Hansgangwolf could you help me ?

  • Thank you Hans,I really appreciate it.


  • Toni, your name has a few meanings -- it is a

    beautiful word. It means priceless. Meditation

    cannot be purchased; you have to earn it, you have to

    deserve it. Money cannot purchase it, power cannot

    snatch it, otherwise the Alexanders would have been the

    greatest meditators and the Rockefellers would have

    purchased all the meditation available in the world.

    But there is no way to purchase it, no ways to catch

    hold of it. You have to become worthy of it. For that a

    certain inner transformation is needed; nothing else

    can be of any help.

    And Toni also means beyond praise.

  • Thanks again Hans... But can you please explain a bit more about "declaring my heart" - in what way???

  • You need the others as your audience now for the coming out of your heart.

    Your question has no need of the heart. In what way is that connected with your heart? These are all thoughts in the head.

  • Thanks i re-read the whole thing - and yes you are right... I don't know how but again you are.. I am grateful and wish you the blessings of the universe.

  • Thank you hiprincess,

    the elimination of suffering, the freedom from

    suffering happens in changing the state of

    consciousness, not in becoming free of individual


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