• The head should function as far as reason is concerned, that's all.

    Have you watched? Sometimes people say, 'I think I love you.' I think I love you! Love has nothing to do with thinking. How can you think that you love? But they don't know how to function from the heart directly, even the heart has to go via the head. They cannot simply say, 'I love you.'

    When you say from the heart, no language is needed. When you say from the head, only language can say; there is no other way to say it.

    When instinct is natural, untabooed, spontaneous, without any inhibition, there is a clarity in your body, a harmony in your body. There is a humming sound in your organism.

  • wow--u said it!!! random question- i need ur ideology here : critic this one, 40 year old many kids, attackes verbally in deciet pretends to be friends with any girl associated to her "guy at 24years old?! shares his detrimental buz to any girl associated to as u know make him look bad. divine?

  • divine? no.

    i need ur ideology here: he is hurt, he hurts others and he will be hurt again.

    Your whole life is jogging. You are not going

    anywhere because there is nowhere to go; you are not

    improving because it is impossible to improve. The

    ultimate which is within you cannot be improved --

    there is no 'further' to it, there is no 'better' to

    it. You

    are divine, he is divine. This has to be realized, not worked out;

    you simply have to look within and realize who you are.

    The problem is not that he is bad, the problem is

    that he doesn't look at himself; the problem is of

    knowledge, not of doing. The problem is of a right

    perspective from where he can see himself.

  • your right! i advised but i want to be fair my quate was pertaining to him being enlightend. Solidify u first confident on your own so you have good perspective and choices are divine.

  • God comes to you when you are helpless. When you are

    strong, God is not needed. The divine reaches to you

    when you are empty. When you are too full of yourself,

    there is no need.

  • i believe god is always around me , but he does not put the hand down till i need to be re enlightened by his grace

  • Existential living means each moment has to decide on its own. Life is atomic! You don’t decide beforehand, you don’t rehearse; you don’t prepare how to live. Each moment comes, brings a situation; you are there to respond to it— you respond.

  • act on spontanaiety at the monent act .

  • The next thing is rebellion. Rebellion is from the very essential core: it changes consciousness—it is radical; it transmutes—it is alchemical. It gives you a new being, not only a new body, not only new dresses, but a new being. A new woman is born.

  • haleighluya

  • But that is natural, it has to be accepted; there is nothing to worry about.

  • a rebirth is natural. Events unfold naturally.

    There is a dilemma here. I have to choose i haVE two liasons from the military contacting me national guard and army. i am going with intuition here and with logic and reason. but each have thier own risks. can you do a reAding for me about this vocational issue?

  • can you do a reAding for me about this vocational issue? yes, neither nor, turboxs.

    Before crossing to the far shore, consider the move for three days. After crossing, devote three days of hard labor to damage control.

    You are blessed with an opportunity to resuscitate that which others have abandoned as beyond repair. This ruin wasn't caused by evil intention, but by indifference to decay. Just by addressing yourself to the problem, you exhibit a new awareness, a fresh perspective. This is a time of recovery, renewal, regeneration.

    The A of psychology: neurotics build air castles. The

    B of psychology: psychotics live in them. The C of

    psychology: psychiatrists collect the rent.

  • I am so cofused what to do i have 68 credits i can turn to bachelore unemployment for another year and a half no job opportunity and then theres the only option presented itself militery

  • I am so cofused what to do: Let no man dominate over you with his will power. Nervously shaking your leg shows your irresistible urge to advance. Misfortune if you do. Good fortune if you don't.

    You should finish the studies.

  • well i had helped with a party and ironicly two people were entered and one entering in the military! I met a aries man and two sag's who helped me sooo much, i have a clear direction because they told me all the things the sales" rrecruiters dont !

  • military is a BIG decision , you are signing yourself to them, you know. So I want to be as much informed as possible before I choose the liasion. I can do the reserves, paid scholl, work evey weekend and choose my state of residence, still get the adventure,, but choose if and when i go overseas. Its the next step to finish my bachelor degree and have a solid and secure job.

  • I can't tell you how distressed I am to see the

    state of present-day education. Knowledge that is being

    imparted destroys the power of thinking. In the crowd

    of thoughts, this power gets crushed. Memory gets

    trained, but the springs of knowledge remain

    unrecognized. This trained memory begins to give the

    illusion of knowledge. The individual who is educated

    under this so-called system of education is obliged to

    learn to think and has to unlearn what he has learnt

    before. I too was obliged to do this. But this was a

    tedious job. It was as difficult as stripping the skin

    off one's body, and not like taking off one's clothes.

    Except this there was no other way. In order to look at

    life in my own fashion, it was necessary for me to

    forget what I had learnt and what I had been taught

    before. In order to secure my own vision, it was

    necessary to forget the borrowed views. In order to

    realize my own thought, it was necessary to be free

    from borrowed ideas. He who has to learn to walk on his

    own legs has to abandon the support of another man's

    shoulder. Only when we cease to see through others'

    eyes do our own eyes open. And let us remember that the

    person who sees through the eyes of others is blinder

    than the person born blind.

  • I understaND THAT. LIKE THE FOLL, GO INTO IT NEW, forgoe past and others Opinions, facts are important but an others opinion is not

  • Against fiction, doubt is dangerous; doubt can kill the fiction -- but doubt only enhances the true.

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