Twin Flame Reunion

  • I was going thru a major stressful time, a legal matter with my career and a breakup with someone I dated only for 3 mths who had some big issues to deal with including a nasty ego. Feeling like "what else do I have to go thru" for things to be good for me. I lit some candles in my bedroom one night and started to talk to the arch angels and asked if they would bring someone wonderful in my life. The next day I recieved an internet message from I guy I dated 13 years ago. I was absolutely amazed. I loved this guy, I was in absolute admiration for him. I used to watch him shizel stone into a sculpture and watch him paint this huge canvas, and listened to him play the guitar. I fell pregnant to him which unfortunately we very just too young. I never forgot him. But I can say I never thought in my wildest dreams i would ever see or here from him again. He is a very deep person, like myself both librans 2 years apart. Both hippies. Both look kind of simular which is just weird. Both stand up for our rights.

    The reunion- We met and it was just like yesterday that i was with him. You look exactly the same he said and so did he. He also said, "did you know the angels have brought us together?" well that just blew me away. He had no idea about my pray...

    To make the story short, he is totally terrified about the connection. I dont think he was excepting it to be so electrical - magnetic like. He feels like my brother, He felt like my brother 13 years ago, weird. He is a complicated person and I just felt that no one would understand him like I do. He had even finished my sentences a couple of times... He is 41 and I 39. He is and always has been a free spirit and so have i. He has been hurt badly and so have I. (but I have learnt to let things go and some people take a long time to be able to do this, I know others that never have let things go and their life has never been good carrying that around like a dark shadow) We have both had not so good upbringing. In the time we have reunited i have felt a slight holding back from him. He is confused and is fighting the connection. At first I thought why has he contacted me after all this time? Why has he acknowledged the angels brought us together? But I know I have a stronger understanding of the spiritual connection and i have been on my spiritual path alot longer than he has. I have been solitary for 10 years, he has been in and out of casual relationships 100 times. I have had to step back as he needs to reach for his higherself. Once he has soul searched a little more and realise that dating others again and again, convienced happiness is 'out there somewhere', he will finally realise that no one is going to be "the One" that he has always been searching for.

    I knew there was a reason why I didnt marry or have a child to someone else. As no-one ever felt like my perfect match. I have faith and I know when he finally realises Im the only women that hasnt chased him, he will know. Thats when we will become one. Duality to one.

    I also know he has some guilt, as he had been holding back alittle and i didnt understand, i felt like he wanted to tell me something, i wished he didnt have so much fear. He unfortunately gave me an infection and I know that he knows, I know now. I have felt very let down by this and I was thinking about him 'knowing' when my entire body started to tremor. The guilt is really getting to him, I feel it. This is karmic lesson that he has to go thru. And it is also one for me too

    I have a strong aura (trust me it hasnt always been) my journey has been very hard. At the same time as this all happening in the last 12 months I have also found out my father is not my father and that I have 5 siblings that I never knew I had. (from my mother and my bio father) This is another story but I feel my 'real biological family name' is the same as my TF's family name. Bcos my sister was school friends with his friend years ago and she once introduced him to our mother and suddenly my half sister was no longer incontact with him. I think that maybe when she found out his family name - she freaked out because she had an affair when she was married and when I was born and had kept a lie for the past 39 years, until I found some photographs of a man that looks identical to me....and he looks simular to my TF, really weird.. The man who is on my birth cert said he doesnt know if he is my father (& he looks nothing like me and my mother left as soon as she was pregnant) & lots of lies in between) and he is now dying.

    Although my TF doesnt know any of this cos he has guilt about the other issue and thinks thats why I need to talk to him about something important and to visit me, I havent heard from him since 4 months ago.... He said earlier that "I know you want that baby and the marriage and something about 2012) He is an indigo, i was but my life cycle has come full circle hence the truth from the spiritual realm about my real identiy Im a crystal person now(cant wait to find my biological father and siblings) and our children will be rainbow children with no karma, because we both have nearly learnt our karmic lessons, so our kids dont have to reinvent the wheel so to speak. I was told I have twins around me (how wonderful and we were lovers 2 lives before) Although I have been in emotional pain for the past 6 months and desparately want to talk and reconnect to my TF, I just need to have faith that when his karmic lessons are done and the ego has reduced his fear, he'll be back, its not going to be easy I was told, but he's my brother, my other half, family always will re-unite once again, whethers its here or on the otherside, Im just so fortunate I get to have him this side and excitment of finding my lost family too.

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