Request For The Captain please....

  • Hi Captain,

    I was referred to you by twinsoul concerning my question about my home, on her thread I ask....

    " I would love to know if you pick up any information about my home".....

    she told me turn to you for any insight... I would love to know if I will be moving from this home? and if yes,when would this likely to be?...

    Thank You.

    much love, and blessings to you.



  • I see packing boxes being loaded onto a truck so i would say 'yes' to the move and it feels very close to me - like just a few weeks away.

  • OMG..........How WONDERFUL!!!....

    I speak the honest truth here Captain, I have been doing things to try and manifest this move, i.e positive thinking etc....but these past couple of weeks I all of a sudden had a flash thought of seeing myself smiling, feeling extremely happy....and LOADING PACKING BOXES ON TO A TRUCK!!!....I really enjoyed this little vision I had, so like I said I carried on having that image as often I as thought of it....I am SO pleased you have picked up on it, you truly are very gifted,

    THANK YOU CAPTAIN for the time you give to us,

    much love, joy and blessings!!



  • Bon voyage! šŸ™‚

  • Awwwww thank you Captain!! you know, even though I'm Waaaaaay older than you I feel the comfort that you are my, seriously, you have the energy of a Mummy that is so strong, loving and very direct, as in showing the way but with the air of authority that is needed to guide her child !!!.... and this is why I feel a lot of comfort when I come across any of your posts, you truly have a wonderful gift....the best any "Mummy" could have!!....

    much love, joy and happiness to you Captain.



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