• I met a man who was all I ever wanted. I know that he felt the same way. Others got in the way and created a huge sense of fear and drove us apart. Not only that but I feel that I may have been too eager to please and he, depending on his mood either loved this or didn't. I am a Pisces and he is a Cancer. He was in a terrible mood the last we spoke and we had a terrible argument and he told me to never contact him again. In the past requests such as that never stopped me, but this time I have made no attempts whatsoever. I am terrified that I have lost him. The bond was so deep and intense, we both knew it and we were thrilled to have found one another, however fear is strong in this man's heart. Do I keep waiting? What in the world? I have been single for 6 years since my divorce and I HATE every minute of it. This man is all I have ever asked for in a man, even the grumpy side.

    What do you see? I need to know...I have a serious health condition and time is somewhat of a concern.


  • Hi Cbinlove,

    I would say that if you really think this relationship is worth saving then go for it. The way to get to a Cancer is to not to confront him. Send him a light and causal email. Or Leave a sweet message on his voicemail. Or Sent him a sentimental love card. Then sit back and wait. If he is coming back he will respond.

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