• WHO IS HOLLY, WHAT HAVE I BEEN my whole life? A fighter.

    what do i stand for , what do i support, what detriment have i turned from a mile stone and healed from? guarding your so-called property. Your heart isn't in it, and others can sense this. Every move you make is watched with suspicion. Steel your resolve, or failure is certain.

    Open the door -- you are going to grow very fast. Just take courage.

  • your right i am a fighter! I know that military was suspicious! Exactly heart has to be there!

  • my so clled property- Do you mean worth and heart?-protecting my honor.

  • Do you mean worth and heart? Heart.

    I will tell you one anecdote. Kahlil Gibran writes

    somewhere that one man came to Lebanon. He was not a

    Lebanese, he didn't know the language of the country;

    he was totally a stranger. The moment he entered

    Lebanon he saw a very big palatial building, many

    people coming in and out, so he also entered to see

    what was going on there. It was a big hotel, but he

    thought, "It seems the king has given a party -- so

    many distinguished guests coming out, going in, and

    everybody is being served." And, as the human mind

    works, he thought, "It may be that because I have come

    to Lebanon, just for my reception, in my honor, the

    king is doing something."

    The moment he entered he was received by the manager,

    he was placed at a table and food was served. He

    enjoyed it and he was very happy, he had never been so

    happy in his life. And then when he had finished his

    food, drink, and everything, he started thanking them.

    But they could not understand his language and he could

    not understand their language. They were placing a bill

    before him -- it was a hotel -- but he couldn't

    understand. He thought, "They are giving in writing,

    'It was so good of you to accept the invitation. You

    have honored us.'" So he took the bill, put it in his

    pocket, and thanked them again.

    Then the manager became disturbed: either he was

    insane, because he was talking in such strange sounds

    they couldn't understand, or he was a rascal just

    trying to deceive. So he was brought to the owner of

    the hotel. The man thought, "Now they are bringing me

    to the chief minister or the prime minister of the

    country." He again started thanking them. It was no

    use, so he was brought to the court.

    When he entered the palatial building of the court,

    bigger than the hotel, he thought, "Now this is the

    palace of the king, and he himself is going to receive

    me in person." Again he started bowing down and

    thanking, and the magistrate thought, "This man is

    either mad or a perfect rascal," so he punished him.

    And it was the punishment of that country in such cases

    that the man should be forced to sit on a donkey

    backwards, and a plaque should be hung around his neck

    on which it was written: "This man has committed the

    crime of deception, and everybody should be aware."

    He was painted black, and he enjoyed it very much

    because he thought, "A strange country, with strange

    manners, but they are paying every attention to me."

    Naked he was placed on a donkey, a plaque was hung

    around his neck. He enjoyed it. Then the donkey started

    moving all over town just to make the whole town aware

    that this man was a criminal. And a crowd, children and

    many cripples followed, and he enjoyed. He thought,

    "These people are just following in my honor." The

    children were enjoying it and he was also very happy

    and joyful, but only one sadness was in his heart:

    "Nobody knows what is happening to me in my country. I

    wish they could become aware of how I have been

    received. And they will not believe me when I go back,

    they will say that I am just inventing stories."

    Then suddenly he saw a man in the crowd who belonged

    to his country. He was very happy and he said, "Look

    how beautifully they have received me! This is not only

    in my honor, but my country is honored." But the other

    man who knew the language of this country, Lebanon,

    simply disappeared in the crowd, hiding his face,

    because he knew what was happening. This was not an

    honor. And the man on the donkey thought, "Jealousy,

    nothing else. This man is jealous. They have honored me

    and they have not honored him."

  • So are you telling me to "know the language" this mans honor was obviously taken , maybe HIS OWN SELF deciet?-In a vocation the seller" will do all and leave out all needed for me to be captured. I know-I am being open but vigil about my endeavers. Offers must be carefully assessed. Are you pertaining this from a statement I made-possibly a military exp. of an offer?

  • So are you telling me to "know the language" this mans honor was obviously taken , maybe HIS OWN SELF deciet? Yes, exactly.

    Are you pertaining this from a statement I made-possibly a military exp. of an offer? No.

    And remember: you cannot carry the money with you

    when you die, but you can carry your joy; that's the

    beauty. Always think of death. When

    you decide what to do, always think about your death.

    If doing this you will be ready to die happy,

    fulfilled, then this is the right thing to do. If you

    feel afraid of dying then think twice, thrice, because

    that is the deciding factor.

  • Your exactly correcst. Wow i never thought about asking myself about death. THAT WAS AN EXCELLENT INSIGHT! BLESS YOU!

  • Thank you turboxs,

    you have infinite capacities to create; you are unlimited, you don’t have any limits to your potential. You are not aware what you can do, and you will never be aware unless you do it!

  • Just do it! I am in a home now with a close family of four 2 adults and two kids and thurs thru sunday. This is great for me cause for the first time I can express my creativity and get FEEDBACK, others are now recognizing me for my talents and i can see over a period of time through self interest and the interest of others what stands out the most and what is most effective. Right now I believe I have the capacity to help people help themselves and to lead and inspitre otheres to follow thier dreams and express there creative self. I feel very confident about human services and expresing my healing arts and body mind soul fitness as a leisure job for pure enjoyment. I believe prosperity comes with success and success is drivin by passion.

  • By doing, not just by praying.

    Prayer is cheap. One can do it, because nothing is at

    stake. That's why people have become church-goers,

    worshippers. They go to the mosque and the church,

    and the temple. It is very cheap and easy -- the Sunday

    religion. You can go to the church for one hour: it is

    a kind of social formality which you can fulfil. And

    you think you have fulfilled your life, you have

    fulfilled your meditation, you have fulfilled your

    innermost passion?

