Captain your remarkable talent is needed

  • Your uncanny "sight" is needed once again. I am blocked. I don't know what I was put here to do and I feel like time is running out. I am currently a hairstylist and teach subs as aerobic instructor. I am tired of doing hair but would like to stay in the business. I enjoy teaching classes.

    My son is in college and doing well. My commonlaw husband (leo-86-1943) is retired and suffer from Parkinson's disease. I tend to worry about money. Also, I have been fantasizing about a guy I met over 8 years ago. He an Aquarian (2-10-54). I can't seem to shake the feeling his and mine was and could me a karmic experience. I spend all my time thinking about him and don't know why. I am not particularly attracted to him physically. I think once I know what the connection is and can release it and move on. HELP . I hope all is well with you and yours. Again THANKS FOR GIVING YOUR TIME AND TALENT SO UNSELFISHLY TO OTHERS. YOUR ARE BLESSING



  • Shebad, I am feeling that you don't feel very womanly at the moment and that you badly need to feel loved and attractive to someone. Hence you recall the man from eight years ago who treated you like a real woman and was good company - someone you could really talk to. Your husband is more like your child at the moment, not your lover. You are pining for some loving equal companionship and stimulating conversation and to be a woman, not a nurse. You want to be in love and feel adored. You want to be free of responsibility for others and to just please yourself for once.

    You are wanting to live an authentic life, one in which everything you do is exactly right for you. To do this, you must get rid of everything in your life that is not 'you', that does not serve you or your highest good. What does not make you feel happy about your life? What is now useless to you? Stop worrying about how you may upset others or gain their disapproval by your actions, and do what you have to do to be happy.

    Don't get trapped in negative beliefs about money or authority. You have healing hands and you pass on healing through cutting hair or just being in close physical contact with people. The aerobics is good because you are teaching others how to best use their power and energy. Don't give away your personal power - own it and realise you don't need to depend on others. You could do more with your healing hands like getting into massage therapy or other hands-on health professions.

  • Captain, thank you. As always, you shed light on the situation. Actually, I've never had a relationship with the aquarian. I use to see him at the shop where I worked. He was going though some personal and professsional transitions. He barely spoke to me. That's why I don't understand the interest in him. Normally, I don't waste time chasing fantasies. I guess what I'm asking is do you feel a karmic connection?

  • Shebad, it's not the man himself but what he represents to you that is attracting you. When you did speak, you must have gotten something positive from him that you wish you had more of now in your life. So it was not a karmic connection - the importance is what he stirred in you that you need to find again now.

  • Hi Captain. I think you may be right . I want to release this. Let it go and move on to what I should be focus on. Things at home was not the best it could be. I think I focus on him because I knew it was "safe", that I wouldn't act upon it. I love the man I'm with, I'm just not in love with him. I would never cheat. You know like Jimmy Carter, lusting only in my heart. I want to know will I ever have the love partner that I truly desire? Is there a particular sign and moon that would be better for me? What do you see in store for my son (3-9-90@ 5:25 pm) chicago

    As always I wish that you are surround with love and light at all times

  • Shebad, your best matches were born -

    • Gemini (week of May 25 - June 2)

    • Gemini/Cancer (weeks of June 19 - July 2)

    • Leo (week of August 3 - August 10)

    • Capricorn (weeks of January 3 - January 16)

    • Aquarius/Pisces (week of February 16 - February 22)

    But at the moment you do not love yourself and so you are only attracted to those people who will not love you enough in return. Once you love and appreciate yourself more, you will attract a more loving sort of partner.

    Your son has a tendency to hang on things that he no longer needs - old habits, people, possessions, and attitudes that no longer are of any use to him and they must be let go before he can move onto a new life. Relationships can be a problem for him - he can be overly sensitive and retreat into a shell of dislike and mistrust at the first sign of conflict. He has very unrealistic fantasies about how relationships should be. He also may have some unresolved trauma from his early life. He needs to be able to look at himself and his life with greater objectivity to see what needs to be changed, repaired, or released.

  • As you can see, your partner is on the list - at the moment though he can't give you enough love because he is so concerned with his own health and situation which is understandable. He can be more hardheaded and have more common sense than you, the romantic one, will like. When hard reality - like his illness - hits, you are unable to cope with the death of your fantasy life and so you rebel. Your partner probably feels unappreciated and rejected so sinks into his illness even more, leaving you bewildered. Thus you fantasise about other men who would never in fact match the reality of your fantastic dreams. Your partner can be more dominating than you but you two really need to discuss your situation and be honest with each other about what you want. Dreaming of escape is not the answer. Take action to sort your life out by communicating with your partner who may be too proud to tell you how he really feels. Watch your tendency to romanticize your life.

  • Captain, As before, you have hit on some truths that I haven''t want to acknowledge. how can I direct my son and get him to open up about his feelings? Do you feel that he is happy ? Is he on his right path now? Some times I feel he is lonely. He doesn't have any siblings or cousins that he could grow up with. He is popular with his peers. 3-9-90@5:25pm in chicago. As always thank you for you time. You have no idea how much I appreciate you sharing your gift with me. Love and light until the next time.

  • Your son can be a bit of a loner but personal relationships are where he will learn his major lessons. He has a need to suffer which must be released or he will just feel like a victim all his life. There is a marked tendency to venture forth to bond with others, then retreat into reclusive misanthropy, pessimism, and self-pity at the first sign of conflict. He must divest himself of a measure of unrealistic fantasy about how relationships ought to be before he can find real happiness with someone. He may also have to delve into any early traumas in detail, sometimes with professional help, until he gains the necessary insight into how such events might be still shaping his attitudes or world view. As soon as he gathers the strength to look at himself objectively and releases his tendency to hang onto people, old habits or attitudes, and possessions that have outgrown their usefulness, he will achieve greater personal liberation and greater happiness.

  • Hi Captain, I just learn that the aquarius(2-10-54) has bone marrow cancer. Should I reach out to him or should I just keep him in my prayers?



  • Are you in touch regularly or not? If you are, then fine, reach out to him. If not, reaching out to him will make him think you are just feeling sorry for him - which you are. That will make him bitter so keep him in your prayers instead.

  • Hi Captain, I will follow your advice. As always you are on point. I have actually come full circle and have released him thanks to your insight. You don't know how much you have help me with this. For the first time in years, I feel content. The answers that had evaded me for so long have surfaced. It all makes sense now. Again, thanks for sharing your talents. You are appreciated. Love and Light

  • You're very welcome. 🙂

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