Friend issues

  • Well, For the past 2 weeks me and my friend haven't been getting sign is an Aquarius and he is a Scorpio...He's been really angry at me ,but he denies it. Advice Help please!!!!

  • From my dealings with scorpio men, they are VERY sensitive and they keep their feelings n jealousy bottled up which makes them quiet and non communicative. But not sure what else to say... let his have his time to sort his feelings out... since you're an Aquarius I'm guessing you have a lot of friends and you're "streteched" everywhere which means less attention on him? One thing Aries (me) and scorpios have in common when it comes to Aquarius.. all those friends y'all have lol ehhh

  • Typical Capricorn, approaching everything with humor and little logic 🙂 nothing controling there, Aquarians are known to have a lot of friends and can't focus on the ones closest to them: this is a challenge just like impatience is one of my challenges 🙂

  • let me just apologize for scorpios world wide :0) I'm one and we are rocks on the outside but sooooooo easily hurt on the inside. We're like reeces pieces on a hot summer day in the car. Our great crunchy outside keeps us all in tact but as soon as that shell cracks are mooooosh all out. Hang in there!!!!!!! Just stay on it and support and encourage your relationship.

  • Thank you everybody!!! 😄

    He is still angry, but I'll still be here to be his friend and try to give him more of my time. 😄

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