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  • please i am so confused with my future i don't know if i am up to the task or i took the wrong road will someone please do a reading for me? my birth info is: Nov 16th 1985.

  • You will be fine--remember the most rewarding endeavors are also the scariest. You can't have it both ways--you are not happy feeling average and you get bored easily. You asked for a challenge and you got it. Any time we leap out of our safety zone it gets scary--once you make the leap it's best to just move forward and NOT over think all the what ifs. Remember also challenges bring more small trial and errors but really you are getting knowledge--learning-- so try to not get hung up on making mistakes. Successful people pick themselves up and keep going--learn and don't dwell. This could be an exciting time for you. There was a healthy excitement you had initialy before self doubt set in and you need to get back to that. Remember what you are made of--you are adventurouse--a problem solver and you have endurance. Will it be smooth sailing all the way? No but it will hone your skills and be much more satisfying than the safe hohum of blending in with the crowd. You were born to soar. Blessings

  • Hello Blmoon My name is Illona Jameson and my dob is 07/12/1961. And I have a question to ask you. I have been going with a younger man for a while for about three years. And things lately have not been the best between us. And I have not talk to him since Feb 22 he called and wanted come over to see me. So he told me that he was low on gas and I told him that I did not have any money to help him with gas till he got paid that Friday. And then I had not heard from him since. And then I was looking at something and then I seen a msg on his profile, from another lady and she was telling him how she can't wait for him to come home and thanking him for the roses he sent her and that he needs to come home because she has a surprise for him so they can try working and there second baby. The place she put all this, I got the feeling that she was trying to tell somebody that she has him now. So does this lady know about me and him and that is why she said what she did on his profile. And will I talk to him about why he is so mad with me. His dob is 10/04/1974 Thank You so much Illona

  • The message you read to him from another woman was intented to bite him back--you are not the only one scorned by this player. Yes she has realized there are others.Sorry but this charmer is his own worst enemy and refuses to see himself as a user. He feels he is really the too big hearted one and blames others for his lack of character. His response to confrontation and man up situations is to run and hide. He seeks refuge where ever big open hearts call and he tells himself whatever it takes to live with his descision. You have attached yourself to a world of pain with this one. I know you are in deep but do yourself a favour and busy yourself with whatever it takes to constuctively sever ties with this "heartbreak kid" You deserve better. The woman who posted to him is trying to both hit him with the last word and do all his other hook ups a favour! Don't let yourself be fooled that there are not others--as in plural. Celebrate this knowledge as a blessing and move on. Of course soon as you do he will pop back but stand firm and you will attract something more committed. Blessings.

  • Hi Blmoon,

    thanks so much for the encouraging words. life can really be frustrating at times, but i will try to get my spirits back.

  • Hello Blmoon, How are you doing this morning. You know I have come too realize how stupdid I have been. But I am glad I have seen what kind of person he is now. And believe me when he does come back he does not have to worry about me. Because I am working on that now. I know that I have a heart of gold and that I don't need this in my life. So I am so sorry that he was this kind of man. I really thought that he was a very good young man. But I see he does not even know what it is to be true to himself. And that he will use what he can use and who he can use. But you know karma is a bitch. And one day he will remember all the people that was good too him. He really things he is number one right at the moment because he started his new job and it is what he likes and get paided for it. So now you don't need anybody but they say God does not like ugly. He will have his day. I wish him the best and thank you for the good times and I wish him happiness. Thanks for your input. I think that I am on the right road now.

  • Hello Blmoon I have a question about a another guy he is a aries. His birthday is april 13 he will be 56 this april. I was wondering what do you think would happen with me and him.

  • This man can teach you something about yourself that could be healing. He is the other side of your attraction to the younger immature man that needs taking care of . This other man is very fixed and solid in nature. Not easly swayed and slow to react or make descisions. He is not a hot head BUT if truley angered he is a force of nature and usually wins when attacked. He can come off as a little cold or detached at times and women have a hard time understanding what's on his mind--he is not easy to get to know but once he lets you in he is very loyal. He apreciates being cared for yet does not like being fussed over and this will be something that could help change that part of you that gives too much. I think this would be a slow growing relationship that would demand patience from you and the ability to not be bored as you have gotten too used to attracting drama in your life. This man likes things quiet.

  • Hello Blmoon just wanted to give you an update on what is going on with my exboyfriend and his business.

    BOY.... did he get a taste on his Evil employee's "Medicine"!!! I think that he is in complete SHOCK over how she can tell lies with a straight face! They have been meeting with their lawyers through Mediation, all last week and this week apparently. { She had the GALL to sue him for Sexual Harrassment}

    He was forced to give her a second chance. If she acts up again, he has the go ahead to fire her. But like you said Blmoon it will get messy before she leaves!!!!

    I have a feeling that she will act up again next week. Could you please tell me if I am correct in this?? I have been praying so hard that the Angels will yank her on out of there!!

    Please give me your insight Blmoon on what to expect.

  • Blmoon if you are on tonight, please look into my situation. Thank You.

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