Please interpret these cards

  • hi all,

    I think the cards are finally friendly to me again, the readings make wayyy more sense now.

    can you interpret the meaning of:

    1. chariot + page of swords (post-break up, where he wants us to go)

    --i saw this pair as him moving on and feeling right/confident about it.

    2. world + 3 of cups (outcome where we're headed)

    --just friends? reunion that's happy and opens new beginnings?

    thanks 😄

  • Hi decembermoon, how have things been? Sorry to hear about your break up. Here is how I've interpreted your cards:

    Chariot is the card of movement and he wants to do all the leading. There is a question of honesty here, as I am seeing the spy card, Page of Swords. For some reason, this card suggests to me hidden agendas. Now I don't want to make it sound anymore than the way it's presented here, but swords are warning signs. There may have been another person in the picture.

    Second set of cards shows me support and completion. Your karma may become solid "good" again. Coupled with 3 of Cups, it does suggest some kind of healing. At the very least, you both go your separate ways on a good note. This card also suggests that you are getting the support you need from others.

    I do hope this helps. Let me know if I'm totally wrong! Ttyl.

  • hey espearite!

    i don't doubt his honesty---BUT you know, people break up and think of other possibilities/people so maybe this is creeping into the picture.

    i actually did a clarification on the world+3 of cups combo. i pulled three cards and i got: chariot, king of swords, two of cups. i don't know, there is still this lingering hope/positivity over the cards. i thought perhaps chariot = we're moving on towards something, king of swords requires honesty, and two of cups is having a connection that will last in some form.

    i dont know, i sort of give up, i keep seeing happy cards but nothing good is happening, it's really weird and never happened to me before. thanks for your input!

  • Hey, decembermoon, I do think that the second set of cards does clarify some kind of support, especially with the 3 of cups there. I'm not sure what kind of support though. I would think the page of swords does have something to do with him as well as the king of swords. The page to me represents lurking, not necessarily cheating but watching/hidden agendas. King of Swords, however, is more out in the open. It refers to a man who is very astute. He thinks objectively and usually sees a solution to most problems. Think of Captain Picard from the Enterprise! LOL I know it's not the best analogy, but I am not sure exactly what your guy is doing, but it's interesting. He may be assessing the situation, needing some time to think. I don't want to say testing you, but it does feel like that. But you are right, the readings do ask you to take a look at honesty in your relationship as well as objectivity. I hope this helped.

  • I became addicted to tarot...NOT GOOD. but happens to may, I guess. The Two of Cups

    kept annoying me...last time I got it, it was really for reconciliation of romance and so I always welcomed this card. I decided to clarify it and pulled three cards to explain what it means exactly from the last clarification (ARGHHH)....I got:

    Page of Swords (he's back...I don't like this little boy with his pointy toys), 10 of pentacles, 10 of cups.

    WHY IS EVERYTHING SO HAPPY?? I mean, 10 of pents and 10 of cups is like la-la land of happiness. LOL.

  • I'm wondering the same thing. I'd kill for some happy cards right about now, lol. But yeah, I do recommend you take a step back from the cards as they are only confusing you at the moment.

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