still manage to dress nicely.

    -Yes I can be sarcatic at times, though I do not intend to be. My son would remind me to watch the tone in my voice. It is just the way I seem to come across. Usually it is the behaviour of the person at the time of the situation.

    -My hair naturally is blond, which is now mostly dirty blond-gray. When I turned 60 a in 2007, I did cut my hair to neck length, which was about half way down my middle back. I am anticipating on cutting my hair again May 2, for my 63 birthday. I have put in a rinse -COLOURED (not dyed) my hair a medium shade of brown, over the past few years.

    -No I have not exercised. I am starting to walk again as my legs, hips and body become stronger.


    • As I was growing up the home environments were inmaculate as this is what my stepmom required of us children. icarried over when I left home. At this time my home is tidy.

    -My dream home would be trendy. The walls would be off white to ivory as I cannot see coloured walls in my home. Applances would be white or silver.

    • The silver comes from the colour car my son bought for me in 2007. When I first started driving it I would say, "HI OH SILVER". I felt the name was not right so I would say to the Angels-Universe what is the name to be. Since I was talking to the Angels I started to see their wings. Thus SILVERWINGS.

    -Since I live in the southeastern part of BC, Canada, about one hour's drive from the USA border of Utuh and Washington, My son wanted me to be able to got out and about some. I am hoping to drive to Calgary next month, provided my son is home.

    I am not sure of what psychic gifts I have.

    Blessing to each and all of you for responding on this site.

    Julianna lovingsilverwings.

  • Addicted....oh well...can't win them all. It would be great if it was somewhere around that couch. Do you have any chairs? I definitely heard cushions. Silverwings....this is good. I was just typing what came to mind. You should try it. BlueCat - I'm so excited. Yea....this is fun. Next up???

  • AuntBuck

    This makes me wanna look for it now lol,

    i just looked around and under and in the couches

    didnt find anything but it may be somewhere in the living room

    cant wait to tell you where i find it.

  • Did you check the cracks in the couch? I know I have spaces behind the cushions that I can't see what is there but can only feel when you put your hands in them (scary in my house with my I can't wait to see where you find it. :0)

  • Aunt Buck ,It was fun, but Thunder07, asked me about my cards, which I still do not have back, then asked what I though about readings and Saul consulting witch of Endor, um, wow that kind of took the fun out, having too think of an answer too that huge of a question! That one made my brain hurt. I think you figured me right on, I am about 5'5, not as slender as I was when younger, but thats my basic build, and yeah medium length darkish brown hair, I actually read once that most people who "see" a cancer, actually see them with a standard average height, slender build, darker complexion, brown hair, lighter eyes, and small or turned up noses, I don't where they got that from, but it they had a description of what signs might look like. It was seemed fitting.

  • Freaky, you almost decibed my room, my appearance, and what I would have been doing when I use too have panic attacks! I wonder who it is?

  • What a fabulous thread addictedtoriches!!....

    I have never been able to tap into my intuition in this way, but I will certainly try and have a go to quiet my mind and just focus on breathing and see if I get anything, I will do this later, it's mid morning for me at moment, can't get any peace for doing this yet....maybe if I just focus on some ones name?......

    MystoBlueStars, I pray the one that you keep seeing is ok!!....I'm sending loving healing energies to them...I know the universe knows where they are!!



  • Good Morning Addicted to Riches, I tried both of your suggestions last night the breathing excercises and the Tube of colors with the "Christ Light". Nothing yet, will keep trying! Thanks!

  • Good Morning again just saw this, right about the tough love, thats absolutely correct. Food being the first thing, right on target, love to cook and bake, and a favorite chair where I think thats correct also, Very Good!

  • poetic555,

    Okay, think of food ... immeediately do you cook?

    hmmm, i see big pretty sun hats as well

    and scarfes, do you wear white often ? tans ?

    i feel a tough love motherly energy when i think of you,

    maybe this is why i considered chiledren i think of kids

    when i think of you, a motherly energy... Do you have favorite

    chair in the house, i like loveseat, sofa or some sort

    you sit in and think ?

    just a few things that come to mind *****

    No hats at all, and I am tan thought, Every thing else is right! šŸ™‚

  • This is fun, though, I'm sorry for whoever was the girl that slapped thats sad.

  • That is sad, poor thing, lets all pray for help for whoever that is!

  • BlueCat - It was fun, but Thunder07, asked me about my cards, which I still do not have back, then asked what I though about readings and Saul consulting witch of Endor, um, wow that kind of took the fun out, having too think of an answer too that huge of a question!

    I don't know what "Saul consulting Witch of Endor"'ll have to explain to me. As far as the cancer description....I think that holds true for some of it. What can you see about me that is different from the different cancer "image". I'm still waiting for someone to come up with something that I get asked about all the time. Oh...and I wish I had a small upturned nose. Unfortunately...I'm a true German in the nose area. LOL

  • Aunt Buck, wooow, I had no idea that I hit anything...I usually keep it to myself unless someone comes to me and wants to talk..Thank you!!! Im glad you are happy with your job, you deserve and have worked hard. Your character and integrity are what makes you excel.

    AddictdtoRiches: I feel that your ring has fallen inside of a shoe or by your shoes.

  • AddictdtoRiches: I feel that your ring has fallen inside of a shoe or by your shoes.

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