Anyone have any tips

  • Anyone have any tips on remembering your dreams? I find myself often involved in dreams that are lengthy and full of information and yet by the time I rise it's all but gone. If you have any tips on how I can better remember what I'm dreaming or the messages coming my way I'd be curious to hear them. Thanks.

  • Hi RC,

    I too have been interested in remembering dreams as I know they can hold helpful information for us, you know, stuff that is in our subconscious, that needs to come to the surface to be dealt with, so, I looked into this a little and read that we should get into the habit of telling ourselves when we are about to drop to sleep that "I will remember the dream" the next morning, also keep a dream journal at side of the bed and try and write down key words of the dream as soon as you wake, and once you are up and get chance as soon as you can, go over the key words and this might help you remember the dream, after a time you may notice some recruring stuff that maybe relevent you need to know.....

    good luck with this RC!!, hope this helped you a little :),.....

    I wish my dog would leave me be to wake up naturally to be able to write something down, but I'm afraid the poor little thing has Diabetes and needs to go out for a*** quite, it means I am woken up startled with his yapping at the on the few occasions I do remember my dreams of late I notice an recurring theme and it has kind of helped me by acting on it to change things...I kept dreaming that everywhere I was, mainly my home, was always so messy, and as I am a clean and tidy person in waking life it bothered me, so I even posted it on here asking if anyone could interprate it, it was suggested my "mind" was a mess....and of course as soon as that was mentioned I just knew what it meant, I was "filing" away in my subconscious all stuff I didnt want to deal with, but now I have started to think and try and resolve some of my issues, and yes, my dreams are starting to be "tidy" I do feel a little better about some issues, so, this is why I know the importance of listening to our dreams!!

    once again good luck with this RC.



  • Rcdreamer,

    Sometimes we forget our dreams,

    but the impotant thing is that you remeber how you

    FELT how were you FEELING how you woke up FEELING ect.

    in the dream and align that with your current infomation, which

    can lead you to more information. The feeling behind the dream

    is the real significance.

    for instance maybe someone had been having some

    relationship problems, the next night they had a dream their

    boyfriend was cheating on them, But in the dream they felt they

    didnt care, & seen their selves with another simply just talking;

    Their FEELING of the dream is telling them soon you wont care

    & you'll move on to another guy. SO FEELING IS IMPORTANT.

    just a little advice, blessings hunn.

  • Thanks for the advice. I know someone told me before to just remind myself to remember the dreams but my conscious mind thought it couldn't be that easy. Perhaps it is. I'll give it a try. You are right the feeling behind a dream or even a thought is sometimes more important that what you dreamt or thought. I have had my brother say to me you mentioned such & such and how it made you feel, that is significant.

    Finding it hard to REST and find peaceful time to just let thoughts, feelings and such come naturally. Seems like our daily lives make it difficult to just stop and be aware of simply what is .....

    I know adjusting is a process of change. I'm working on so many things, this seems to be of great importance. The element of TIME seems to constantly get in the way. Keep the tips coming.


  • Hi RC, they say the important one's you wont forget. Write them down as soon as you wake up! I have been lucid dreaming before and something said write this down! Good Luck! šŸ™‚

  • I'm kind of in an anticipation mode right now so I'm paranoid about missing something important. I have the pen and pad by the bed. You're probably right if it's important I think it will come in such a way that we don't forget it. I know when I described to my brother the first time I felt like I successfully meditated what I saw he said "yes" there were elements of what I described that told him it was a significant message. He swore I'd never forget it, at the time I thought yeah sure. I can't remember what I ate for lunch yesterday but he is right I haven't forgotten it. I wish I could transfer what I saw in my head to a video so others could see it as vividly as I've tried to describe it. Thanks for the tips.

  • In this place someone probably can.

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