Out of sight out of mind

  • Am I not on his mind? Am I out of sight in his thoughts? Is he thinking about me( coming back to me) Is he alright? I know I am not fine.

  • If you guys have been together for awhile and kept in contact with each other, trust me he thinks about you everyday, how could he not? So don't worry. Did you guys break up? What are you guys signs are you guys compatible? That would help to know..

  • my guy and I have been seperated for a couple of months(since the first week in jan.) he went to work in a different state.we have been together for 5 and a half years,we have had many issues with each other, Iam older then he,by ten years. not that it really matters, ok,Iam 51 years young and this is the very first time I have lived alone,had my own place,and found that I don't need anyone to controll me,or be a daddy to me,or tell me what I can or can't do. I really have found my independence during this time. now I don't know if I want to continue this relationship, or call it a draw. I do have feelings for him, I just don't know which way to go with this, I need some insight,and real help to figure this out before he gets back. there is alot of drama that comes with him,too many to get into right now.I need some one to help me figure this out,Iam an aquarius, he is a scorpio.

  • I think that if your happy right now that'sa good thing. That's what really matter. He's not your husband or has he proposed to you? He must be a good guy you have been with for a long time. Our happiness is what matter. It is very important for you guys to talk. We all know that couples argue or dissagree with each other, but how often are yoy guys having these dissagreement and are they petty? So really think about your happiness. I think that Aquaius are to layed back for Scorpio's. Just my opinion, I too am an Aqua and I just do not get along with Scorpio's at all, and I don't even try. It's just something about them that just get under my skin. Personally, they are also LIERS. I work with one and we just do not see eye to eye. I call this person out when ever I get a chance. I do not trust them at all. Have had experiences with them as far as catching them in lies.

  • Listen to the little voice. 🙂

  • I am, an Aquarius he is a Libra we were together for 17 years . Last week I got fed up that he wasnt making time for me, but made time for other women so I took back my cell phone(which I was being a baby about) shows up at my house tells me about the phone that he has nothing now, then yells outside that I ruined his life. It has been 2 weeks since I heard from him nor seen him. I do miss him, It is like he fell off of the face of the earth. I would like to know if he is coming back to me or to move on it is hard to forget 17 years. We were friends talked everytime HE had a problem with one of the girls he met or was living with. I have no idea if he misses me or even thinks about me.

  • dnnmre, thank you for your honesty, I have been with this guy for over five years. I thought I could help him get his life together,but Iam not so sure he wants to try, if he does want to try then it would only be mostly on his terms.he won't be back till first of may,but we do talk on the phone a couple of times a week,we rarely talk about us,and alot of the time neither one of us have much to say.I need some help here.anyone can join in,how do I rectify this if thats even possible.I am soft hearted to a fault,that really gets me alot of negative feed back in my life.and could some one explain to me why, scorpios feel the need to lie so much. also I would love to be able to talk it all out, but he beats around the bush so much,and leaves his answers,and his comments open ended. and No he never aksed me to marry him because he Knows been burned too many times,I just won't do it again.all input is very welcome. every one in my life wants me to just toss him to the curb when he gets back, but I feel like everyone deserves a chance, and I give alot of those.I need to learn how to stand up and have a back bone (which I've never been any good at, but if I do that now I will only be the b--ch, and it will be put all on me to blame. any ways,thank you all for being so kind to help me.

  • Dear poetic555, how do I know which little voice to listen to? that is probably the silliest question i've ever heard. lol but seriously, i truely don't know which way to go. i suppose i should wait til he gets back and see if he has really done some soul searching,i wrote a letter to him telling him what i needed in my life,(my thoughts are better wrote down and he can go back any time to read it)then I asked him what he thought he said as far as us goes he has seen some revolations and as far as the rest of his life changing well didn't have much to say. he always has open ended answers....... frustrated, and un sure thats me. thank you for including me in your time.

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