• Can I pls get a reading?

  • About what exactly?

  • While I understand your desire to learn more about psychic readings, the only way I can answer your question is to tell you my first impression.

    You are a teenager and this is your first real encounter with a psychic forum. You have not/ or did not know how to research psychic phenomena, and either a friend pointed you in this direction or you stumbled across it.

    However much it helps to give us more information about the subject in question, we are usually not mind-readers. We require specific questions and/or a date of birth to guide us on the path of enlightenment. Some psychics "sense" truths, others "see" visions at random and still others "hear" someone telling them what you want to know.

    There are many types of psychics out there. Some have always been sensitive, even as a young child. Others experience growth spurts in spiritual matters. Still others swear the angels speak to them or call them "spirit guides." Either way, our gifts are often unique.

    I hope this helps. Please let us know. Your input is valuable.

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