Help! Need a reading? Taurus woman, Virgo Man

  • Hello, I know this is probably strange to ask but I'm wondering if I'm wasting my time trying to be in a long term relationship with a Virgo man. I've read so many posts on how difficult Virgo men are and I'm a tad discouraged at this point. We've been talking to each other for about a year now and actually spent time together only a few times. Let me expound a bit. I met him through work in Nevada we talked for a couple of months and then he had to move back to his home. I was also in another relationship that was ending. (Long before he came into the picture.) Since that time we have talked for about 7 months by phone every day. He definitely romanced me in a big way. I moved to be closer to him, but still about 12 hours away from him. The last couple of months he has been a bit distant and we don't talk as much anymore. We use to talk nearly every night for 4 to 5 hours. Now its about every three days for maybe 15 minutes. He just seems to have changed. I have approached him about this change and asked him if he would rather just back off the relationship and become friends. He says No! I have met his family and have spent time with him and his family as well. I'm just so confused by the immense change in his attitude towards our relationship compared to what we use to have. Not sure what to do. Would someone be so kind as to do a reading for me? My birthday is 04/26/63 my Virgo's is 08/30/71. Thank you most kindly for any insight you may have!

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