ANYONE - How do I let go of a hopeless situation...

  • Any advice, tips, personal experience to help me get over a Cancer male. Me 2/20/1968 Him.. 7/1/66 - Me unhappily married to someone else - Him - just confusing to me. What can I do to let go?

  • I'm in exactly that same situation; I can't seem to let go of NOT ONLY a hopeless situation, but if I'm honest with myself, a situation that I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE WITH ANYMORE; yet I still cry like a baby. For me, it's got everything to do with being ALONE. I don't love it, but once I get used to it, I ADORE IT; it brings out the best in me. I know for sure that day will come because i'm a believer. And somehow we keep remembering the good things....! Since I'm still in the same house that 'the ex' is in, I've got a tape recorder and am recording his big fat loud mouth when he abuses me; OTHERWISE I'll sit for months crying over someone who, in the end, is SO holding my life back it's not funny. Remember this. Yesterday is............well, DEAD. Gone. Never to return. You get one shot at each moment, and then it's gone from your life. Why not fill your moments with POSITIVE LITTLE SAYINGS ABOUT YOU YOU YOU since YOU are ultimately the ONLY PERSON who can do anything about your situation. You're your own master- SO GET BUSY! What do you want? Did you say you're married? And my B/f is troubling you? Ok, then get it right. Effort goes into marriage, dump the idea of another man in your life. Stick to your vows and try prayer, cos if you don't do SOMETHING to fix this; IT'S GONNA BE HAUNTING YOU FOR A VERY VERY LONG TIME.

    Hang tough, girl,

    WE can do it! I actually have to MOVE OUT OF STATE on top of everything else! I'm losing everything and's daunting............and I'm no spring chicken~!

    xxxx Rhona

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