• ok here is something interesting. I eccept my actions, so tell me your honest opinion here. I encountered and interesting debate. I was questioned about "being grounded"....where are holly reguarding financial stability school ect...Well I have no debt, three years college, a stable home, no kids get the idea. His debt, good credit, college-oh your parents are kind to pay for you. I have 72k I plan on taking care of that myself.

    Ok well he judged , i dont have a mom or dad, i got school paid for. So i replied, no, sorry but i do not have parents. So i understand what you may feel paying all that on your own. He was very rude an accused me again of being a drama queen and deworthing me because i went to a suny school and not yale... I encounter ythis behavior alot-Am i missing a piece to the puzzle-was i the creater of drama or was this person not willing to accept they made a false judgment that related to a difficult loss, my parents.?

  • So tell me what my strength is..: Remaining in place and being flexible, keeping your balance.

    Please tell me what you see that I do not..really what is it? It is your ego. Nothing fails like its success.

    so tell me your honest opinion here: you are justice itself.

    This person not willing to accept they made a false judgment that related to a difficult loss, your parents.

    When Swami Muktananda, an indian guru, died, the next day one of his

    disciples could not bear the separation -- jumped into

    a well and died. He wanted to be with his master.

    And when he entered through the gates of paradise, he

    was shocked. For a moment he closed his eyes. "What am

    I seeing? -- Muktananda, my great master who has always

    been teaching that all pleasures have to be

    renounced..." was under a beautiful tree, full of

    flowers and a fragrance that he has never known, was

    lying on the lawn naked with a naked woman -- and no

    ordinary woman, but a famous Hollywood star, Marilyn

    Monroe. Even President Kennedy was after the woman

    continuously. What President Kennedy missed, Muktananda


    Naturally the disciple thought, "Certainly virtue,

    renunciation, torturing your body is far more glorious

    than being the president of America."

    He rushed, touched the feet of the master, looked all

    around. Perhaps he can also get some actress, an

    extra... but there was nobody around. He said, "Master,

    I always knew you would be rewarded and now I am seeing

    with my own eyes that you are rewarded."

    But the naked Marilyn Monroe stopped him, and told

    him, "Shut up, you idiot. I am not his reward, he is my


  • so you ego fails my success fails?-yes i agree about the balance thing you are right.

    I just was talking to a person who recognized that i am always in new circumstances and i "synchro", under any curcumstance and keep my balance! You are exact. I am a bit unclear about the ego thing. Yes i so believe in justice-truth! I am such a believer in being true to me , being true to you and i expect it, so thus i will give it to you!-so the master was about putting" aside" pleasure-marilyn " as we know was not-the man could not bear " or except a situation, so he created himself in detriment to his own death so find out a truth" about his assumtion, which not accepting he killed him self for an untruthfull cause. I am not sure if iam getting the main point on that one. But you clearly have excellent insight about me reguarding the justice and balance.

  • so you ego fails my success fails? no, I say, if you are successful, your ego is strengthened, that means failure for your being.

    Yes. That was a totally different context. But

    note the fact: it does not imply any esoteric nonsense.

  • ok-so if i AM SUCCESSFULL my ego is strengthend, so my being is recieving failure? Ex. I will use today-angie and i were successfull at finding the cause of why there was a scratch on the dog -we traced it to the spring sticking out of the back side of the couch by assessing the scratch and traces and where the dod goes and what motive(food, sleep area, toy ect..) so we now succeeded and are deworthing out being?

  • ok-so if i AM SUCCESSFULL my ego is strengthend, so my being is recieving failure? no.

    so we now succeeded and are deworthing out being? yes.

    I promise you, one day you will understand that, but obviously not now.

    Psychologically there is no equality; there is only

    uniqueness. You have to assert your uniqueness, and

    you have a different way of expressing yourself than anyone else.

    But to be successful in the society you have to compromise to others and to conform with others thereby losing your uniqueness.

