Feeling under attack

  • I find myself in a position where I am feeling very much under attack and that my family and their security could be at risk by the actions of another. Or perhaps I should say the threats. Without giving out more details myself I wondered if anyone can get a take on this and advise me what lies ahead and how to approach it all to protect my family and myself. I spent most of the night praying for God to surround us all with the white light of his protection. I prayed to St. Michael to lift up his sword and be prepared to do battle on our behalf and for the well being of the girls. I prayed to my angels, my guides and my ancestors who have passed before me to surround us all with their strength and help my daughter to see clearly and know who is really looking out for her through all of this. Your insights would be welcomed, hurry please.

  • Dear RCdreamer,

    You've already done everything I would initially have told you to do -- immediately invoke Saint Michael to your side as he is your chief protection angel. I would also ask him to stay there permanently and not leave your family's side. I would also ask him to post angels permanently by every window and every door of your house, facing all directions, to give you that reassurance as well.

    From your description, this doesn't sound like it's a good situation at all. Have you contacted the police?

    Angel blessings to you and all of your family,



  • Angelreader, thanks, I thought I was following instructions I'd seen you give in the past I was worried I might be overlooking something important. As soon as I finished reading your post I prayed again to St. Michael and asked for the angels as guardians as you suggested. I pray that you & others who read this will also pray for our protection from the evil I fear is lurking in our very midst trying to separate us in a divide & conquer mentality. I fear that my daughters ex will impart his own pressures upon her and in turn it will cause the demise of us as a family. I have faced this issue before but I feel a strong intensity, stronger this time more determined to win and cast me aside. He has harmed her in many ways before and I worry that now not only she but my granddaughter as well could fall victim to his many abuses.

    At present nothing has occurred to warrant the police I just feel it coming, it's so intense. In the past I was told by my daughter not to involve the police. He threatens to take the child. Everyone knows that isn't what he wants he just wants Control and she fears him and that he will follow through on threats. I know it is a domestic issue that is probably at this point nothing but inside I can feel it building. Last night it came over me like I need to shield myself as a cowering child in a corner. I am a strong person, not much makes me feel afraid but I have said many times to others don't mess with my family. I fear I may not act carefully and productively if circumstances escalate rapidly pushing my own buttons as well. So I feel desperate to ask for all the help I can get to ward off the evil that I feel is eminent and I do very much feel that this person deep down is an evil soul out for destruction and to conquer women weaker than he. Your prayers would be appreciated.

  • My prayers are with you RC. Many blessings....to you and yours. May god and his angels protect you from the onslaught of negativity you feel.

  • Thanks for the support. Hoping for the best outcome.

  • I don't know how much this will help but I keep a chunk of black obsidian outside my front door. It is supposed to repel negative from entering the house. I was lucky enough to find a ton of it one year at an indian reservation. Silverbanded. They were teaching the kids how to make arrow heads and had a lot of leftover materials.

  • AuntBuck that is a great idea, I actually have some black obsidian in my collection of stones but we live in an apt bldg so the entry to our home is in a common area, placement of a stone would be obvious. Any suggestions? Maybe I could find a flat piece and fish it under the rug or threshold somehow.

  • RCdreamer,

    I spoke to Michael on your behalf...to see what he has to say about your daughter's situation and your concerns. He says to tell you that as far as you and your household go, all of you are safe and he has angels posted and you can rest assured that your home is protected. So are your cars and he is with all of you.

    He says "Your daughter's ex as you already know is not a good person. He is choosing to follow a life of fear and intimidation, rather than a life of loving kindness towards others. Heaven is not excusing his behavior in the least. What Michael and all of your angels are advising you to do, though, is let the Divine handle this situation. I love the expression, leap...and you'll find the net. That is what he's saying right now. Your daughter has to decide what she is going to do. She is full of fear...and if she would find God to fill her heart with, she would never be afraid again. You cannot control this though. All you can do is give her loving guidance and support and let her know that you are there with unconditional love for her. Talk to her about her angels...and see if you can get through to her. Remember, her Higher Self is just as bothered about this situation as you are. She is ignoring every communication given to her from her angels because she's afraid. Her Higher Self is with her, always, communicating to her with Divine Guidance. The best thing you can do for her is try to get through in any way you can with a message of love...forgiveness...and more love.

    Fear does very strange things to people. It changes them. And the only way to counteract it is with love. How can you best show her love at this point? She needs a TON of it to feel she is worthwhile. She doesn't love herself at all. At all. She needs a major injection of self assurance, and to start to see herself as God and her angels see her. When she looks in the mirror, she sees someone who is afraid of life...and picks the "easiest" choices...though we all know they are the worst choices. NO ONE should have control over another. EVERYONE is in charge of his or her own life. She is a shell of who she truly is. We will help you every step of the way...yet see if you can get through to her. Use my name (Michael). All you can do is try. And I advise you try. And try. And try. Don't give up.

