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  • Bluecat123- thanks for still working on it. It means alot that someone is really trying to help. I don't know exactly what that dream meant, but it made me "wake up" I have changed everything in my life. What also scares me is that it was so vivid. I still remember it. I won't remember a dream I had last night. It is very confusing trying to disect every part to it but the end result was good for me. And that's all that counts. Not so much for everyone else but they were all just using me. The guy scared me and the fish disgusted me. His eyes were red and yellow and glowing when he gave me that look cause I was gonna take his father I guess. It was not a nice look. I slept for a total of 5 hours. Broken up. It was weird even before that dream. I probably got alot more spirits there cause my b-f is an alcoholic. I made them all leave before I left but I would not be surprised if they are back. He doesn't believe so they will gather. I wanted a sign (a miracle) from God when I was at the beach. I was looking for something big but I realized, I had the miracle already. It wasn't big at all. I found this one specific shell I was looking for. I was standing (thus farther) and I found this teeny shell. It's about maybe an 1/4-1/16 of an inch. Super small and I spotted it. So even when everything seemed bad that day, God was still with me. I lost a $170 cell phone that day but I figure it is a small sacrifice considered what was sacrificed for me. I know that you have to have money to survive but it is only money. And the inconvenience is bearable too. The only thing I am upset about is that I had pics on there of a dog that is dead now and they are all gone. I have nothing of that dog. Other than that, everything else is pretty replacable.So I am pretty happy so far today. The only worry I have is my house. I like where I live and I don't want to seperate my dogs. One or two, I don't think they could survive anywhere else. The one, I bottleraised her. She was not my greatest decision but she has her special place. I had that litter c-sectioned the friday before hurricane Frances. I decided to take the feistiest female, call her France and, (here's the not so good decision) keep her lol She is my ritilin dog. She does everything she knows she is not supposed to but just can't help herself. But, she is the most lovable.She will love you even against your wishs. lol She is a husky/beagle. You can see both in her. I can get her papers since I have papers on both parents but I don't need them. Most of my dogs are full bred Huskies yet I only have papers on one. Anyway, I think I just wanted to say thank you.

  • I wonder if anyone can tap into why I have dreams

    about getting abducted,snatched, ect often i've had about three dreams

    now on and off every three months almost about someone

    trying to snatch me, hurt me. im starting to think this is a sign,

    and its looks like the same guy each time and each time i have this dream

    i wake up scared and shooken but this time was the worst.

    and its always right by my house, either im walking home or away from home.

  • Addictdtoriches,

    I do not get the feeling it is literal dream. Look up what being abducted, snatched, or kidnapped means in a dream dictionary, as well as any other specifics you remember about the dream. You are being told something, that is for certain, but it is not literal and straightforward like you are thinking.

  • Brian,

    I've checked out further meanings on dream dictionaries

    however, i dont think it relates, who knows.

  • Addictdtoriches,

    Dreams interest me a lot, but I know little about them. There are a few things I do remember that I have learned about dreams though, and recurring dreams happens to be one I am familiar with, as it was one I sought to understand.

    Most dreams you tend to quickly forget after you wake up and get about your business of the day, but recurring dreams are powerful because they repeat, and you probably have had them before and just do not remember the prior ones, but it is what makes the first one you remember so powerful, what gives it that extra oomph. Then the ones after the first one you remember build on top of each other, and intensify your reaction each time. A recurring dream typically has a message, and the reason it repeats is the dream is desperately trying to tell you something, and the reason they are nightmares is to get your attention.

    These repeating dreams are often triggered by a certain life situations, or problems that keep coming back. The frequency can get closer together over time, the number of times the dream repeats in time, however there is little variation in the dream content itself. The dreams themselves tend to point to weakness, fear, or an inability to cope with something in your life.

    It tends to point to a unresolved or unsettled issue in your life that is demanding to be understood.

    You need to look at the dream from an objective point of view, which is hard. Try to write down the details of the dream next time you have it, do this each time, and look for any details that change. Also, think back to the day before you had the dream and see it there are any things that are common with the day prior to when you had the other dreams. Helps to write these down too. Look for patterns in both the dreams and the days prior to the dream occurring.

    You hinted, and inferred that you feel the dream may be prophetic in nature, which is what you fear. You may indeed have unconsciously have noticed something in your awake life that seems fishy, and you subconscious mind is trying to tell you about it. Usually though, when analyzed, prophetic dreams tend to not be foretelling about the future, they tend to be an expression of anxiety about your future. So be aware that more often than not, you end up back at the top of what I wrote, at recurring dreams. The reason they are scary is to get your attention, the reason they recur is because you will not change something. Stubborn people have recurring dreams more so than people who are not.

    But, lets address your fear, that this is a prophetic dream, your are Addictdtorichesadomus, and you foresee future events (and speak French and write in quatrains. : p

    Lets say that it is something you are picking up subconsciously, something you pick up on, but do not notice in your conscious mind, as you be bop down the street, on your cell, chewing gum, and putting lipstick on. Then the only suggestion I can come up with is this...

    If you live in the United States, go to Google and type in your states name followed by "state police". On the your state's state police website there will be a link to search for sex offenders in your area. It is there, and should be easy to find. This registry lists where they live, has a picture of the offender, and of what they were convicted. Look through the pages of the people in your area (you said it was by your house), and see if the man in your dream, has a picture on the website. If it is, then you need to get some information on how to conduct yourself, and what precautions you need to take, so you do not end up a victim. This can be done by contacting your local police department. Many urban, and suburban areas, as well as college campuses, and even centers for preventing violence to women and rape (called different things in different places) offer self defense classes, and classes on how to conduct yourself. These classes are typically free, and only open to women.

