Weird Dream last night

  • Well i cant remeber the whole dream lol but the weirdest part i remeber was a bat came flying at me i blocked it with my forearm and it bit me and wrapped around it like bracelet and woudnt let go and it hurt so bad that i screamed and my bro heard me in another room while i was sleeping first time ive ever done that so i was just wondering is this just some weird dream or is something gonna happen thnks

  • This is just a weird dream.

    Once you have known what surrender is, there is

    no way to go out, because surrender never takes

    anything from you -- it simply gives you something. It

    does not make you dependent -- it makes you

    independent. It does not take away your freedom, it

    does not force you to become somebody else. It simply

    helps you to be yourself. You must have a wrong notion,

    but that notion is prevalent.

  • wow thnks again man you always knoe just what to say lol thanks

  • One day King Arthur decided to go in search of the Holy

    Grail, but he hesitated to leave his knight, Sir

    Lancelot, with his wife, Queen Guinevere, so he went to

    ask the wise Merlin for advice. Merlin told him to give

    him a few days to think it over.

    A few days later King Arthur returned to see Merlin who

    proudly showed him his new invention -- a chastity

    belt. Puzzled, King Arthur looked at it and said, "But

    this is no good -- it has the hole in the wrong place!"

    Merlin said, "No, no! You just watch this." And he

    picked up a pencil and put it in the hole. The pencil

    snapped in half.

    King Arthur was absolutely delighted and departed with

    the belt. After putting it on his wife he set off in

    search of the Holy Grail, his mind at peace about

    Guinevere and Sir Lancelot.

    Many weeks later he returned -- and immediately lined

    up all his knights in the castle courtyard and told

    them to pull down their trousers. Lo and behold, all

    the knights were castrated except the one at the end of

    the line, Sir Lancelot.

    King Arthur, distraught at having mistrusted his

    gallant knight -- the only one to have upheld the honor

    of Queen Guinevere -- went up to him and said, "I give

    you my humble apologies. You are the knight that I

    mistrusted the most, but in fact you are the most

    loyal. I will grant you anything that you ask for. Say

    what it is that you desire."

    And Sir Lancelot went, "Mm mm mm...."

  • It scares me once again i went threw this with all my friends cuase they thought i was like them and would try and mess with their girlfriends and i didnt but they didnt offer me anything afterwards and i called myself lancelot because i was one of best out of all my friends but they did not trust me because this same story happend so i stop hanging out with them

  • Silence and sadness have one thing in common, that’s why the misunderstanding arises; that common thing is depth. The depth that happens in sadness, happens in silence, but sadness is a negative state and silence is a positive state; that is the difference, and that is a great difference.

  • i remaind silent cause i thought that they would inventually find out the truth wich they did but there egos are to big to applogize only to let go ive learned to be the bigger person but i just got tired of doin it that i shut myself down to the world ive been told my gift is to help people and i used to read the horoscope and predict my freinds lives and as sumthing was going wrong i would step in and intervein but i felt they wer ungrateful so i stoped and i havent done it ever since only for myself

  • I will tell you one very beautiful story, a sad


    The situation was not unusual. The boss of a large

    and successful firm employed a beautiful secretary. The

    boss, in his early forties, was a bachelor. He had a

    large car, a luxury flat, and was never short of

    feminine company. But he met his match in his beautiful

    secretary. She politely refused his invitations to

    lunch or dinner, and his offers of expensive presents

    and salary increases were refused with equal grace and

    charm. In the early weeks of her employment, he was of

    the opinion that she was just playing hard-to-get.