    And we won't either."

    Many prayers heading your way.

    Angel blessings,


  • RC what ever you do you fight the fear with love and compassion and the most important thing is truth and understanding fear feeds off of fear the more you give to it the stronger it gets remenber Michal is in front of you protecting you talk to your daughter but do not beg her. Talk about before when she was younger and the good times you had when you all would laugh and cut up keep it there until you start bringing her out of the darkness then you have a chance to reach her but you have to be calm i say this cause i have been there several times i have 4 daughters and now grand daughters and me being a paw paw i have wanted to kill some of them and i could of but i lived in the darkness to fear is what keeps you going ask any one who is in darkness ask them if they are afraid and every one will say they are not scared of nothing but in reality they are scared little children and to fight the fear you have to become it . But there is a weapon that will knock that door down it is Love. you all are in my prayers Delbert

  • Delbert and Angelreader thank you for your posts. I sure appreciate that Michael is standing guard and heard my pleas for help. You are right I can't let the fear grow. If only I could make my kid see that I love her more life itself but for some stupid reason she doubts that and that teenage attitude of "hate" floods a room when she gets on her high horse. I prayed that someone would remind her who is really there for her when things are at their worst, it's not him. I hope she realizes that before she gets hurt again. I am standing my ground but only have so much power. My cousin described it as as me being a she bear protecting her cubs and she is right. I only wish it were that simple. In the meantime I'm going to keep praying to all those I touched before especially my dad in hopes he somehow can get through to her.

    It's oddly kind of cool that he did and that she mentioned it. I only wish she said more so I knew what he said to her. She didn't like it I can say that which means it struck a chord.

    Your prayers are appreciated very much, thank you.

    Beth I'm not so sure I can talk to her about her angels. She is so closed minded. I will see if I can find an approach that makes that conversation possible. I am kind of glad to hear she is afraid because at least that tells me subconsciously at least she is concerned. Will keep you posted. If other messages or thoughts pop up let me know, thanks.

  • Another blow up today has my head reeling. I don't want to lose my girls and I feel I am being pushed to the brink of that by this situation. I keep praying. I keep asking God, the angels and St. Michael to protect us, all of us, to hold us strong as a family, to remind her of the issues that drove her from him in the first place. I wanted so badly today to throw all of that at her as a reminder but I KNEW it was not the time to do that. She needs to be reminded. She needs to sense that fear to be rational about what she is doing. She is acting on some misguided passion right now driven and controlled by thoughts he is very much putting into her head. I don't know how to fight that. I keep reminding myself I am not a weak person but I'm drained by the anxiety of these issues. Your continued prayers would be very much appreciated.

  • Oh Rc my prayers are with you i know them feelings well i had 2 daughters i was raising by my self i was a drunk threw their life up till then i had sobered up and was doing good then i got cousity of them their mother left them run off with a truck driver so it was all new to me i wasn't around much when i was drinking so i didn't know much about being a father then i sobered up and was in a roll i never been in before they were 9&10 today i am still sober they are 37&38 now and i have 3 grand daughters 16,15,13 and 2 grand sons 3&5 by them we had h-ell but we made it my youngest daughter had her youngest daughter and was breast feeding her and her boyfriend stole the baby even run them off the road knocked out the back window were the baby was we went threw he-ll with him and today he comes out about once a week to take the girls to the show or walmart i still do not like him but i tolerate him for the girls i guess what i am trying to say is hang in there and just try to keep telling her you love her and you want whats best for her and sometimes we just have to let them make their own mistakes and hopefully they learn from them and live threw them and that is harder than h-ell. I ask one daughter what would she do if she run away at 14 years old i know it would drive me nuts cause she did run away but i wasn't about 3 or 4 days i tole her maybe your being to strict to demanding its a give and take when your a single parent how would you feel if she run away know all of the crap that is going own out there every night wondering what was happing to her where she is who is helping her or hurting her and then here i am a single father trying to raise these two girls and i am also worried about babies what would i do then thats when i got them own the pill i know how i was when i was young all you can do RC is to do the best you can ask for guidance and direction to do what God would have you do and turn them over to him and believe me its hard to leave them in his hands but hang in there and we will pray for Delbertc

  • Delbert thank you so much for your kind words and sharing your story. it is an awful feeling to see trouble coming and see someone so blind to it. You think didn't I teach you better than this? Oh my goodness I know I did. And then to have them last out at you it's just heartbreaking. I know I'm being overly emotional under these circumstances and that is not my nature at all. I appreciate what you said though, sometimes we just have to let go and you are so right my friend, Let go and Let God, even that is so scary to do. I trust God but having seen the "lessons" she had to learn to get away from him the first time makes me worried about what it will take the second time around. We always want to protect our babies. I'll keep trying and I do feel really blessed by the comfort all of you have offered me during this struggle that really means a great deal to me so I thank you one and all for your kindness.

