Would someone PLEASE do a reading for me?

  • Our family is in turmoil right now. My daughter, Heather, is very much addicted to drugs. In January her husband, Wes, got a protective order their son, Braydon, because she was driving around messed up with Braydon in the car until 3am and then would come home and pass out. That left Braydon, who is only 3 years old, basically by himself until Wes would get home from work at 7:30am. He came home and couldn't wake her up. He then took Braydon and went to my parents and dropped Braydon off and went to the police. I am so thankful that Wes is a responsible and loving daddy. He did what had to be done to protect Braydon. Heather was allowed supervised visits with Braydon with any family member present at anytime she wanted. The order was up Tuesday. She went to see him only 4 times in 3 months! She moved in with a man that is 30 years older than her, a 3 time convicted drug dealer. In the past 3 months she hasn't done anything to better her situation, actually she has made things a lot worse. She got arrested for shoplifting and she wrecked his truck by running under a tractor trailer on the interstate and totaled it and still hasn't got a job.

    Now, I am hoping for a reading to find out if they go back to court will she get joint custody or will she get the supervised visits again. I know what should happen but the judge told Wes the only reason he got full custody at the time was because he got there first! That is ridiculous! I love my daughter with all my heart and have been trying to get her in rehab but she won't go. She won't accept responsibility for her actions so far either. I know Braydon is so much happier without her because she is always a mess around him. He is a nervous wreck around her.

    I pray for the little guys safety and happiness everyday. He is a sweet, beautiful and smart little boy. I only want what is best for him and I feel that being with Wes is best right now. Wes is a good person. He doesn't drink or do drugs or even smoke cigarrettes. I just spent this weekend with Braydon at my house and he is a totally different boy since Heather hasn't been around him. I know that sounds awful because I am her mom but it is true.

    Any readings will be welcome. Thank you for your time. Van5521

  • I just reread my posting. Sorry that was more information than I should have gave I guess. I just have been so worried lately I'm not thinking clearly.

    My main objective is to make sure my grandson is safe and happy. I am wondering if anyone sees that for him or what his and my daughter's future might be.

    Grasping for straws....van5521

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