Please help with a tarot interpretation...thanks!!!

  • I'm REALLY trying to stay up beat but lately feeling discouraged and depressed with my job search. I know this is not an unusual sentiment at this time.....not much out there it seems. I pulled some cards for a celtic cross regarding developments for the next few months and was hoping someone else would jump in with an interpretation. I keep double guessing myself. So much easier to read for other people! Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. nine of cups

    2. (crossing) knight of pentacles

    3. Strength

    4. Queen of Pentacles

    5. Eight of swords reversed

    6. King of wands

    7. Queen of Cups reversed

    8. Judgement

    9. Nine of Pentacles

    10. Two of cups reversed

  • Hi Stoneyeye, I have been looking at your cards and to me they do suggest a struggle. You want one thing and it seems the energy around you wants another. I have done a reading that will just give you an idea of your energies. It's not a prediction of getting a job, but maybe it can help you see what you need and where to go from here. Keep in mind this is only one person's reading/advice. I do hope it helps though.

    1: nine of cups: With regards to your career, you dream big and overall have a dreamy, though optimistic view about what you want. It's like a light shinning at the end of a long, dark tunnel.

    2. (crossing) knight of pentacles: They say this is the knight who is wise beyond his years but not yet in a position to rule. Right now, he fights for a cause, i.e., you should look at interships or positions that will allow you to gain a little more experience for the position you really want. Please also see card #4 for more. This is also the card where you are advised for patience, as he is the only knight in most decks that does not move as swiftly as the rest. Again, see card #4.

    3. Strength: There is an issue of strength. You want to be able to have what it takes to hold the fort so to speak. The next card does tell me where this problem is coming from. Do you have what it takes to keep going? Only if you adapt to the knight's requirements and Queen of Pentacles mentality.

    4. Queen of Pentacles: This card represents an aspect of the problem reflected back to you. You require discipline and experience with the fields you are aiming for. Most people dread hearing this kind of advice which can seem counterproductive to encouragement, but be aware of what you're up against. You are advised to have a system in place with your work and this is what the position will ask of you.

    5. Eight of swords reversed: I don't want to cheat you out of an interpretation here but I am going to go with the traditional meaing of this card. It's obvious you have felt trapped by your circumstances in the past, feeling helpless at finding a job that's right for you. Perhaps the reversal may suggest that it is not your perception, but things have felt this way.

    6. King of wands: In the future, this is a very driven person, one who has ideas and is enthusiastic about putting them into action. However, this is not a reversal and I am thinking this person encourages/inspires you to do better in your life. They want you to be independent and take care of yourself. He is a king in his element, so let him inspire you. (future)

    7. Queen of Cups reversed: You are advised to look after your emotional and mental health now, as this how you see yourself at present. Mood swings are a problem also for you. I know someone who is exactly in your position and the journey to finding the job can keep you down all the time. I would advise you to talk to others who will encourage you, spend time with them and allow them to help lift your mood. Laughter is always the best medicine. Pay attention to your diet as well as sleep patterns. Sleep aids can cause moodiness.

    Do things that will not allow time for negative thinking.

    8. Judgement: Others see a different situation from how you see yourself at present. They see you ready for your calling. You are a capable worker but again, the cirumstances around you don't allow you to feel that way. Well if they don't know what's really going on, they are not going to understand how you feel. Don't be afraid or put off by telling others your situation and how you feel, as this might open up new opportunites for you.

    9. Nine of Pentacles: You hope that you can succeed at your job hunt, with the discipline you have achieved. You want to be fully independent. I wonder if this a position where you are working by yourself? On the other hand, it will be a job that allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labor and maybe take a bit of vacation time. You really want time for yourself after all this has been done.

    10. Two of cups reversed: As an outcome, you may want to look at resolving any disputes. This is in particular, relationships and working well with others, understanding what your boss or customer, etc., or the other party expects. You should be professional, but do stand up for what you want also. The Queen of Cups reversed seems to influence this outcome. The better you feel about yourself I think, the better you are able to deal with others.

  • Just to mention, for #8, if you have not considered networking, do so. Talk to others already in the field. I know this may sound a bit contradictory to the reading right now, but they say it's not what you know, but who you know.

  • What an insightful reading Espearite! Thank you so much. I am a teacher with 10 years experience but they are letting teachers go right and left here in CA. There are just not many positions available here. Also, I would love to try something else as I had been feeling burnt out on teaching. I have actually been doing paid work experience for a job that I absolutely love but there isn't much money in it and possibly not enough to get by in the long run. Hmmm....perhaps that is where the believe in myself stuff comes in? Actually, that makes me feel like I should keep pursuing this dream job then. The knight is telling me it will happen slowly and the queen is telling me to stay disciplined. I was not super keen on teaching again but if a job came up, I would take it because it is money. However, maybe I should instead pursue the dream job and hope it will work out where I will be able to support myself. That's kind of what the cards are saying then?

    Thank you again Espearite! It was so kind of you to help me out with this and your interpretation is awesome. You really know your stuff. Much much better than I would have done for myself. All the best! xx

  • Ah, I can't read for myself either! But I am glad I could be of help stonyeye. I was wondering if you lived here in CA. I know how hard it's been for people to find jobs. But yes, the knight does suggest you stay grounded and loyal to your undertakings. Assess your situation before moving in for the kill. This is what sets this knight aside from the rest. He is very practical minded and usually matures before the rest. The Queen is where you want to be, in charge and having your situation fully under control. I've heard that the more you know as a teacher, the better your chances are for getting hired. It's something I heard on the news, perhaps you might want to look into this while you pursue your dream career? I know you said this is a job that is burning you out, but it's always safer to have a back up. So yes, you have the right idea. Things will take time. I wish you the best.

  • Thank you again Espearite for taking the time to help me with this! You are very very good. All my best to you!

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