• yes i agree, free will but god lies within us. As i was waiting for my mecdhanic, i started visioning my self at training for the military, i was in a trance i turned around while i was visioning my purpose and insight to the military and boom, i was standing in front of two crosses. i turnded around and there thewy were i stood before two crosses. i never had noticed them before till that monemt, i felt i vibration of the chariot.

  • You should be life-affirmative. Bring in all those values which make the world more beautiful, more lovable, which make the world more rich. It is your world -- you are part of it, it is part of you -- how can you renounce it?

  • what do u mean. ? i am not renouncing ?

  • what do u mean. ? You need do find your own way, step for step.

    i am not renouncing ? yes.

    One comes to a maturity, a spiritual maturity, something has ripened within you, and then the search starts. Nobody can enforce it. But all the religions have tried to enforce it, and they have killed the very possibility of the urge.

  • so are u sying that military is too conforming to allow my inner spirit to evolve? truthfully, i desire a challenge, but my heart wants to give selfless and disciplined love, but i have always been rejected. 32 times! not even worn a dress! i feel not as a woman anymore.rejected and dismisse, for woman opposite of me, kids with multiple fathers no self courage, i have been conservative, alone couraged and abandoned, but still hold strength, i have not yet graced tender, affection, protection, care other than me worthing my self. I fugure i hit a revelation and my womanhood is undesired. Military is perfect. i am alone on the eleventh year. never had affection, only yelled and hit at. i could fit well and pass training bootcamp. i am constantly rejected by men for ex girl or woman with nothing in integrity or solitude strength. The world is different now. Military will give me a depth purposfull action.

  • so are u sying that military is too conforming to allow my inner spirit to evolve? no.

    And this is the problem: you are miserable and

    love cannot flow towards you, so you make that a

    cause for your misery and you say you are bound to be

    miserable because love is not coming to you. Then you

    become more miserable, so even less love comes to you.

  • hans, when i encounter people, i use the fool attitude, it never fails tho to be rejected for thier own choices and needy desires. I have been noticing that strong educated and conservative woman are not attempted and thier are soo many vulnerable weaker ones out thier that are easier to get.

  • I would like you to understand the most fundamental

    thing first. The first thing is: life is a

    constant overcoming. Everything is trying to go beyond

    itself. Everything is trying to become better, to be

    more beautiful, to be more powerful, to be more

    authentic. This overcoming is not something that

    becomes complete, ever.

  • I agree, we are always seeking to get better or else we wouldnt live.

  • What is, is.

    It is never different.

    Its forms differ but its being remains the same.

    To live in the forms is to live in illusions.

    To see the being is to transcend the world.

    Only seeing is needed.

  • You mean manifestation!

  • You understand. It looks logical:

    the world is nothing but a projection of your desires,

    so if you have any desire -- even to get out of the

    world -- that will create another world, ad infinitum,

    one behind the other. You can go on and on. Then how to

    get out of it?

  • I believe we have manifesting power along with logic and reason and planning good structure with positive wavelengths. Really as long as we are positive we feel good in all circumstances. I have been content 11 years with no direct fam or man . Positive frequency! Enlightement is knowing self wisdon is knowing others., Now i can APPLY MY wisdom innovAtivly.

  • To be alone is the only real revolution. To accept that you are alone is the greatest transformation that can happen to you.

  • Absolute!

  • We go on missing the point and we go on thinking of something else which was not the case; this is how the foolish mind functions. Enjoy the moment, and whatsoever the moment makes available to you, be enriched by.

  • agree, live in the now or you will never see the divine opportunties that lie in vsion, past and future are not in front they are ahead or behind. I am focusing on what lies in front in the now using sharp and intuitive percrption to build the future and free from past. so far my vglsm and asttness of in the now occurences regarding military and medical sales cnsultant are gearing to a tower! I recognze a large objective. Being told to hold truth and lie to get intated int the military. NO i dont lie.

  • Watch and observe. Let the head function as reason, let the heart function as feeling, let the sex center function as sex. Let everything function in its own way. Don’t allow mechanisms to mix into each other, otherwise you will have corrupted instincts.

  • let the s e x center function as s e x .

  • I agree. Give an exaMPLE?

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