Query on Reading Cards

  • I have been learning and practicing the Tarot for around 2 months now....

    I have noticed that the cards do not reveal a lot in every reading ( sometimes I can read fluently - its as if they are whispering in my ears but at times I just keep staring blankly at them ).

    I wanted to know if there is something wrong that I am doing or does it happen that the cards do not speak sometimes and if so on what does this 'not speaking' depend upon?? Would it be my state of mind?

    Love n Peace to all

  • Hi there Bindiya!

    The way I see it, if there's a reading that I'm not getting a response from, it might indeed have something to do about the state of mind you're in. Also, there are times that they purposely don't answer you. Rather, it's not that they don't answer we're just not getting the message completely.

    For me, I can interpret cards rather well, but there are times that I haven't opened my mind to a certain situation. It takes time for many us to finally get something through our head. It can also mean we're just not ready to take the advice/information in yet.

    There are so many reasons we might not understand a reading. But never fret, I've always learned that in time it comes to you.

    If there's a spread that has got you perplexed, I've also always found it very useful to jot down the cards you get. I always keep notebooks with me so I can always refer back to certain readings also. :3

    Yipes! Sorry for the babbling. I hope that helped some though.

    Take care! ❤



  • I have been reading for about 16 years. Some people, I get a lot of info, others not so much. I cannot read at all for myself - it's as if I have no idea what the cards even mean if I try that, and the longer I've read, the worse that has gotten.

    Try to relax, close your eyes if you need to and move along to the next card. Sometimes, they mean more in context with something else than their own interpretation means.

    For example, a 9 of pentacles might just be there to reinforce a pentacle theme.

    If the problem seems to keep on, maybe try a different type of deck, or charge the deck. I don't let mine lay idle long. Might sound funny, but it helps to at least take it out, shuffle, and study the cards often. Seems to keep me connected and help me learn new and deeper meanings and associations.

    Keeping a notebook is a great idea.

    Probably everyone has this issue and a different way of dealing with it. You'll come up with some tricks too - it's like writer's block. 😉

    Good luck!


  • Thanks Lucy and Rudy.... that was of immense help! I am going to jot down my readings from now on... Also one of the tarot sites I visited mentioned that saying the reading out aloud helps a lot.

    At least now I will not be surprised or confused and as suggested by Rudy try out some tricks to deal with such card situations.

    Thanks once again guys!

    Luv n Luc 🙂

  • Hi

    One extra: Sometimes it takes one additional information about the subject in order to understand the underlying meaning of the spread. Other times it helps to let your reading lay idle on the table for one day or two, you know, just in order to give yourself some time and space to get atuned with the energy from it. It will all come to you by it self in a couple of days, and you will feel you've come to the right disposition. When it feels right inside, you can start to deciffer the one or three cards which didn't make any sence in the beginning. Things normally appear clearer when you've had your time off for a little bit.

  • Keep a journal and give it time.

  • Hi, I am not new to tarot.com but new to this forum., Got my free birthday reading today. Was pretty good, I have been doing readings for my mom, friends , and now finacee off and on. One question I have is this, if someone's question is a yes or no question, is there a real way to answer them using a tarot deck. I do have a few decks. I have noticed seems some cards give a vague answer, like it could go either way.

    Also I like i believe with all, we all have gifts. Can constant pain play a big roll in blocking things to coming to you. I have had many strange things happen to me where i live now for 12 yrs and other places. My mom has abilities and i believe so did her mom, though i feel my grandmother probably hid hers due to her faith.

    Are there ways to practice doing your readings by yourself to build up more convidence?

    I also use pendalums, I have lots of stones in my place, too many to count,lol. just like my mom. My mom has stronger abilities i will say for a better word, my finacee like myself sees things, feels things, and we both feel empathic about people too.

    Sometimes i feel we pick up too much from each other.

    Going to stores is very hard on me, noise, too many voices, lights gives me migraines easy.

    We (my finacee and i have heard people talking softly a man and woman, where there arent any people, we have seen people . I have seen things in my place, I have been attacked.

    Any Advice?


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