Captain? a reading please? or anyone else with advice?

  • my birthdate is 12/11/1987

    her birthdate is 11/26/1990

    we are both Sags and and we have alot of fun together, we started off as just friends first but now we are being more, holding, touching, kissing but nothing more yet, her family likes me alot and everyone trusts me and i know that im a good guy for her, but my family is worried that she is bad for me, she has a bad reputation from rumors people start, and me and her know ALOT of the same people and everyone is talking about us now, everyone is telling me that it wont work out and to find someone else, but im very picky with who i wanna be with and im sure i know what im doing, everyone thinks she is crazy etc... just because she is a sag and she is not afraid to speak her mind lol im the quiet one but when we together omg everyone has a good time, me and her just feels right, but we are gonna have to deal with alot of BS with us being together, i have my doubts that it will work out with us, but im not sure, she likes me a ALOT, cause im different than all the a-s-s-hole guys that she has been with before, what can you see captain? or anyone got any other advice? thanks ahead of time 🙂

  • Do you need this to last long term - because it won't. But in the short term, you and you friend will grow and learn valuable lessons from each other that will help you later in life. There's a lot you are blind to about this girl but in a way you need to be so that you will stay with her for a while and learn your lessons. You are good for her and, in the way of opening you up to different types of people and experiences, she is good for you. Enjoy it for what it is and don't obsess over what may happen in the future.

  • do i need this to last long term? well, hmmm would i want it too yes but there is alot of things that could go wrong with my family and hers, alot of the people we know run there mouths about everyones elses stuff.ive been friends with her for quite a while now and i know she has issues and im well aware of them, but when she is with me she is a different, so what does that mean? you think theres no chance at all that its gonna work out?

  • I think it will work in terms of growing and learning about relationships but no I don't believe it will last long term as in years. Hey - but quality counts more than quantity.

  • Captain, its been 4 months since my last post on this thread and me and sag girl are still together, i just reread everything that was posted up above, and i was wondering, if all that up above still stands...... i mean we both are in love with eachother now and have soooo much in common and we both feel incomplete without eachother, and i honestly couldnt picture myself being with anyone else that i could be my complete self around,

    both of our birth dates are up above, could you do some sort of reading is something, if you said what you said before then maybe it wont change what you said, but im kinda hoping it does, but then again i know that i cant live my life from what other people say and i just have to live my life for myself, whatever you say i will take into consideration but love has a way of not listening to what other people say and going with your heart lol

  • Why do you need this to last forever? Can't you just enjoy it without needing to put a time limit on it?

  • Chevelleman, your life is all about finding your passion and throwing yourself into many different experiences - ask yourself if you are clinging to one person simply for security's sake? It can end up being unhealthy, even destructive for someone with your astrological profile to experience passion in one great, all-encompassing love affair. It's not the ideal way for you to proceed - you should be trying to explore your passion through your relationship to the world rather than just one person. You have a lot to contribute to society but you can neglect that aspect when you submerge yoursefl completely in a relationship. However, it is through love that you (who can be somewhat frosty) can thaw out enough to be set on the road to self-expression.

    Have you discussed your relationship in depth with your girlfriend - you may find she doesn't have the same ideals about commitment as you. She is highly strung and full of electric energy - she values her independence and may pull back if things get too predictable or routine.

  • i never said that i NEED it to last forever, and actually you were the one that put the time limit on it

    ""Do you need this to last long term - because it won't.""

    ""but no I don't believe it will last long term as in years.""

    im not here to argue or anything and im not mad, im just here for your insight on things, but i also say that everyone cant take anyones opinion on their relationship too miuch to heart and think that person is right in what they say no matter what, esspecially since i dont know you personally and you dont know me that way either, all you cant do is listen to what they think and take it into consideration but that doesnt mean you have to believe that everything that they say is true or that its gonna happen no matter what you do.

    me and my Girlfriend talk alot about us and where we see us going with eachother, (we both are sags and were are best friends so we talk honestly about everything) we both have said that we can see us someday getting married, having kids, and the whole thing, but we both also have said that we are too young for any of that stuff yet, but we both want that for ourselves, we arent in any rush for things to happen, so right now we do just enjoy our time together and dont talk about that stuff very much.

