• It is very costly and uneconomical.

  • the military?

  • so far i have arned deans list and scholarship money , i have paid nothing for school so far i got three years in already.

  • turboxs

    the military? yes.

    One very rich woman asked Picasso how much he would

    take to make a portrait of her.

    He said, "What do you want -- a photograph or a


    She said, "I don't understand the difference. What do

    you mean?"

    He said, "A photograph is a simple thing. You will be

    sitting there, and I will make a drawing of your face,

    of your body, on the canvas. I will be simply

    functioning like a camera. It will be a photograph --

    although everybody will say it is a painting.

    But if you want a painting then you have to be

    ready, because in the painting I will not be a camera;

    in the painting I will be subjectively involved. So the

    outcome will not be just your picture; it will be a

    picture processed through my subjectivity. It may not

    even look similar to you."

    The woman said, "I would like a painting because

    photographs can be done by cameras very easily and

    cheaply. You are asking one million dollars, so let it

    be a painting."

    It was a painting.

    And when the woman looked at it she could not believe

    what it was.... She said, "Just one thing I want to

    ask: just tell me where my nose is?"

    Picasso said, "I don't know anything about it. Do you

    ever ask a camera? You just look at the picture and

    find out. I have processed you through my subjectivity

    and this is what happens. I will try to find out where

    your nose has gone, where other things are -- they must

    be somewhere. But I refuse to sell it."

    The woman was shocked. She said, "Why?"

    He said, "You cannot appreciate a painting. Your

    question was so stupid. And I have worked so hard on

    your painting, I have put my whole soul into it, and

    you are worried about your nose! I am not going to sell

    it. You need only a photograph, which you can


    A photograph is prose.

    A painting is poetry. It becomes mysterious because

    it passes through man's innermost feelings. It takes a

    new birth. It is not a reproduction.

  • I see, also i see how taxes govt state and fed money we contribute to pays for the military-which reproduces you, conformes you, and yeah they dont care about "your" anything! I also found out that the military will fight in battle overseas-win then teach the tac tics to the "loosers, and as they quated they know! that the opposition will use it against us! WHY! there is no point to this ! I cant agree with that, we teach our tactics that are supposed to protect are country, but we give them away so this is exactly why we as a country are still! at a stalemate with peace and only dumping more money time and lives out and allowing more into the country with regression from the past when we without COMMUNICATION dropped a base overseas ans scared the hell out of those people-that was the start! there was no agreement about that! That first step created the untrust-healing and mending is needed not tactic on opposotion!

  • Hans i am begging to wander-Is this all about money-ovt is and military is what of?,,govt, yes lets keep them employed lets keep throwing more unneccasry money and discord out in the universe?!

  • Is this all about money-ovt is and military is what of? No.

    govt, yes lets keep them employed lets keep throwing more unneccasry money and discord out in the universe?! Yes!

    Wisdom is a revolution in your being: knowledge is

    just rubbish. You can gather it from others; it does

    not change you, you remain the same. Of course you

    become very decorated, you gain many beautiful masks,

    but your own face remains the same. You go on

    accumulating knowledge, your memory becomes richer and

    richer, but your being remains as poor as ever. But

    knowledge can pretend to be wisdom; they both use the

    same language.

  • i agree if you do not know how to apply knowledge innovativly. ENlightenment allows you to use the neccesary knowledge to innovation. In order for mew to help children like myself was 12, parents. I need certification to be effective as this a career. Social work.

  • without any certifications or degree i can not get aq job that will fullfill me i have had 37 jobs! none have satisfied me. When working with people-health, social, family, councel a degree is necessary by law. I have the astute knowledge and enlightenment, now i need the paper work!

  • Mulla Nasruddin went once to a

    psychiatrist and said, "I am very puzzled: now do

    something. It has become impossible. Every night I have

    a recurrent dream that I am standing at a door and I am

    pushing and pushing and pushing. There is a sign on the

    door and I push and push to no end. Every night I wake

    up perspiring and the door never opens."

    The psychiatrist started to note whatsoever he was

    saying. After half an hour's talk he asked, "Now tell

    me, Nasruddin, what is written on the door, on the


    And Nasruddin said, "It says 'pull'."

    If 'pull' is written on the door then don't go on

    pushing; otherwise you will have a recurrent dream, you

    will push eternally! And there is no problem at all:

    simply look at what is written on the door.