    During the months that followed, he changed his

    toothpaste, his soap, his after-shave, but all to no

    avail. Finally, he resigned himself to accept the fact

    that she was beautiful and highly competent, but that

    his chances of developing any kind of personal

    relationship with her were nil. It therefore came as

    something of a shock when he walked into his office one

    morning and found his secretary arranging flowers on

    his desk, and even more of a shock when she looked at

    him demurely and said, "A happy birthday, sir." He

    mumbled his thanks and went through the rest of the day

    in a complete daze. As the time approached five

    o'clock, the secretary came into the office and

    confessed that she had ascertained his birthday from

    the staff files. "I hope you don't mind," she added. He

    answered that he didn't mind it at all, and she looked

    relieved. "In that case, sir," she went on, "I wonder

    if you would care to come round to my flat this

    evening, at about nine o'clock. I have got a little

    surprise for you that I think you will find very

    pleasant." He mentally congratulated himself on the

    fact that the girl had finally had to admit that she

    was attracted to him, and tried to appear casual as the

    arrangements were finalized. Promptly at nine o'clock,

    a bottle of champagne in his hand, he presented himself

    at the flat. She was a vision of loveliness, and he

    hoped that she could not hear his heart pounding as she

    poured him a large scotch and urged him to make himself

    comfortable. "Loosen some of your clothes if you are

    too warm," she said. "I'm just going into the bedroom

    to get ready. Please come too when I call you." This

    was too good to be true. "I must be as desirable to her

    as she is to me," he thought smugly. "You can come in

    now," she called eventually, "but be careful you don't

    fall. All the lights are off in here." Our hero could

    take a hint. Quickly slipping out of his clothes, he

    entered the darkened room and closed the door behind

    him. As he did so the room became flooded with light

    and he saw that the whole of the office staff stood in

    the center of the room singing, "Happy birthday to


    People reveal only that which you are hiding within


  • Man your right but i tryed to look in subconcious not to hide anything i seen my worst fear realized and i pictured it in my mind first so when reality finaly hit i had nothing to fear my problmes now is that im on probation so im trying to do the right thing but its hard when im not sure whats right i also wanted to ask you about love theres this girl that i loved forever but i let her go but i dont think she feels the same but she calls me now to hang out but its weird cause i dont wanna feel anything again and let it blow up in my face that was my fear before and now i just dont love

  • Man, there is real love out there, so open your heart again, it is just worth the risk. In fact you are already in love, just dig it.

    George Stearman was a legendary businessman, a great

    success in America. He began as an IBM salesman of

    typewriters and within ten years his sales and

    executive leadership was so outstanding that he became

    sales director for all office products and small

    computers for a nine-state area from Texas to

    California. When Xerox expanded into computers he was

    lured away to their corporate headquarters outside New

    York and within ten years of record achievement he was

    national sales director for Xerox. With a position on

    the executive committee all he lacked before the

    presidency was a seat on the board of directors.

    He had a beautiful wife and three children in college

    and a house in Darien, Connecticut, that looked like

    Mount Vernon. Then, on Christmas Eve, when the other

    chief executives had all gone off to the Bahamas,

    Florida or Aspen for the holidays, George went into the

    office to get his year-end pay check with the expected

    large bonus. When he opened his pay check, instead of a

    big bonus he had a check for severence pay. He was


    George felt totally destroyed but made it home after a

    few martinis. When he opened the door, there was a note

    on the Christmas tree that said: "George, I've had it.

    I want a divorce. The children and I are gone!"

    Blindly he went back to the city, got himself

    thoroughly drunk, took the elevator to the top of the

    Empire State Building and was about to jump off when he

    felt a small tug on his pants leg. He looked back --

    there stood Santa Claus.

    George said, "Santa, get lost! Get away! I've lost

    everything! My job is on the rocks and my wife and

    children have left me!"

    Santa replied, "Wait, George, I'll give you two wishes

    if you give me one."

    "Okay," said George, "I want my wife and kids."

    "No problem," said Santa, "in two days they will be


    "Great!" exclaimed George. "What about my job?"

    "Well," said Santa, "there has been a power play. You

    just wait until New Year and you will be the director

    of Xerox."

    "Wow!" said George, "That's great! And what can I do

    for you?"

    "Well," said Santa, unzipping his fly, "my wish is for

    you to give me a bl ow job."

    "What!" screamed George. "I'm forty-five years old and

    I've never done a thing like that!"

    "Well," said Santa, "a deal is a deal!"

    After George had finished, Santa zipped up his fly.

    Looking up George saw tears streaming down Santa's

    face. "What's wrong?" he asked.

    Santa looked down at George and said, "It is rather

    touching to find a forty-year-old man still believing

    in Santa Claus!"

  • Good Morning Hans, do you see anything for me? How are you? Fine I hope. 11/20/65. 🙂

