• TO ALL, i have been overdoing the T spreads, i think and at this time i would like someone if possible to give me guidance relating to my situation: lone and jobless, i am putting tarot in my day to give to others but i think my analysis is going overboard. Any help relating to my vocational future would be appreciated. i am 12/08/1985

  • give me guidance relating to my situation: resist against bias and distortion.

    Any help relating to my vocational future would be appreciated: any action will prove unfortunate.

    Nothing furthers. You have found yourself in desperate straits, a position of weakness, and you are tempted to pay dearly for a remedy. A drowning man isn't picky about who throws him a rope.

    The rescue offered to you now is undesirable. It may pull you out of this sticky situation, but it will cause even greater predicaments down the road. Don't obligate yourself in this way. You are selling your future for a quick fix today. So collect yourself and your money and remain by yourself.

    i am 12/08/1985: You have come full circle in their quest for knowledge. You have a powerful mind and a consuming desire for more knowledge as well. In this life you must learn to regain the control over your mind which has developed somewhat of a life of its own. The best path back to self-mastery is to direct the mind into right motives and higher principles. You have emotional restlessness, which can be a strain on relationships. The strong desire for spiritual wisdom and study of spiritual philosophies will bring contact with many uplifting groups and will increase enjoyment of life. You have good luck in work and labor relations and could do very well in the real estate business. In this life you will be doing much experimenting as you work towards finding out what really satisfies you. You often spend a lot of time deciding what is your life's work. Once you decide, you can rise to the heights. Choosing things that allow for freedom and travel gives you the best results.

    The treasure is not hidden in big words, the treasure is hidden in you. And it is to be discovered, not through big words, it is to be discovered through wordlessness, it is to be discovered through silence.

  • thank you, i am very analytical, astute, and ariculate. i have been getting many world in my self assertion spreads along with ace of awords and wands, So sales, yes sales! i am getting a vibe of april" sales is my mastery, consultative sales. You are kind to help me. thank you

  • That we are beloveds of god

    Is something to be constantly remembered.

    Man has forgotten it completely, hence

    There is so much a feeling of being outsiders

    As if we don't belong to the existence

    As if the existence does not care

    As if the existence is indifferent

    As if we are just accidental, not essential.

  • Yes believers are in depth achievers, we often dont synchro with "worldy endeaver" non sacraficial.

    i am attemptinga military pursuit now..

  • Be utterly satisfied with the best of everything. Don’t ask for more.

  • what exactly? u mean, not money the self enrichment of the vocation.

  • not money, not speeding for more.

    In economics there is a law that says that false

    coins force real coins out of circulation. If you have

    a false coin and an authentic coin, the human tendency

    is to first try to circulate the false coin. You want

    to get rid of it; keep the authentic coin in your

    pocket and circulate the false coin in the market.

    That's why so many false coins are in circulation.

    Somebody has to bring the authentic coin to the market.

    And once you bring the authentic coin to the market,

    the very authenticity works.

  • Aha ! just got an offer about a financial analyst position. I am an aNALYZER, I WENT TO MILITARY TO SEEK AN ANALYTICAL POSITION BUT EVENTs unfold natural" this opportunity would be as such you discribe and, yes i do see real estate in the future. thank you for all your help. How are u tho . i fend i am quite the tarot interpreter. two days a go i sensed a igniting of spark i concluded a fire. today i found out from a friend that his grandmas house plug sparked a fire! it goes on... if you ever need anything i will help or read for you. You have given me time. I appreciate that. Oh is it possible for a person to effectivly do a reading about thier divine union heartmate? ex. i am open to messages of wisdom, i am open to guidance relating to my divine heartmate, please advise me of aspects and circumstances sourrounding him/her so i can be aware and understanding to thier needs".

  • Thank you turboxs,

    is it possible for a person to effectivly do a reading about thier divine union heartmate? no.

    please advise me of aspects and circumstances sourrounding him/her so i can be aware and understanding to thier needs: You are feeling poisoned. So first get rid of the poisons. Then you are able to provide what they need without depriving yourself. Keep to this humble course of aid, but do not attempt a heroic rescue, or unforeseen calamities will fall.

    An Irishman went for a job at a building site. The

    foreman told him, "You can start at 7.30 a.m. on Monday


    Paddy went back to his flat and told his mates, "You

    must get me up at 7.00 a.m. on Monday morning, because

    oi start me new job at 7.30 a.m. and oi mustn't be late

    on the first morning."

    Monday morning arrived and before his mates woke him

    up, they painted his hands and his face black.

    "Paddy, get up. It's 7.00 a.m." He woke up, had his

    breakfast and walked across the town to the building

    site. The foreman went over to him.

    "Yes, what can I do for you?"

    The Irishman said, "You gave me a job and told me to

    start this morning."

    "I'm sorry, sir, there must be some mistake. I've only

    got one man starting this morning, and he's Irish." The

    Irishman left the building site and walked home slowly;

    as he walked past a shop window, he turned and saw his

    face was black.

    "By Jaasus, dave woke de wrong bloody man up!"

    This is the situation. You are not yourself.

  • i do not have one yet. I always see soulmate tarot spreads. i figured i my try one. i have seen some examples done in a few books.

  • Never commit the same mistake again and again, invent new mistakes every day. Be creative. Risk in new ways. Be risky, live dangerously, live without security and safety. Be tremendously in love with life.

  • ok ..thnak you for your input. how are u

  • You are psychic enough to know how I am.

    There have been records of people whose first

    experience of themselves was just a belly laughter.

    Seeing the absurdity of what they were trying to do...

    they were trying to be themselves! That is the only

    impossible thing in the world, because you are already

    it -- how can you try to be it?

  • I am It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    i am so excited to go in the military!

  • There are two possibilities open to

    you: either you can move in search of manly strength or

    you can move in search of womanly strength. The manly

    strength is gross, aggressive, violent; the feminine

    strength is subtle, non-aggressive, non-violent.

    Politics remains in the first, religion moves into the


  • well guess what, A job i really wanted in medical sales consultation with doctors includes traveling and hosting conferences. They just called two days ago . I guess it takes three weeks for a the testing and backround checks to go through. ! i am so confused now, lol. i havnt sighned any papers for either yet.

  • Be responsible, that means: be alert, conscious. To be responsible means to be mindful. Act with as much awareness as you can find possible. Even small things— walking on the street, eating your food, taking your bath— should not be done mechanically. Do them with full awareness.

  • aha i just read about manifestation and read about mindfullness be aware of everything even say in your head i am walking i am watching i aM BRUSHING TEETH.... UR RIGHT ON

  • What to say about the seed of consciousness that

    exists in every being? It has infinite potentiality.

    God is simply another name for that infinite

    potentiality, nothing else. God is not somewhere out

    there, sitting waiting for you to discover it. God is

    hidden in you; it has to be grown, it has to be

    awakened, it has to be brought to manifestation. It is

    your future, it is your destiny.

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