Message for Luv2laf

  • Elizabeth,

    Hope you are doing well and feeling much better now 🙂 I am sure you are the kind of person who won't dwell on unimportant issues for that long. You feel the pinch but you will get over them soon enough. You are too good of a person to be dwelling on silly remarks made my immature people.

    Wishing you well. Have a great Sunday 🙂

  • Dear Emregence, Thankyou for asking, I am having a super duper day, ha! What I have learned on this forum is that there are people who care, like you! I have been growing slowly, and in the process am learning what is important. The support that you and others have given me was all that I needed to continue on my way, and in the future I will temper myself, and hopefully that will ensure all of us a comfortable place to share. Sometimes it is a hard life without your sisters around, thankyou for being there, and maybe one day I can be there for you! I think that you recognize the goodness in me because it is a part of who you are as well. xoxoxox I am very happy to have found all of you, it had made all the difference, and is truly what I have needed to grow! I am a spring baby, so this analogy fits well. I Thankyou Emergence and Lola!

  • That is great to hear! I know you bounced back fast enough. It is very unlikely for you to be dwelling on this for a long time. You have more positivity and confidence in you.

    The feeling is mutual, I am glad to have found you and many others in here. It certainly helps to have someone to share our sorrows and joy with. The readings I received really helps me understand my life situation better. I am still wishing to know more on what the future will be for me and my ex as this issue has been on my mind for the biggest amount of time. I hope time will tell.

    This forum really is my sanctuary. Life is not great at this moment on my side but by hanging around in here, makes me forget all the things that are clouding my mind. And making friends here too, thats a bonus!

    I love spring, with all the flowers starting to bloom, great temperature. Winter can be nice but it depresses me lol! Summer is great, can be too hot for me sometimes (I am a Fire sign). Fall is just lovely, with all the changing colors of the leaves and trees.


  • I am here for you if you are feeling lonely or just want a bad joke. I have so much to say, but have to go babysit my neighbors little muffin now. xoxoxo.Lola. And thankyou for being there, it is in my heart like a tatoo!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Emergence my readings may be a little long and many factors may come into play ,but if you would like, anytime, I would love to practice my tarot for you, love, Elizabeth.

  • xoxox.

  • Oh yes, please do! I am always happy to receive readings from someone! The longer the better 🙂

    What do you need to know from me? Let me know here or via email, any way you prefer.

    Thanks for the offer, Elizabeth. Have a great time now with the little muffin!

  • I am sorry that I have not replied, or given a reading. I wish you well, and if desired, I am here now for you, for a reading. I would love to hear from you again.

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