    Two drunks were driving over a bridge and one said,

    "When you come to the end of the bridge, turn left."

    The other slobbered, "What're you telling me for?

    You're drivin'!"

  • honest- i dont really pray, i dont go to church, i will meditate to balance my thoughts and emotions and set positivity for the day but i just go at things and little by little things fall in place just by doing and trying things a new

  • Expose you reality, slowly, slowly – there is no need to take jumps that you cannot manage; go by steps, gradually. But soon you will learn the taste of the truth, and you will be surprised that all those years have been a sheer wastage. Your old identity will be lost, you will have a totally new conception. It will not really be an identity but a new vision, a new way of seeing things, a new perspective. You will not be able to say “I” again with something behind it; you will use the word because it is useful, but you will know all the time that the word carries no meaning, no substance, no existential substance at all; that behind this “I” is hidden an ocean, infinite, vast, divine.

  • Years are not wasted to my understanding if you are "exploring". As long as i do "right" and seek truth in all my endeavers, i will spend enough time to make a judgment and awaking as i awaken to the truth. Give me an example of why i cant or shouldnt say i ? you mean. EX. my beliefs are to meditate, not i meditate.? Just for understanding and wisdom, what is your ideal occupation and your favorite animal, and what is your favorite body type of water and why? I love tigers because they are territorial, aggresive, sly, sleek, sultry, lith, mysterious, and tender when it comes to affection" "tame the beast" STRENGTH>Independent, playfull, agile, hunters,and loyal. I love waterfalls, they create sounds of harmony at the bottum pool, vast at the fall, flow aggresive at the top, create suspence, and relief and tranquility at the bottom.

  • Give me an example of why i cant or shouldnt say i ? Examine every small atom of life and you will realize

    that there is no place for the I -- the ego -- to

    stand. Then why are we creating this illusion? How does

    it come about? From where does this deception come? It

    comes because we always feel that there is an

    alternative. For example, you insult me. Now I have two

    alternatives: I may insult you back; or I may ignore

    it, thinking the insult is not there at all. That is, I

    can choose to reciprocate if I wish, and if I don't

    wish, I can choose not to. But are there really any

    alternatives? Do you suppose that the person who

    returns an insult could have chosen not to, if he had

    wanted? You will say: If he had not wished to do so, he

    need not have returned the insult. But you will have to

    go a little deeper to understand this. Is that desiring

    there already in him, or does he bring it from

    somewhere? Is that desire to insult or not to insult

    under his control?

    you mean. EX. my beliefs are to meditate, not i meditate.? no.

    what is your ideal occupation: only to do that what I enjoy.

    and your favorite animal: dragon.

    and what is your favorite body type of water and why? Lake, because I like to walk around it.

    Kowalski is on holiday in a small town in the Italian

    Alps. After a few lonely nights he begins to feel the

    need for a woman. So he asks the local bartender how to

    find the ladies of the town.

    "We gotta no prostitutes," replies the bartender.

    "The priest-a would never allow it. But the thing-a you

    want is-a kept out of sight."

    "What have I got to do?" asks Kowalski.

    The bartender explains that up in the mountains there

    are caves. "Go there after dark-a," he says. "And

    shout-a `Yoo-Hoo!' into the cave. And if the lady calls

    back, `Yoo-Hoo,' you work out-a the price. If she is

    busy, you get no answer."

    So that night, Kowalski "Yoo-Hoo's" his way from cave

    to cave, but with no luck. Finally he decides to go

    back to town to get drunk, but at the bottom of the

    mountain he finds a cave that he has not seen before.

    "Yoo-Hoo, Yoo-Hoo!" he shouts.

    "Yoo-Hoo, Yoo-Hoo!" comes back the clear reply.

    So Kowalski rushes into the cave -- and is knocked flat

    by a train!

  • of course his echo. what you resonate comes back to you. the energy you send out. Of course life is not an I thing. We are all energies here with a purpose, we share the world! Dragons are cool-some said as immortal, why do you admire them? I run by the canal a few times a month-the scenery of sky and sunset along with the tranqull water is earthy and sensual in its own natural state.

  • oh random thought. What was it that made you recommend real estate? I remmember you mentioning that. I recedntly talked to my career advisor and she tolkd me its always good to ask other people what they see in my persona, attributes ect...

  • why do you admire them? because I was born in a year of the dragon.

    What was it that made you recommend real estate? Your birth date.

    After three weeks of marriage she accused Mulla

    Nasrudin of not loving her as much as he did when they

    were first married. "You used to get up and light the

    FIRE every morning," she said. "And now you let me get

    up and do it."

    "Nonsense, my love," answered Nasrudin. "YOU GETTING UP


  • please tell me the relation of that story to me. really tell me.

  • You do not want to see your strength.

    Whatsoever you are teaching to the children, have you yourself followed it?

    So, really, tell me honestly, have you followed whatsoever you are teaching to the children?

  • You do not want to see your strength-ok then if i dont see my strength you must recognize that i do not see it, so therefore you must know what I do not see. So tell me what my strength is..

    I am not following what i am teaching to children."

    I am currently not teaching kids. I do baby sit. I am also not a follower, so i would not expect a child to follow me. My actions speak not my words. I act on drive and passion reguarding Justice related issues. i am a big debater and i am a big truth seeker. I also act and therefore teach if one chooses to follow cause and effect. Truth before you judge and decide, also before you act. Fairness is also a big thing I express. Balance.Like the justice scale. I can not be EFFECTIVE in preaching if i do not practice it. Please tell me what you see that I do not..really what is it?

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