Weird Dream last night

  • to Sylvannah,

    some ppl locked up for heinous things dont deserve it tho. i know someone who was locked up for killing someone-and he did, dont get me wrong, he does deserve something for that! thing is, the police and investigators didnt really look into anything of what happened. in the end the story that was accepted had many holes in it, and now everyone hate him, even tho they dont know exactly what happen. it was a mess, and it still is.

    but for the ones like susan smith, totally. she would deserve that. ppl who are undoubtedlythat messed up, sociopaths included, deserve to die. they wont get better and they have no use in the world. im all for life but they abuse it.

    and truth is, there are alot of ppl who want to adopt, but not enough to satisfy the numbers of kids who are up for adoption. in my old house, i used to see many end up in living in the system for their entire lives until they are kicked out at 18. if ppl dont want their kids, they should use protection!!!!! i live in an area where chicks get prego for these reasons: to keep a guy in their life, to get food stamps or other things like that, to get out of school, because their boyfriends want them to, or because they honestly think thats what life is about. the new generation is losing it.

    truth is alot of ppl dont know waht a real hard time is. and alot more cant admit to themselves the things that they do to themselves. theres a girl in my class who, if her hair isnt the way she wants it (even tho it looks fine) she takes it out on everyone and thinks that her life is horrible. another example, i have an ex who acted like a dick so his mom took her car away. he called me all upset saying that he hated his life, when he was alot more fortunate than most. ironically hes friends with a friend of mine who comes from a rich family, gets everything he wants, and has almost unlimited resources, but he acts like his life is so bad- its not. just keep in mind that all the things you went through make you stronger, and more able to handle ACTUAL problems in your life.

    anyway, theres my 3 cents.

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