    and yes with me and her being together, we both have grown and changed because we are together, she says that i have been making her into a better person and she has done the same thing for me, and she is bringing me out of my shell and i am becoming more talkative, more outgoing, showing me that i can be myself and people are still gonna like me and love me regardless because being me is enough, i dont need to be perfect (which i try too hard to be sometimes) my family is old fashioned and doesnt like things or people that are different, so i think thats why i havent expressed myself over the years because i know that i am different from my family and i kinda fear that they will disown me for being not like them, and my GF is showing me that i dont need to be somebody that im not for them cause if they really love shouldnt matter if i get alot of tattoos(which my family doesnt have any of) or whatever and live a different life style than they do. me and her are growing alot together and so far its just great.

    and i dont think im clinging on to her for security, i know that im a good guy and any girl would be lucky to have me, ive just always been VERY picky on who i wanted to be with, i wont just be with anyone.

    yes i know she values her independence and so do i, we arent the typical couple by any means, we cant talk and have fun like friends, and then we also have a passion for eachother as lovers, so the way i look at it.... we kinda have the best of both worlds.

    and as for her "pulling back if things get predictable or routine" im that same way really, but yes i can be boring at times and not wanna do anything but so can she. i actually think we kinda balance eachother out in a way.

    anyways captains thanks for your time and tell me what you think, take care 🙂

  • oops there was a few errors in my spelling that i just noticed, like this one "we CANT talk and have fun like friends" when i really meant that we can, lol there was more mess ups but that was a big one i thought lol

  • Actually I asked if you needed this to last longterm and you said 'yes'. In fact, everything that I read between the lines here tells me you really want this to work longterm. The more people around you are negative about your relationship, the more it seems to impel you to prove them wrong.

  • In fact, it wasn't that long ago, was it, that you were just as obsessed with a Libran woman? My point is you seem to be throwing yourself into relationships rather than your own life and personal goals.

  • OK first off, i can tell just by reading your post that you have a little bit of an attitude or maybe im wrong i dunno lol

    anyways, you think that i want to prove them wrong? hmm i can see why you would think that, but i also must say that, if you love someone that is everything that you wanted? wouldnt you want it to work out? (and that goes for me and my GF both)

    lets take a look at my older brother and his wife of 15 years with 3 kids now, i remember me being little and seeing my brother and my parents fighting and argueing over his gf and how they didnt like her, my parents said rude and mean things about her and she did nothing to deserve any of it, and so it pis-sed off my brother and he kinda disowned my parents for a while, and didnt come around too often, my brother was and IS happy with his now wife and 3 kids, he does things with his kids, takes them places, was a soccer coach for his son for a while, supports his kids in every way, and i know that they both are happy, but they had to fight to be happy cause other people didnt want them to be happy, my parents arent happy, my dad never has done much with his kids because all he cares about is cars, everything is about cars to him and family comes second, my parents have never approved of anyone that my sisters or brothers have dated or married, and my parents STILL dont like how my brother and his wife are "perfect" and happy together, my brother isnt perfect by any means, they still argue sometimes etc... struggle with bills like anyone else, but negative people around them just want to try to make them unhappy, because they arent happy.

    now isnt that unfair? that your own parents dont want to see their own children happy? and it goes for all my brothers and sisters as well, they find one thing that they dont like about whoever you are with and then they dont like them, whether if its a bad pasts where they made alot of mistakes or just having a different life style all together, SO what am i supposed to do?? just listen to what everyone else says and not be with someone because they dont like them for no VALID reason??

    and with me being the youngest of my family, my mom isnt gonna like anyone that im with, im sure they would rather have me live with them forever and never grow up and im sorry but im not gonna do that.


    the libra girl thing was simply being a guy that has never been with anyone EVER in my life (never had a gf and virgin also), so it was me being a guy that never thought i would find anyone that would understand me, never find someone i could tell my darkest secrets too and they still would like me(and trust me ive got some bad ones), and libra girl was the first person that i could talk too about that stuff, and at the time i thought that i would never find that again, so of course i was a little obsessive. and what i got out of that whole experience is i found someone that was there the whole time for me and didnt realize it.

  • BUMP

  • Dear chevelleman71~

    Hi- I'm not sure but, may interceed for just a moment?

    Some things that are being exchanged have struck me...particularly:

    ..."but im kinda hoping it does, but then again i know that i cant live my life from what other people say and i just have to live my life for myself, whatever you say i will take into consideration but love has a way of not listening to what other people say and going with your heart lol"...

    Only you know what's in your heart...always follow it & please don't allow the other judgemental people in your circle influence you...If you & this gal are in love run with it! Everybody wants LOVE but not everyone gets to experience it. Your are the best judge of your own heart.

    I wish you luck & G.d Bless you. Both of you.

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