  • thanks Brian

    ineed insight in my love life and my money situtions

    very complicated for such a simple woman what ever info you need

    im new here so thanks to all very on with everything again brian any thing would be just ask i give you info they call me


  • Angelonwatch,

    If you have a question, make it general or specific, but ask just one per post, easier for people to answer that way. Unless of course, you have a whole situation to explain. In that case try to make it easy to understand.

    If you post it here, you should get some feedback from multiple people, which should give you more information. Might be intuition. Might be advice. There are plenty of good eggs on here who have been there too, so it can all be helpful.

  • Hello Everyone,

    Nearly every night for over a week I keep having dreams of my ex. We broke up around six months ago. We have not stayed in contact. The breakup was very ugly with me moving out. I find these dreams very disconcerting. Can anyone explain what is going on?

    Thank You!

  • Robin5215 it could be a number of possibilities, can you elaborate a bit more?

  • Seems like we all are all having attention getting dreams latley, I've always felt we are our own best interpertor with the easier ones, since we tend too be familiar with ourselves, but there are those that are trickier, I'm usually not too bad with dreams, sometimes it comes too me better when I'm away from the screen, focused on it, but not trying too analyze it too hard, then sometimes something will click. I'll think about the ones I've seen here. Brian Tristan, I agree with you about Addicted's recurring dream, it doesn't feel literal, but she needs too find some peace with it, I think the info you gave her too look up on anyone with descriptions is nice, might help calm some fears for the meantime, too get too the core of it, that one would bug me too after awhile.




  • BlueCat -- I've missed you! What does it say when you can't remember your dreams?? LOL. I haven't been able to remember very many of them lately. Just one that I went back to my work place and for some reason I had a badge that gave me access. When I walked up to the area that I worked in, it was being packed up and reorganized. Oddly enough, a former co-worker did post pictures on Facebook of what the manufacturing floor used to look like and it was all packed up and sitting on pallets. Two different places but the same thing. It is the only dream that I remember as of late.

    I do remember that I had two different recurring dreams. 1) I am going somewhere (scenary changes) but I forget something so I go back. I forgot something else and go back and each time that this happens I know that something is following me. It gets scarier and scarier each time and then I am trying to escape and I know that whomever is chasing me is behind me and I am barely one step ahead of them. 2) I visit a new place and as I go in the door, it's familiar and i go into a room and then go into another room and keep going up further and further into new rooms and I keep thinking that I need to get back out and I can't. Everytime I try, I find a new room.

    Analyze those ones! I haven't had either for a while but they are both definitely recurring in theme, but different places. LOL.

    Love lots....Aunt B.

  • Hi Auntbuck- the 2nd one is easy. You are looking for something but can't find it. I don't know exactly what you are looking for, may it be a thing, a life change, or a person but you know what you need. I know what the 1st one means too but I can't think of it right now, let me think about it and get back to you. I think it means you are afraid of forgetting something important. I literally do that all the time (w/out someone chasing me) Him chasing you I think means it is something immediate. Maybe you should let him catch you and see what happens. I don't know if you can control your dreams. I used to be able to but now I really don't have any. So think about what you want (are looking for) and don't forget. (something important) it may not be real important to you but it is important to somebody. That is my interpretation. But still look into it. I am no dream expert by any means but that is my interpretation. I wish I could gethelp with mine. Mine was very weird but the end result was positive so I don't look too much into it but I would still like to know what it meant. Anyways, I hope I helped. TTFN

  • Aunt B,further and further, until your afraid you can't turn around, or won't be able too go back the way you came, like letting go of past, but we love what was there, but not whats attached too it in some way, so we need too keep going, but too keep going, we have too make ourselves "forget", not easy too forget, leave stuff behind, keep going forward without whatever it is we forgot, takes a lot of courage too leave it behind and keep going forward, I think it might be scary too do tht for fear of getting lost without having whats familiar

  • scary thing chasing, uncertainty comes too mind, like The Uncertainty of whats too come taking shape and turning into something scary that can chase, I think that dream happens even when we make a conscience choice too hold it together, we can't help feeling uncerainty, it takes a lot of work too keep it together when its just plain uncertain, I guess our subconscience acknowledges it in its on own strange way. The work dream is just that, because it was reality for you, it was part of you, who you are, were, where you had been, you saw it in your dream for what it was, that one too me leans on the literal side.

  • Sylvannah,

    You could do it here, this topic is for you, it is yours, but a dream analysis topic might be very cool.

    Just a thought.

  • ooops wrong topic Sylvannah, the above should be on "For Sylvannah"

  • Auntb, I missed you too! Where was I? Hmm, I don't even know! Talk about an unaccounted lapse of time! Emergence whats you doing? Having a good Friday I hope too all! Yes, tht whole mess was quite the mess! Aunt B and I just wanted too help, subtley of course, as it didn't take much too sense the anger, negativity there! The other one, well that one made me feel protective over the female one for some reason, I hadn't realized how powerful thier anger was, I just thought of hurt underneath all the anger with the female of the two anyway, him, well I started too get a icky sort watch it feeling, but I didn't want too be rude, poor Emergence got caught in the middle of complete nonsense, addicted, latherio, hadn't even seen it coming, but handled themselves very well too! I think we all gave it our best in our own ways really, I guess we can bless them on too find some peace, or help for whatever causes tht kind of fear too turn too anger, resentment, and eventually attack and allienate others, hopefully this would be a learning experiance, and they can be blessed too their highest good now.

  • Hi RCdreamer,

    The dreams are almost always bad. Sorry to be so vague. Sometimes his children are in them but overall just bad feelings and negativity.



  • To All




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