Follow-up for TheCaptain

  • Hi again, I asked you several weeks ago about a relationship between me 02-03-60 and he 09-28-40. He has dissolved friendship with a longtime friend. He has some health issues that I have been praying about. He is looking into his future concerning this. I have told him to seek the advice of several different people including a social worker, home health agency and attorney as I don't have any experience on what happens financially if a person's health goes down. I am fine with our relationship as is. I don't see this man getting too serious about our relationship, although I feel at times he is. I try to share my spiritual experiences concerning God. We have had a lot of synchronicity (God) lately. I know God is trying to show His presence to him at this time. When I first met him God (long story) kept showing me owls. I looked on the internet the symbolic meaning of owls in the Catholic religion. It said that it symbolizes Christ. Anyway, this isn't just a business-social union. As a psychic-empath do you see or sense anything.

  • Dalia, I feel this man needs to have time to sort out his life and what he wants before any other demands, like conducting a relationship, are put on him. Continue to give him your support but don't pressure him in any way to deepen your friendship. He has a lot of healing to do.

  • Thanks for your answer. What type of healing do you see. I am not trying to rush anything but, yes, his actions seem contrary at times. Like right now, I feel like giving up and don't know if he feels some of the pain his actions have caused. Without a lot of explaination, it can be very petty.

  • You have to learn you don't need to know all 'the facts' about a situation in order to know what to do. Rely on instinct.

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