    Being a single parent whether they are 2 or 20 is not an easy cross to bear at times I feel so very alone with all but you are all helping me a great deal to ease my heart just a little and know that I must really trust God to see her through this. I hope he'll see me through it too.

  • Dear RC: As a parent too, my heart breaks for you. But listen to MissBeth and her angels. Just reading the advice she gave to you (thru Michael) made me emotional. I can envision your home surrounded by your angels and the Light. Keep praying, believe in the Divine One. Everything is being done to offer your daughter an opening, a chance to see the true picture. Remember, we all have to make our own decisions in this life, but you're doing all you can, don't lose that strength!

    God bless you and your family. Prayers are coming your way, for your family and for your daughters enlightenment.


  • Dear RCdreamer,

    I checked in again with Heaven on your behalf...and today's message is quite loud: GOD is in charge.

    As you yourself have already hinted at....you only can do the absolute best you can do and lead with love. There is no wrong...or shame...in that at all. But, sometimes life is too big for us. We can't see the forest through the trees as the expression goes. In these cases, you simply have to give your worries and concerns to God and Heaven and your angels to take over. I have been known to take my hands and arms and extend them upwards and say "here, it's all yours. It's too big for me. Please take it all and help solve it all because I can't see how to do it myself." Every time, my worries and concerns get resolved. It may not be how "I" would have done things...but in hindsight, it was always the best way for the situation at hand.

    I look at our Divine intervention this way: you can see maybe one or two "moves" ahead of you when you are facing a decision. I can do this...and if that happens...I can do this next. But your angels look far ahead...and are 1000 moves ahead of you. I can't tell you the number of times I have been told this by our Creator Himself. He will tell me (as I tend to be chatty lol) "Beth, I know what you are going to say, I know what you think you should do...but I'm 1,000 moves ahead of you and this is the best solution."

    So, trust in Him. Trust that he has it all under control...because Lord knows we certainly don't. And just extend it all upwards and say "Here, take it. Please help me solve it." Then continue with your day-to-day life. You want the answer NOW. You want to know how it will resolve itself. But that is not how God and the Heavens work. They are working steadfastly already beind the scenes to generate a solution. They cannot force your daughter to make a decision they would make...and sometimes, you do have to let go. For your own internal peace and health. And know in your heart you have done everything you can. Also know that your daughter has her own path to follow...the struggles she is undertaking are strengthening her own spirit...and you are wanting to protect her from that. This could very easily be a path she chose...hard as it is to understand...for her own spiritual growth. All you can do is offer it up, and have faith and trust it will work out. Every day call out to your angels and Michael to be with you, and pour your heart out to them. Listen to your inner voice. If it says to say something to your daughter, then do. If it says "not" to say something, then listen. And I would also ask that they bring an Earth Angel to help. As a Mom, you don't feel your voice is being heard. But a complete stranger (angel) can incarnate to simply enter into her life with a suggestion or two. Ask for this...because a stranger's words and help can many times be just the advice needed, at the right time, to help steer things back onto course.

    Angel blessings to you,



  • Rc hope your having a better day Beth is so right and Rc i have been called every thing in the book. I remember one of them times of grabbing my daughter and just holding her and telling her i was not going to leave her and all the time her trowing a fit.To day she is 38 and we still have words but i still see the affects of the past and i still have to turn them over to God today i look back and see how many times yes but yes but you know its hard to argue with God i would say yes but you dont u understand and its kinda funny today and one day you will look back and you will be sharing this with someone else going threw what you are to day .Some times as Beth said we can not see the forest for the trees the first time someone said that to me i said what the h-e-ll are you talking about, to day i know, we get so wrapped up into what ever is going own we can not see any thing else i would suggest find a quite place breath slowly take deep breaths and hold them 2 or 3 times let them out and then talk to God and ask him to take her and you and help you help her to find what she needs and RC remember kids lash out at the ones they love the most and they do because they trust us and i know that does not make since but they do and every time you get a chance ask God or your angles help help here we go again Smile i know you can and it will get better i love you your daughter really loves you God loves you and all these people here love you and want whats best for you and your daughter and the rest of your family latter own i will tell you some good stories i went threw being a man and a father with to daughters turning into young women you will get a kick out of it . RC with love and prayers have a good day enjoy what God has so freely given another day of wonder Delbertc

  • aquajj, thank you for your kind words and prayers. I so appreciate the consideration and support of all of you here. I know I am blessed. i hope one day my daughter will realize she is too.