  • aha so if i have success then i am conforming, cause to succeed i must down my uniqness to the need to compromise or understand to succeed. So my uniqness is not so unique to succeed , thus we know success on earth is involving others.


  • @ hanswolfgang

    I asked you for a reading (kindly) a while back... I hear you have very deep and spiritual insights... I wait patiently (not my strong suit) lol me = March 28 1980 3:15pm... Last time I asked a specific question, not sure if you need specifics? job, love/dating... and freinds--> more focused on an old group... thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

  • turboxs,

    WHA T IF I BECAME PRESIDENT? then you would be identified with your mind, just head, no heart.

    In this system of education there is no place for

    unsuccessful people. We are just creating the fever of

    success, and so it is only natural that one who wants

    to succeed in the world does what he can do. Success

    hides all wrong doings. How a man rises to become a

    president from the position of a peon is no more in

    question once he has become a president. No one bothers

    how he has become a president, by what means, by what

    treacheries, by what lies and by what tricks. There is

    no need to ask how he became a president. Neither

    anybody will ask, nor is there any question of asking.

    Once a man becomes successful all sins cease to be.

    Success is the only goal. Then why should I not succeed

    by telling lies and by becoming dishonest? If I try to

    tell the truth and I become unsuccessful, then what

    else shall I do?

    Thus we have made success the center of life; and

    when lying and dishonesty increase, we become very

    unhappy. As long as success is the only standard of

    evaluation, there will be lies, dishonesty and thefts.

    They cannot be removed, because what can be done if one

    is able to succeed only through dishonesty and

    stealing? Everything else is subordinated to success

    when success is the only value. We go on shouting and

    crying that dishonesty is increasing. It is bound to

    increase, because that is the fruit of all that we have

    been teaching for five thousand years.

    Success is not of any value. Success is not a matter

    of great respect or honor. A man must be fulfilled, not

    successful. It is better if a man becomes unsuccessful

    in a good cause rather than becoming successful in a

    bad cause. Respect should be given to good deeds, not

    to success. But success has become a value and the

    whole of life is revolving around that center.

    Barack Obama was addressing a massed gathering of

    American farmers. He began by telling a couple of jokes

    to try and get the men of the land on his side.

    Realizing that this was not working he tried another

    approach. He drew himself up to his full height and

    began, "Fellow pioneers! I want you to know that when I

    became president, the country's economy stood on the

    edge of an abyss. I am proud to tell you that since

    then we have made a brave step forward!"

  • almondee,

    if I did not answer you, then I did not see your question. I do not know when you asked and what you asked, you should have reiterated your question until I could see it.

    March 28 1980 3:15pm: This means the desire for money or the birth of a new way of earning money. It represents new beginnings, a desire for something that starts a new cycle of creating. You are the representative of pure creative energy representing your value systems, the things that you like or dislike, treasure or discard. So, this means that you experience the birth of a new value or that you suddenly like or want something that you didn't before. Because you are probably associated with money and your work, this can mean the beginning of a new financial enterprise or the desire to obtain money for a specific purpose.

    .. Last time I asked a specific question, not sure if you need specifics? no, not knowing your specific question, I say No ( if it was yes or no), if not then: you are suppressing your inner truth.

    job, love/dating... and freinds--> more focused on an old group...: you are dominated by the mind of a man. If you are in pursuit of something and want to get it, you must set about it in the right way. If you persist in seeking in a place where there is none you may wait forever without finding any. Persistence in search is not enough. What is not sought in the right way is not found.

    So enjoy yourself very much.

    The gifts of existence are unending and our ungratefulness knows no bounds! We cannot so much as thank it; we find it so difficult our throats seem to choke.

  • almondee?-is this for me?

    I dont think you left a question opened-to me.

    But the verbiage does display that only having a yang expression u will seek yang enviroments and u cant make a sagely choice on only yang energy, if your female-u must experience yin to create a balance, thus a synchro" choice.