  • Roflmao that is the best one lol its sad but hilarious

  • BUMP

  • Before this dream, I tried to cleanse my house twice. Once w/ sage and the other with holy water. Both times, I got very light headed and had to sit down. I have vertigo so I feel light headed all the time but these 2 x, were more severe and different ... I want to tell what happened to me last night and see if anyone has ever had similar things happen or even know what it is? Last night I had a very disturbing dream (which scared me and left me a little disgusted) which in itself is weird because I have problems going to sleep and haven't had a dream in weeks. Much less one I remember so vividly. At 1st, it was silly. I was with Bart Simpson and there were these 2 (cartoon) Looked like trees w/ thorns and I remember, 1 had only 1 eye, then they changed.( I remember Bart saying that "no, we killed their father" ) They turned into 1 human (maybe late teens, early twenties in age) he was red. But he wasn't red it was like he was dumped into some food coloring but twice because he had smears of red as well. He was shirtless and had long, dred-locked hair. I made a coment that I was gonna take this w/ me (meaning I guess the dead father tree) and he looked at me, his eyes were red and yellow and the red was glowing and I said well, maybe not and left. That is the part that scared me. (here is the disgusting part) I was eating a bowl of soup w/ live little fish in it. They were swimming around and I remember the consistency of it. It was gross. I would never do that and that is when I woke up. It was 2:45a. I only fell asleep twice for 2 hour intervals each and stayed awake from 4:45a til 6:30a. Got up at 7:30a to get my daughter up. I didn't have any dreams the 2nd time I went to sleep. Can anyone help? Tell me what that was or what the **** happened?

  • Thank you poetic555,

    do you see anything for me? This dark pit you find yourself in is rife with traps and pitfalls.

    Don't scramble toward freedom, but concentrate on one small toehold at a time.

    11/20/65: There is mental creativity, on the other hand, there can be of worry and indecision and mental stress. You will have an opportunity to either get the benefits of heightened creativity of mind, or suffer the liability of more stress and indecision. Use this influence for writing, either personally or professionally. Express yourself to all you meet and you will reap positive rewards.

    But man has been behaving so stupidly. He somehow

    manages outside to look intelligent, but if you look

    inside in him.... If the God who created the world was

    a little more intelligent, he would have made a small

    window in every head so that others can look at what is

    going on inside. It would have been really a great

    entertainment. And you would not be able to hide


  • Siriuslupine,

    I start with bliss. The old religious approach was to start with contentment. And they used to say—and it has been said in many scriptures of the world—that the contented person is blissful. I say just the opposite is true: the blissful person is contented. And one who is not blissful, his contentment is bogus. So start by being blissful.

  • sylvannah

    what it is? it is your identification with your will power.

    Can anyone help? You dominate with your emotions.

    Tell me what that was or what the **** happened? You must find shelter, but you are mistrustful.

    Hence men have created many pseudo kinds of love.

    Unless love brings you to God, remember, it is pseudo,

    it is not true; you are deceiving yourself. Love, to be

    true, has to prove itself by only one criterion: it

    should bring you to God.

  • I am blissful i dont think i have really gotten angry about anything in a year now i get frustrated for like an hour but then i let it go i just dont like negativity so i dont carry any but hans this girl was my first love is starting to show up alot and im startin to love her again and i dont want to cause i dont wanna be hurt again i really cant do it cause if i do i think i will be turned off to love forever its been awhile since ive seen her and this feelin still hasnt gone away shes a leo and im a cancer but i just wanted knoe if you got the answer

  • You are right. I am very mistrustful. I still don't know what the true meaning of that dream was but it got me closer to God. I really don't need love from any other human being. The only one I want to be closer to is the Lord. And the only one I do trust, is the Lord. No matter how far I go down the wrong path, (and I got pretty far this last time) he will always be there to tap me on the shoulder and say"hey, what are you doing?" My lesson right now is how to love myself that way I can truly love what's around me. I have always loved but I think it was empty because I didn't love myself. I gotta love me before I can really love anything else. It is a very hard thing to trust anything but I have absolute trust and faith in God and he is the only one I really have to give my trust to. God really has never let me down. I have let myself down. I just have to pick myself up and wipe myself off. God will be right beside me.Sometimes I wish my mother was here to help me w/ some of this but I think she is w/ me when I think of her. Like right now, I feel her presense and that makes me feel better.

  • Siriuslupine

    i just wanted knoe if you got the answer: due to social and political misuse of power and because of the suppression of the natural free powers of nature and of men this strong positive power of love turns into its contrary. If you go on listening to your mind you will deny yourself that love you are already falling in.

    Moe and Sophie had been married for twelve years. One

    night in bed Moe said, "Lift up your nightgown."

    Sophie did not answer.

    Moe tried once again. "Hey, be a good girl. Lift up

    your nightgown."

    Sophie still did not reply.

    Moe stormed out of the room, slamming the door.

    Sophie got up and locked it. For half an hour Moe

    walked the living room. Then he strode back to the

    bedroom, pushed on the door, and found it was locked.

    "Open the door," he pleaded. "I am sorry I got sore.

    Open the door!"

    Sophie did not answer.

    "If you don't open the door I will break it down!"

    "Look at my athlete!" shouted Sophie. "A nightgown he

    can't lift up, but a door he will break down!"

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