    Neither head nor heart is written on the door -- it is

    beyond both.

    So do one thing: go beyond. Neither fall a victim of

    logic, of intellect, nor become a victim of emotions,

    of sentimentality. The head is in the body and the

    heart is also in the body. Go beyond both. What is

    beyond? There, is simple existence, you simply are.

  • i am not sure what your trying to tell me?

  • You have lost your peace. You are very idealistic.

    You have been taught to condemn yourself; you have been taught that you are worthless. You have been told in a thousand and one ways that you are dirt and that has become part of your conditioning. The first step is: Respect yourself, because if you don’t respect yourself you cannot respect anybody else in the world. Not even God can be respected, because even God comes number two. Love yourself. If you can’t love yourself you cannot love anybody else.

  • hmm. ok well I meditate, I cook and eat healthy, I offer love to the kids in the home i reside in, cook family dinners, help the family, go for walks in nature nurture my body, read yes get knowledge on the thngs that help me and free" me a bit...i am content alone for 11 years and would never change me. SO i know and dont need others approval. to lovre me especially when i am the one who is holding my decision regardless i am going to follow my heart. love urself or u cant love anyone elsei learned that when i decided to stay solid and forgoe the status quo" to stay clean healthy, balanced., . I do not do detriment to myself whatso ever? I am shoked to hear those words, I think not having parents i oblidge myself into thinking i must have anothers voice in my decision, but really i know holly the best-i just look at whom is kindred spirits, what am i naturally active in, what have a fully completed...ect...Sorry u and i must have a big communication barrier. I apologize if i am not clear-you were right tho when others dont approve of themselves they will call you worthless or put you down.

  • I will say I accept Justice-Cause and effect, but Tower hits a self realization! You gave that. This forum was the first time i sought advice from one who has been advertised here as the ultimate"-advisor. No one but self is the best advisor. Would you follow your heart after you have solidified and didnified yourself or anothers.? Some of these post I think are waste-ex."please tell me about this relationship ect.. well you ans whom are in it be an adult , you obviously are only thinking of yourself-help with an aries? Not all aries men are same-why lable by a horoscope, why noy support thier aspirations and care if you are the correct balance. I have been able to do that. I have had not one detrimental depart due to having my own happiness-goals so i can be selfless and actually see. I feel that i can respect myself even more and not bother with anyone who would spend so much time on this blog" Honestly I feel that this entire thing has only reiterated what i know. I will say in fairness. You are right about athers trying tom put me down-but i have forsight-thgey always call back and recognize when they finally see. You were somewhat correct- i do have ideologies reguarding you must worth you-I holly dould not desreve a relation if i have no structure that div ine orders my day- I holly recognize i have a part to the universe and I believe i must be giving to the universe unconditionally. Yes you were correct about much older woman seeking much younger men-you and i are astute enough to "know" Its been a learning lesson talking to you. Age is nothing but a number as to the minds capacity to develope itself out of will, we can derive self to divine order and maintain positive frequency, WE are accepting as we are human, we cannot sky rise without tower falls-its the detriment surrounding us as we Choose to resonate positive" we know grow aNS TRIUMPH--again the wheel flows and we prepare for the next windfall. we constantly change divine order and grow, Peace love Prosper

  • Hans-today is the last day on this forum for me. I am also pursing a partime buz-fitness trainer and nutrition conselor, Its now progressing. I thank you for your time.

  • Thank you turboxs,

    I do not do detriment to myself whatso ever? Yes.

    Would you follow your heart after you have solidified and didnified yourself or anothers.? Yes.

    A seventy-five-year-old British field marshal tells his adjutant to bring his brigade to attention and announces: “Gentlemen, I am proud to tell you that at 08.30 hours, Greenwich Mean Time, my wife gave birth to a seven-and-a-half-pound baby boy! Gentlemen, I thank you!”

  • I did not recieve anything from that-must have been more for you not me. take care-

  • If it is helpful, good; if it is not helpful, it has to be thrown on to the rubbish heap.

  • lol-thats a fair way to look at it with a bit of humor- you cant disengage from this site. My concern was that I may have been focusing on others ideas and not mine! lol-No matter whaT ITS "WHO IS HOLLY, WHAT HAVE I BEEN my whole life? what do i stand for , what do i support, what detriment have i turned from a mile stone and healed from? NOW THAT IS A PASSIONATE STEPPING STONE TO A LEGACY OF PROSPERITY.

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