Unlucky number distress

  • Now, my case is more of an OCD but I'd like get help from numerologists. I don't know if this is covered by numerology but, I had a confirmation code 1741. Now, I got 4 which is bad luck to the east and its total is 13, which is another usual bad luck. And I seem to remember that 4 and 7 are bad combination in numerology. What more I worried about it is that I confirmed it in year of the tiger which is also my sign. I also learned that 1 means absolute, so the code shows absolution of 7 and 4, too bad. I think I sound ridiculous but, I'd really appreciate help.

    Are forums here active?

  • Hello. The meaning of numbers, like the cards, and all other helpful tools have both positive and negative aspects. Your number 1741 which does equal 13, is reduced to the 4 as you were thinking. Four, is actually a very strong, positive number. It typifies being "down to earth and practical. Fours build the foundations for society. It is the number of hard workers who would rather toil and struggle than look for the get rich quick path. Four means having strong opinions on what is right and wrong. As you can see, it is a strong, positive number, signifying a pillar of society. I think this is a good thing.

    Wishing you peace


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