    Hans from my verbiage views and outlooks, do you feel I am more yang than yin right now.?

  • @ hanswolfgang

    you're right, I should've asked again 😞 my apologies - and thank you! i am trying to figure out all you said - but you are correct on a few things: my creativity, I feel I need to focus on that with my career path and values is everything to me.

    again- you're right, I'm supressing inner truths. ok my question is:::

    1. love: do I find it in the near future, do I settle down w/right man? I am constantly dating (help!) 2) I have had dealings with friends/groups of women majority of my life, and the main group that was causing me problems for so many years, finally came to a hault of no fault of my own (I was trying to help - as always but the girl I tried to help turned against me and brought others into it) what is the outcome of friendships, and I still deal with two of the 4 girls from a FAR distance since they kinda need emotional help 3) My career - I have been told I come across money soon/I'm associated with it somehow (as you have said) ... I am not sure but I'm still dealing with my career and building my foundation for the future...

    Thank you Hans...

  • hmmmm - ungratefulness knows no bounds... That's very deep, Hans. I must remind myself of that.

  • turboxs,

    no, "almondee" is for almondee.

    do you feel I am more yang than yin right now.? more yang.

    A taoist life, a "synchro life", is really extraordinary, very rich, because it contains the negative and the positive both, the yin and yang both, conflict and cooperation both, love and hate both, life and death both.

  • almondee,

    1. love: do I find it in the near future, do I settle down w/right man? yes.

    2. what is the outcome of friendships: you are unable to handle authorities.

    3. My career: the road is blocked.

    Ruthie Finkelstein is lying on her deathbed.

    "Moishe," she murmurs to her husband sitting beside the

    bed, "I must make a confession before I go. The fact

    is, I have been unfaithful to you."

    "I know," says Moishe quietly.

    "I don't think you understand," pleads Ruthie. "What I

    mean is that I have been with another man."

    "Yes, I know that," Moishe murmurs.

    "Not just once," continues Ruthie, "but lots of times

    -- in his office, in his house..."

    "Yes, I know that, dear," says Moishe soothingly.

    "Even in this house, in this very bed!" cries Ruthie.

    "Yes, I know," whispers Moishe. "That's why I put rat

    poison in your tea."

  • @ Hans, many thanks and gratitude ---> wow, VERY, VERY deep poem I will take heed, even I know my weaknesses wink I am working on satisfaction with one man.

    You're good 🙂 very. I'd like to add, I am unable to handle authorities (true), but I detest liars that ruin reputations more for that authority.

  • almondee,

    A rich young girl finds that she has developed a

    passion for the smell of burning rubber. So she buys

    herself a sports car and satisfies her passion racing

    around country lanes. One day she passes a young man

    who is hitch-hiking and stops to pick him up. The

    hitch-hiker settles back in his seat, thinking that his

    luck has really changed.

    Suddenly the girl stamps her foot on the accelerator

    and drives full speed towards a steep cliff. At the

    last minute she puts her foot on the brakes and the car

    stops inches from the edge.

    "Can you smell that?" she asks her passenger


    "Smell it?" sobs the man. "I'm sitting in it!"

  • well you posted for another on my post which is irrelevant in a way so take care.

  • The unawaited guest has come, the unannounced guest. All other guests set a date before coming, they send a message ahead to say they are arriving. They don’t feel that it is right to suddenly shove their way in. They warn, “We are coming, so take care to prepare yourselves,” because nowadays no one is happy to see a guest. If a message comes first then people can get ready. The cursing and swearing can be done before they arrive. What has to be said to the wife can be said. What has to be said to the husband can be said. By the time they arrive politeness has returned. If they come unexpectedly who knows, the truth might come out. One says, “This is a blessing, seeing you is a real joy to our hearts.” But this is not what is inside, there is something else. The practice of first informing people you are coming is good so that people can get ready, can fortify their hearts.

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