Blmoon, Could You Tell Me of My Spirit Guides Please

  • Hi Blmoon,

    I have just read Intrigues thread asking you about her Spirit Guides, It was so good!! you are very intuitive, and obviously a wonderful open channel, could I be as bold to ask for any information from my Spirit Guides and maybe Angels who are around me at the moment?

    I know you must be busy, and I will understand if you can't do it, I have tried to tap into their energy in the past, but the irrational fears I have prevent me from relaxing and letting go enough for them to come through....I can't tell you HOW GRATEFUL I would be just to be in contact with them just a few short minuets through you, if you can, please tell them how grateful I am for them being with me to try and guide me in the right direction, even though I don't tap into their energy, I do try to remember to look out for the signs they send me!!... but I'm sure they already know my gratitude for them:)

    Thank You Blmoon for all you do for everyone on here.

    much love and joy to you,



  • hi blmoon, denise above here just asked the exact same question that has beeen on my mind, and needing much quidance at this point in time could you tap into them for me or tell me how i can ? ,thanking you for your time x x x

  • Please forgive me for bumping this, I don't like being a nuisance....but I would love to know whos with me, and if they need me to know anything....



  • heres hopeing that you get your answer

  • Can I please join this list? Thank you

  • Hi Blmoon.... I'm bumping again, hope you dont mind šŸ™‚


  • Blmoon, joy and happiness to you.

    I would love to know more about my spirit guides and angels, and if I should know about anything important or meaningful from them.

    thank you.

  • Hello, a few weeks ago I read Blmoon may be busy with some personal project.

    So for those of you who are seeking assistance - guidance from her I think she will get to you when she is able.


  • Hopeternal

    the strongest presence around you is male--an oldr man-white hair--very protective of you as there is something very childlike about you. You are not young but spirit shows me a frightened little girl. You can be fearful and don't like feeling out of control--you have orderly habits that keep anxiety at bay. There is a root safety issue that manifests in irrelevent fears because it needs somewhere to go. Unfortunetly, this buisiness of the mind tends to cut you off from spirit message--a part of you knows this but because you have spent your whole life spinning your wheels on auto pilot it is hard for you to undo without healing first from this fear issue--not feeling safe. The older man who guards you is a relative--he shows me nobby joints on his hands--he is long boned--hard working--wore his hands out he says. He says he is and was fiercly protective of loved ones. A woman also steps forward--a guide not related in this lifetime--a singer--she has a courageouse energy about her--very liberated--the kind of energy that fights for woman's rights. She pushes you sometimes to step forward--she lures you with music and says music centers you and you should use it during fearful times. I also see hiding a young child--who is a lot like you and spirit shows me the word "attachment" so I'm getting that this spirit clings to you and it's as if she wants you to be strong for her--her presence is the one you most need to balance as you two are too much alike--she is your pitty party buddy and you can sense her presence when you feel most like feeding your fears and withdrawing. She is the mirror of your progress. A native american woman steps forward-with another--two holding hands--one young one old. There is a sisterhood energy from them--they are brave women. They pull you outside--into nature--they announce their presence by nature--butterflys and frongs. The older man I mentioned first tosses pennies at you. The little girl likes to hide one shoe. A higher realm spirit--one of the guarding angels says you need to practice breathing--just breath. Spirit says you should investigate subliminal cds or tapes for healing as you have great listening powers when not distracted by fears. Look for titles like "feeling safe" then as you begin calming your mind more you will get messages as to the next step in finding your root source of not feeling safe. You are getting close! