Please I would like to request a reading . . .

  • Hi everyone,

    I would love a reading... I am going through some rough patches. Relationship problems, money problems, job loss, and and. I would like some guidance. Maybe someone can pick up a message for me ? Would appreciate your help.


  • Lavama, I feel it is difficult for you to think straight at the moment because of your life swirling all around you. You need to get away to a quiet place where you can make up your own mind about what you want. I feel you are an empath who picks up everyone else's feelings so that it's hard to know what are yours and what belongs to other people. A lot of your problems with relationships stem from your empathy - you tend to mix up other people's feelings for your own.

    Your money and career problems come from the fact that you do not value enough what you do and how useful you are to everyone. When you value and respect yoursefl more, then your value to the universe increases and more money flows to you.

  • Captain,

    Would like an insightful reading also?

    Peace, Light, Love

  • Grduck, I am happy to read for you. Can you start your own thread and tell me a little bit about your situation?

  • Hello Captain,

    Sorry for the delay in replying. Thank you very much for your insight. I need some time to think about what you say. Thanks again.


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