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  • earthwindandfire,

    & i got you and MorningGlow mixed up,

    since your icons are the same, put i felt that,

    i was gonna say morning glow was a male;

    but i see now it was you 😃

  • I don't know about happy, but I do feel safe at home.

    When I'm alone, I feel unhappy because I'm lonely.

    When I'm with my family... well, I don't like how they complain at me all the time.

    But I do spend most of my time at home. By far!!

    I'm about 6 ft(had to convert hehe)

    I dress decent, I guess. Unless I'm going out at night, then I try to dress well, better.

    About material things... I do have a lot of ''material'' things, but that has, since childhood, taught me how material things mean nothing. But yeah, I do enjoy having good things, although I'd gladly throw them all away if that meant i'd find a person who's willing to love me ROFL.

    And I do live in a city...not a LARGE one, but still a city.

    I do visit my grandparents sometimes on the weekend, near the big city, although it's not actually in the big city.

    But I was born in the capital, and I lived there until I was 4 years old, and I go there sometimes, so I am defenitely related to it.

  • i have a lot of things going on right now, can anybody see anything? I do have a good intuition but it tells me about people, where I am, who not to talk to, etc.

  • Try me, I can see nothing, sorry. The name Peggy just popped up don't know if that was me or not. 🙂

  • Oh and my intuition was right about my son in law. He did have an affair. It all came out yesterday. I felt like he was doing this, kept my mouth shut though. It all played out and found out he has a child with another woman.

  • tonib3741,

    Theres so many aspects of a persons life,

    you would really have to ask a specific question

    or have a specific concern....about something,

    imeediately when i thought of you, lots of things ran

    through my mind i could grasps them all...

    are you jittery ? or always on the go ?

    i sense Business... something with business,

    either you run one, or thinking about doing so

    or your very business oriented, and i See Heels

    like really glamourus shoes and a trench coat,

    i dont know why.

    i also see a restaurant, but noone in it very nice


  • My poor daughter, heart broken, but she will be ok.

  • tonib3741,

    i sense you do have do intuition,

    but often you dont speak of it...

    until its too late or has already happend

  • Well I use to be a legal secretary, and I was very business like. I use to wear high heels but not now. But the trench coat, can't place that one. I love to go out and eat at restaurants, but not in business with one. I live with my daughter, as above, things have gone crazy around here lately. I went to the doctor today, finally had good news, my lungs are good. We will be moving to Florida end of May also. Seems not with the son in law.

  • poetic555,

    Are you expecting any children? Or want more ?

  • Actually, my daughter has tried to get pregnant again with her husband, but not to be. And this other woman with his daughter, it broke her heart. No no children coming. Not to be, at least for now.

  • Thank you all for trying to figure me out. I do not work anymore, I am drawing disability, I have degenerative arthritis and degenerative disc disease along with kidney disease. That is why I said, finally good news, my lungs are ok.

  • tonib3741

    i feel alot of things are on your mind &

    pressuring you at this time... & this move that

    your about to make is all Planned EVERYTHING

    was planned,i keep feeling you are thinking through

    this over and over, because you wanna know if everything

    will be fine ? Yes things will get better.. Dont transfer your worries,

    because they will make others worry things will GET BETTER,

    i say this as if i know, and cant wait for you for make this move,

    alot of pressures will leave you EVENTUALLY and the rewards

    will be great.

  • Thank you addictdtoriches, I appreciate it. I hope the move will be great. My daughter has lost her job, she is looking for a new job, we are losing the house that she and her husband built, he is also out of work, so we been through a lot, but through God's grace, I hope things do get better and my daughter will find work again.

  • No, No, No. I keep dreaming about fish though. I'm too old now.

  • I love the ocean, and I love to fish in the salt water. Can't wait.

  • poetic555,

    Okay, think of food ... immeediately do you cook?

    hmmm, i see big pretty sun hats as well

    and scarfes, do you wear white often ? tans ?

    i feel a tough love motherly energy when i think of you,

    maybe this is why i considered chiledren i think of kids

    when i think of you, a motherly energy... Do you have favorite

    chair in the house, i like loveseat, sofa or some sort

    you sit in and think ?

    just a few things that come to mind

  • Bad things must Occur for better things to occur,

    no one can be held back too long by anything or anyone..

    evil cant hold god people back for too long &

    & those who live happliy too have up's and downs

    everything has cylce just like the weather we need,

    water, we need sunshine, we need cold, we need heat

    to all cater to us, so these cycles are divided just like the

    good and bad times bad times make us realize and appreciate

    the good times. good times make us come together.

    We need both to strengthen us.

  • This is jus the beginning of accessing your intuition,

    if you can do this, its just simply listening to your inner voice

    not your logic your inner voice which adds feeling.

    You can increase and attract alot of opportunities in your life

    resolve alot of problem conflicts ect. & release alot of worries.

    However, i also have been wanting to add..anyone confused

    about psychic readings beware only about 50%-75% are accurate,

    we all have FREE WILL we are entitled to what we choose to allow

    in our lifes or paths we take in life & a pyschic cant validate anything that

    will or will not happen YOUR FREE WILL allows things to happen.

    if you align a believe with your subconscious and your conscious,

    just like a seed it will grow bigger and bigger, our thoughts are reality

    reality is all thought and imagination in fact, what we think will happen

    will be drawn to us, & eventually put into actions and happen.

    So careful what you choose to believe in

    This is why i try to influence positive thoughts!

    we should all encourage eachother to look at all positivety in situations.

  • Rock 71....very good...

    I feel that you are a very strong force with people around you. You are easily taking the wrong way by others. -- In my work I have to have knowledge and sometimes that knowledge is taken the wrong way but once people get to know me it changes.

    I sense that you come here to get your mind off of the things that have been bothering you lately, and that you are very proud. -- I came here because I was unhappy and needed to find a measure of peace in my life due to a break up. Absolutely correct.

    I see you as very spunky and feisty to others. -- Definitely....which has also been taken the wrong way...seen as cocky...which I am...and sarcastic. :0)

    I also see a blond haired woman kissing a blond haired young man, she loves him dearly. - I was blond at one time when my son had dishwater blond hair. Yes, I do love him dearly.

    I also see you hurting internally but no one else knows your pain. -- No....I don't like to share my pain and many people have commented that I smile on the outside but am in pain on the inside.

    I sense that you feel if you share your feelings the backbone of the family will suffer. - Not anymore. Coming is good to share. I feel better now after sharing.

    I see blue, I see sandals, I also see dancing - Wear lots of blue, prefer bare foot but love to wear sandals over tennis shoes. Used to dance alot. Need to start to do that again since it makes me happy.

    Very awesome feel for me. If I were you, I'd be so friggin excited about how well I did. PS. I really do hope addicted finds her ring in the living room couch. It would totally make my day. LOL. :0)

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