  • Beth, I think you read my mind. I know you are so right I have to give it up or it will eat me up. I did what you said, I reached out my arms and handed it and her over to God. As a mom I hope things turn out like I'd like to see it happen but as a believer I fear that will not be the case. I don't know if this is a case of lessons she has to learn or I do but either way it's not a fun one. I am so thankful that you check in on my behalf I appreciate that so much and hope you know how much that means to me and how much I want to hear those messages.

    I had to laugh that they are 1,000 steps ahead I know you are so right. No wonder I can't see what lies ahead. LOL Doesn't God know I'm near sighted.....LOL I will pray for that earth Angel. You are right she needs to hear from another what to do or their reaction to what has been to awaken her to the concerns. I have been very careful in choosing my words to her. I have been cautious of what not to say because the timing doesn't feel right. Imagine that I'm listening to my gut instinct. Wow. She has this wonderful habit of not allowing me to finish a statement. When she really wants to fight she will call from her cell phone spill out her thoughts and how I don't do for her this that or the other whatever the complaint of the day may be and then she hangs up before you can respond. I guess this is her way of being right and winning in her head. I've taken to trying to talk with her telepathically. Mind you I don't know if that is something I can do but I figure if I can shout loudly enough in my own head maybe just maybe she'll hear it and it will bother her enough to give it thought. Or so I hope there I go trying to hold onto some control. I must say this is one heck of a lesson in lacking control if that is what it is all about.

    A friend emailed me about this and warned Something is coming! I don't know what the something is, a part of me really doesn't want to know or face it but any thoughts on that?

    Again, I am so thankful for all of you for listening, for your prayers, for your words of advice and for being there, it means a great deal to me, I am humbled by the most precious gift of your friendship and concern. Thank you.

  • Delbert thanks for the advice. Can't see the forest for the trees that keeps getting repeated to me and I know you are right. I am so tunnel visioned on what is happening and trying to stop it like standing in front of an oncoming train that maybe I'm missing the switch on the track that will lead the train another way and leave us safe from harm "in time". That may just be wishful thinking on my part but I have to say I hope I'm right and she'll wake up before it's too late, before something catastrophic or irreparable occurs between us. I can so picture you wrapping your daughter in your arms and holding on for dear life as she thrashs about I feel that way. I'm trying so hard to hold on so tightly and all she wants to do is push me aside and run as far and as fast as she can away. I guess the truly scary part is I'd be left behind and all alone, that fear is probably worse than facing the monster she is so blindly trying to be with. Lord help me, bring peace to me and thank you for surrounding me with so many caring and supportive souls. I know that I am blessed and not truly alone in this struggle.

    Thank you again for your kindness and I hope one day I can repay the favor and be there for you, all of you.

  • You already are when i think things are bad now it reminds me how far we have come its in giving that we receive and sharing of yourself you are giving what most want to keep hidden i will say this and i say it with love i have found for me that the height of self centerness is thinking i know whats best for someone i do not even know whats best for me so how could i know for any body else even my kids but God and when i say God its my power i believe in one i can trust and have faith i call him Father and that is the kind of relationship we have a father and son my problem is i do not want to burden him or i want to help him bring it about and he lets me till i come and say ok i am lost help me stay out of your way and believe me its hard for me to admit i can not fix something but i can not i can tell you a lot of stories me trying to fix things it funny today was not then .RC that daughter i had a lot of trouble with and the one i was saying about holding .I was setting on the side of my bed holding my head and tears were running down my face, now i was a mean person when i was drinking i have nearly beat men to death and left them for dead, but this is how God has turned my life around and for me to cry and talk about this in a public forum is how my life has changed and that daughter came in there and ask me what is wrong and i said i was just tired of being alone and i said not youall a mate my daughter said i know daddy and she said you will find some one and you have us. Anyway a week or so i think me and my dad were setting outside we had been working in the garden all day was dirty anyway they came home from school i heard her holaring in the house for me and i told her we were out here and here she comes dragging this lady behind her she was dressed real nice my thought was what has that kid done now anyway long story short she became my wife for 21 years it ended but i got to experience a love like i never ever new before and when we got married she had 2 girls my boy was already moved out but them girls were 13,14,15,16 so we had our hands full i tell this story for when you think you daughter hates you remember this story and even today that daughter will invite strangers to Thanksgiving Dinner so they dont have to be alone. With love Delbertc

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