Business advice please

  • HI Please could someone or a few people? give me some advice .

    I am thinking of moving my office, to save money, I have been discussing with a friend and we would like to share some business space. I have found a very suitable space for us to use !

    Problem is it is a big move for me and i do not know if it will be good for me or my business can anyone see ??

    as for the friend I do not know her very well but we have spent the last year helping each other in many ways and our businesses certainly compliment each other so the clients will benefit from having us in the same space. She is 7 Dec 74 and i am 11 Jan 62 would love to know what anyone can see and advice gratefully accepted !

    many thanks

  • Spalma, you should go into business but not with this person. You are better friends than business partners and I feel if you work together, you will fail. She is a nice person but not good at business, not very responsible - she would get bored very quickly and leave.

  • Thanks captain ! our businesses would be completely separate we would just share the office space ! I do know what you mean though and possibly what you can see she is very up and down, mostly due to her personal life ! However moving makes good economic sense for me and my business but means I would have to move to a new part of town ! so My office would not be so prominent but much cheaper and a lot of a more useful space re deliveries and many other pluses ! the only loss i see in in passing people noticing the business but i feel i would gain as Sara has a recruitment agency and so all my potential clients would be passing through our office for interviews with her so maybe instead of losing i might gain ? would love to know anything you can see about my business situation and if it would be good for me to move ?

    Many thanks your insight as always id helpful ! x

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