Could someone please give me a reading?

  • My life has turned upside down in a period of one year. I got a reading a while ago and Hans was kind enough to give it to me, it really helped me understand, but the winds seem to have changed so much.

    I am a pisces woman born March 16th 1982 and was in a one year relationship with another pisces man born February 24 1981. We were planning to get married around March, but he ended the relationship in december last year, saying he wasnt sure about us getting married and not wanting to keep our relationship long-distance. After that, it has been a rollercoaster, he blames me for everything that happened which eventually made the relationship crumble, he would also say that he misses me, that he isnt sure of what to do regarding me. Finally, last tuesday, we had a big fight, he said i should move on, we didnt speak until yesterday except for an email he sent apologizing for how things turned out to be, which i didnt reply. Yesterday we spoke briefly, very briefly, he apologized again, i only said "ok". After i said that, he appeared confused, he told me to have a goodnight when it was actually early in the evening, then told me he was going out for a short trip during the weekend. It was really odd.

    Somehow i don't believe its actually over, we keep getting drawn to eachother. Please someone help me understand what is happening and where are things standing and heading. Needless to say I love him with heart and soul and this is very important to me.


  • PiscesDani, this is an uneasy love match. You two can be extremely close yet still not get along well on a daily basis. There is a marked tendency in the relationship for one or both of you to pull back and retreat into his/her own private world. You can gain great satisfaction from being together yet at the same time can experience great loneliness when your needs are not being met. Part of the problem is that both of you have a deep need for each other's attention, which you simply take for granted most of the time, not noticing how much you count on it until it is withdrawn. You are extremely sensitive to each other's disapproval, which in certain cases can be wielded as a powerful weapon to gain the ascendancy.

    A love affair is emotionally complex. You can both be irritated by each other but may also show deep vulnerabilities, leading to pain and hurt. Extremely loyal, you two are proud of each other's achievements and steadfast in your support for each other. Interconnections and mutual dependencies often guarantee that you will stay together, although not necessarily in the greatest harmony or psychological health. In marriage, you two can be very effective in setting up and running a family or business or both. As a couple, you have strong nurturing qualities, with accompanying domestic and maintenance skills contributing to a stable and well-run home base. On the other side of your relationship however, your accepting and overly generous qualities can lead you into being taken advantage of by freeloading types.

    Friendship here is pleasure-seeking, relaxed, but also devoted to spiritual, religious or new age pursuits. Your relationship does best when you both feel free to withdraw from each other from time to time, without fearing accusations and without arousing feelings of rejection. Any attempts by either of you to hold on more tightly to the other with be met with increasing rebellion and even fear. So make sure you give each other the breathing space you need. Beware of using disapproval as a weapon.

  • Thank you for the advise Captain, very much apreciate it. We are not together anymore and things are looking rather gloomy for this two fishes. My fish seems to be swimming in the "just wanna have fun" waters now and i guess i failed to provide him the space for withdrawal he needed at one point, pushing him back. Just wished i could have him back swimming by my side, though it doesnt seem possible.

    Thanks again

  • Captain (or whoever is reading), are you able to give me any guidance regarding what the future holds for me and my ex? as i said before, i think there is little if no chance of us getting back together any time soon?

    it's very hard to stop loving someone when you feel him all around you and cant stop thinking of that one person who loved you for who you were, was proud of you and was also so sweet, caring and kind. i dont know where that person is now.

    i made mistakes, i didnt give him space, i smothered him probably and didnt react in the coolest of ways when he had his doubts... he couldnt forgive me. will he ever be able to?

    will the love we used to share who is still so precious to me ever come back?

    please, someone help me

  • would someone please give me a reading mydob is 08/02/57 my true soulmate & twin flames is 05/05/55 currently in Brazil ( i think he is still there studing) I need a reading on love with this person & communication I am in the eartern USA will he call me soon also I need insight on a finanical situation with myself an 10/27/55 will this turn out in our favor and will we receive the money along withou any interruptions of our current benefits and wil the benefits that I lost SSi benefits and medical and tax releif be re-instated and when will they ever get my Sociacial Secuirty benefits corrected and ( the computor can't find some of my work record ) and raise it to what it should be around $840.00 + the SSI benefits or the amount of my benefits of $1280.00 ( i think one of these is the coreccet amount with SSi benefits of then around under $50.00 with medical and tax releif re-instated also, I having been speaking wth Rev. Lenny is he taking my money and doing nothing for me ? I also have been speaking with Melinda Sue I feel very close to her is she really doing candle work for me or not ? will everything work out for my daughter dob 02/07/84 in all areas of her life and get full custody of her daughters Ember 3/22/2008 and Ava 08/31/2009 will she get her divorce and soon re-marry to a good man and a good father to her and her girls and not ever harm them will all hher scars in all areas of her life heal soon and her body and have weight loss soon and a good self -esteem and is my son Jason 7/13/77 ever gong to be happy and a good father to his children stormy chance and lillith and how does Ben really feel about me 10/27/55 Is denny ever going to stop harrassing me dob 6/1/60 and is Kelly Jo Bowman ( my step neice against me or for me dob 3/23/77 help I need insight inalot of areas will my finces straighten out will I get to keeep my home or will I lose this home also will I ever get back my home 106 Ridge Ave my children can't seem to get over us losing our home long storyy Please help me Please give me a reading please Thank you in advance love light peace good health blessed be ps will everyone who oes me money pay be back incluiding Lisa her daughter Ceria and husband John Caren persinger along with family member and all other Help pleae

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