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  • addictedtoriches,

    LOL, yeah..whenever I am typing something for you, I keep on laughing.

    In fact, I told you last week, during our first reply to each other.

    Your post are contagious....I cannot stop laughing! LOL

    Yes, my house smells of FOOD all the time.

    Whenever I am bored, I will cook, bake, fry etc etc..

    My pantry and my freezer are never empty lol!

    Sometimes, we need to concentrate on the person when we want to describe them

    If we have too many people in our mind, we tend to mix things up.

    For example, your description of lovingsilverwings matches me!

    Only the brown cut hair part - I have brown hair but long.

    Shorts and leggings - love them whenever I am at home!!

  • eartwindandfire..,You are right, I am on a computer at least 10-14 hours a day per average. I am a commodities broker and sell over the internet. I used to pull my very long hair back constantly but just got it cut off to chin level. I love flannel and I do wear my hubby's flannel shirts as night I am described the majority of time as a very energetic and up person. I have a KOI pond in my my free time I spend time watching the fish and meditating. I am a sunshine nature walks. You were very right on several areas of my life.

  • MorningGlow

    I know right! This is, pretty fun.

    i dont know why i feel a contry vibe ? or like dirt ? the Valley maybe...

    yep, I kept seeing pajamas mostly actual images, of trendy pajamas thats

    why i asked if you were a designer but now i understand.

    & Dogs were the first things i felt, very warm energy of pets.

  • MorningGlow -

    I am a Forex broker! Nice to meet you, it is great to meet another broker here!

    I am always with my laptop during weekdays. Life as a broker! LOL

  • Emergence

    Yes, I guess laughin is contagious because

    last post i just started laughin out of nowhere lol.

    I imagine great food!

    I know right, and i have way too many things on my mind...

    so i know i can be a little off alot of times ;/ Shesshh,

  • you like plants or do you garden much? I see cats around you? You love to read and do you exercise....I see you on a treadmill or even a bike. Are you located in a southern state? You took care of a senior or work with seniors possibly? You are a very mellow person and I see mint green around you....

  • Addicted - I started to think about where you might have lost it and couch cushion came very loud to me. Maybe in the cracks behind the cushions?

  • MorningGlow,

    I love gardening but I don't do much now. I am diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I had my shoulder operated a year ago. Had to give up gardening 🙂

    But yes, love planting seeds and I take good care of my flowerbeds.

    Yep, I love reading, it is one of my favorite pass time.

    When I was a kid, I love cycling very much, I can spend hours on my bicycle.

    I exercise yes, on my ABswings, threadmill and hometrainer lol.

    I am not in USA but it is my dream to move there one day.

    Senior...can it be my grandparents? I was raised by them. They passed years back.

    Mint green, use to smoke mint cigarette! Does that count? lol...

    I love greens though, and cliff and mountains..

    Well done!!!

  • MorningGlow,

    Yes, I love cats. We used to have plenty of cats and kittens at home!

    Not anymore now. I relocated and don't keep any cats since.

  • AuntBuck,

    You just reminded me! the last day i had wore it,

    i was cleaning the living room with my boyfriend &

    we had been playin around & i kept taking it off since its

    pretty big, i rember us being in the living room for a while

    though so it must be in there i know for sure its somewhere around the house lol!

    & i pretty much touch bases daily frequently with every room in the house

    except the living room so it much be in there.

    thanks alot! i really missed that ring ;/

  • Well let us know if it was in the living room! AuntBuck, I knew you had that extra sense about you! I knew you did, with your situations, my situations, now you found addictedtoriches' ring! This is a cool thread you started addictedtoriches! I'm told I'm more empathic, with the occasional dream that happens, or is happening at the time I dream it if it heavily involves emotions of people. I don't get the minds eye or clarity that way way too often though, so I'm always amazed by this, and how well people do when they test it out! Wow, mabe people will be able too expand their intution, and help each other out too!

  • I think your onto something with practicing it addictedtoriches, because I'm always wondering about how it seems too come and go with me, wonder if others experiance that, sometimes it just seems too come out of nowhere, like with your experinace with the modeling agent. Sometimes if somethings important too you, it will just hit you like a brick. I am trying too channel everything I feel around me a little better, as my father says he always wondered how much of my moods are my own, worried how much neg energy I pick up. Mabe practicing would help me with that!

  • Amazing thread addictedtoriches =D ... though you guys are saying you're picking up these vibes and that vibes... I don't pick up anything at all!

    I'm just going to try shooting random guesses... maybe if I go with whatever I want to say, eventually I'll start guessing right?

    addictedtoriches, something tells me you wear glasses...

    And you're a very independant person.

    I think AuntBuck doesn't wear glases...

    And I'm not sure about Emergence 😞

    MorningGlow, you have long blond hair and I saw you wearing brown trousers....

    Though I'm just guessing, and in MorningGlow's case I've read in a previous post that she cut her hair, so I already know my guess was wrong xD

    I'm so mentally blind >_<

  • LOL HiddenDiamond!

    It is okay 🙂

    It will come to you one day.

  • HiddenDiamond...I don't wear glasses for day to day stuff but I do wear them for reading. Good job.

    My only thing that I come up with you is that you shine. I don't know how to place it exactly. Maybe you just have a happy aura? I see brightness with you.

    I wasn't getting anything specific either but then I started just typing what was in my mind when I saw a name and maybe I'll be right. I definitely want to start listening better and this is a great way to test the waters and feel safe so to speak. :0)

  • Bluecat....I see you as a slender frame....tallish...5'5" maybe...or around there. Brown hair, medium - to short length. Sassy. I already know you are nurturing.

  • just to clairify, i am a male ! lol

  • Im fairly new to the "forums" here but not to; But as I read through the thread "Aunt Buck" kept coming to mind.

    Aunt Buck:

    I feel that you are a very strong force with people around you. You are easily taking the wrong way by others. I sense that you come here to get your mind off of the things that have been bothering you lately, and that you are very proud. I see you as very spunky and feisty to others. I also see a blond haired woman kissing a blond haired young man, she loves him dearly. I also see you hurting internally but no one else knows your pain. I sense that you feel if you share your feelings the backbone of the family will suffer.

    I see blue, I see sandals, I also see dancing

  • HiddenDiamond,

    Pretty Good!

    thanx alot 😃 the thing is to quiet your mind for a few

    minutes focus on something or someone and see what images,thoughts or feelings come

    to mind first.

    I love really sytlish Glasses! & wear them often lol good!

  • HiddenDiamond,

    I keep seeing like city things like a city environment,

    are you in the city alot ? i keep hearing happy, & home put together ?

    so you must have a happy home, or feel happy at home...

    are you about 5'7 ? dress really nice, and love really nice material things ?

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