• I am thankful for the abundant variety of god's creation in the form of people in my life. I know on many levels persons of many ways of life, age, styles and ethnicities. I notice the one heart that joins us all. There is not a place where I can be truly alone. I embrace the connection with the beings and things of this world. I feel blessed to live in L.A. because of its persistent good weather. I love nature and its peace. I drink in the soup of the night sky.

  • I am grateful for people who post their appreciation for others, our planet and spirits, past and present.

  • We should all be grateful for living, loving ,appreciate all the good things that has been given to us. Although we have to take the good with the bad , the good stays with us forever and the bad will pass and be forgotten. As long as we make the best of every situation it will work out fine.

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