Access Your Intuition Here!

  • Hello Friends!

    I decided to Create a Thread That

    allows everyone to access and improve their

    Intuition For those who are not Psychic

    you can open your intuition by practicing here!

    Try describing me or anyone

    on the thread whatever comes to mind, Say it

    Excerise your mind to be open to more information

    State something about someone

    on here Or in life generally, Say a Prediction,

    Say a Dream You had, Say coincedences You had.

    P.S We are all psychic in different forms its just

    a matter of how you access and listen to your intuition,

    Most people dont know this because Intuition in unexplanditory

    its something that you feel, & since we're accustommed to

    logic and knowledge its hard to believe anything thats not

    explanditory. Just like babies learn how to use knowledge

    We have to LEARN to use our intuition, indeed its a wierd feeling.

  • ill start it off,

    A prediction.

    about three weeks ago, some friends and I

    were talking about going into the whole Modeling

    thing I was really excited but i thought it could never happen

    because its all about who you know, so the next week

    i got invited to eat out with a family member so while im

    getting dress, Usually i dress up but it was a last minute

    thing so i figured hey im just gonna wear sweats and and a sweater

    since it was RAINING, while doing my hair my intuition kicked in

    & said dress cute you might meet a talent searcher, most times

    i ignore the voice in my head but tonight i was taking any chances...

    i had no idea where we were going turns out we had went to another

    city which was very nice the restaurant was located right next

    door to the mall so while waiting for our food we decided to

    check out the mall, i stopped at my favorite store the first store

    we visted at this point & OF COURSE as soon as i walk in WHAT DO I KNOW

    a lady walks up starring at me confusingly ahahah and told me she was a

    model agent! i was really shocked and told her i was expecting her!

    im convienced if i didnt listen to my intuition this wouldnt have happened.

    my intuition was trying to tell me something, CLEARLY.

  • Okay, addicted toriches. I believe your name may start with a "J" and you love ice-cream. You enjoy dancing and at one time you considered dancing as a career. You are a middle child. I believe you have a Scandinavian ancestry. I see you as hazel eyes and full lips. Perhaps a strawberry blonde or a light red haired young lady. You are not quite as tall as most models. I see you at 5'9''. I see Florida but you may now reside in California.

    Okay, these are the images that came to mind immediately. Am I close at all?

  • Great Great!

    Name starts with a "A".


    today i actually considered dancing as a career. 😃 i just got a application

    in the mail for a performing arts school =).

    Im the Oldest,


    Hazel eyes? Somewhat, Full Lips? Yes.

    dark brown hair, Young lady Yes!

    Not tall ? Yes im a shorty.

    Califorina? Yes.

    Very Very Good.

  • MorningGlow

    Do you have pets ? Live around Pets ?

    Brownish Dark Brown Hair ?

    Reside in the country? from the country ?

    Not Married, Sorta Young hard to figure, Very Adventurous Person you are.

    I keep thinking of pajamas, i dont know why lol,

    do you design things?

  • morning glow, i see you with dark brown or black hair setting in front of ur computer full of energy and excitement wearing something like a flanel shirt over a t-shirt and hair pulled back. i see u outdoors a lot like walking arond a lake or pond . also i see u up for a chalenge like a - race ya up the hill type thing. i see you as 5' 5 - 5'7 . i get great good feeling vibes from u so this description may be my brains interpretation . lol fun stuff !

  • Earthwindandfire....I see you as having long brown hair. Not curly but lots of body. I see you in a house that is dark like a cabin. Comfy and cozy. And don't ask me why but birkenstocks or those type of shoes. I like this....could be interesting.

  • Addicted - I see you with rings on your fingers. More than a couple.

  • addictedtoriches,

    I see you as a bubbly person, always smiling and laughing and very easy going. Whenever we reply to each other's post, I see the word FUN FUN FUN written right in front of me. You are a shirt and jeans ( or shorts) type of girl. Short or middle length hair, not long.

    You like to investigate. When you put your heart or mind at something, you won't let it rest until you know the answers. You are not the type who worries too much though.

    This is indeed fun! LOL!

  • AuntBuck,

    Good !

    I love rings, very extravagant rings! too but not more than 3 on at once.

    do you have dark brown hair? Brunette?

    Wear lots of earthtones ? you are very family-oriented and friend-close?

    I feel a warm energy with you, like you have a cozy home 😃 & people

    feel comfy there ?

  • Emergence


    I Love to have Fun! I love going out mainly, i cant stand to stay in for long

    & I am a very bubbly person lol;

    when i like people, So your right on!

    Im A fashion Gal, i love fashion;

    i rarely wear jeans and a shirts but def. shorts! i love shorts 😃

    I investigate, like i get paid for it! lol; True true True!


    I feel you have blondish hair, or a tan blonish, maybe you were once a blonde

    about 5'7; a very independent, i keep thinking of food like stew or something ?

    i dont know why.. lol. and white pants like cargos very comfty. & adventurous,

    when i think of you i think of starbucks, a group of friends and the lastest News! lol

  • Yes, dark brown hair. Wear lots of greens, blues, blacks and purples. Yes, family is #1 and having friends here and making them comfortable is a priority. I don't have a showcase home. I have a comfortable home that you can put your feet up on the furniture and relax. Very good.

    I see your rings as having large gemstones. Reds are coming at me but greens too. Square shaped.

  • Emergence,

    I get the feeling, We would have Lots & Lots of Fun...

    Im laughing as i type.. ahahaha Do you have a Hiliarious laugh?

    Very funny ? I keep laughing i dont know why.

  • AuntBuck,

    I think your describing a ring i recently lost,

    oh my i loved it ! it had jewls in it that look like

    jemstones it was very Big, shaped into a flower with red,green,purple,pink ect.

    colors in it .

    i wish i could find it =( lol

  • addictedtoriches,

    thanks! shoot... I should follow my first thought when it comes to the jeans thing... because I saw you wearing a pink shirt and a white shorts ( i immediately categorize that as a Tshirt and jeans gal) LOL!

    I am not blonde and was never blonde 😞 sorry

    I am short 5'3 hehe

    Cooking is one of my hobby!! And I love soups and stews!

    Yes, Starbucks used to be my hanging out place.

    Unfortunately, they don't have it in Europe.

    Whenever I am in USA, Starbucks profits goes up LOL!

    I love fashion but I don't like white pants.

    I love comfy clothes whenever I am at home.


  • I will be following the progress of you wonderful psychic people.

    I am enjoying your comments on describing each other and it will be interesting to read the what others have to say.


  • Emergence,

    Lol, I hate when i dont go with my first mind either!

    I dont know why i keep seeing like blonde or blonde steeks Yikes!

    Food, kept coming to mind! The smell of Soup or stew.

    StarBucks is great, i love the hanging there too!

    I keep seeing a bouncondy & you on it, with white shorts & sort of

    cold weather very relaxed.

  • lovingsilverwings

    Do you have very clear nice skin ? Soft,

    you dress very i dont know the word, Very neat.

    i keep hearing sarcastic, can you be sarcastic at times ?

    brown cut hair? perhaps you excerise often or you used to?

  • Lovingsilverwings....I see a home that is immaculate. Very trendy. I see lots of white and silver. Maybe that's from your name. :0)

  • This is fun! Addicted to riches, I have red hair, somewhat blonde the older I get. I am tall at 5'9". The reason you see me in P.J.'s is because there are many days I do not get I work out of my home and am so busy most days I don't even have time to dress or eat for that matter...I love animals and have two pug doggies who are my babies and are spoiled rotten! I have been married for thirty years to my best friend and soul mate...

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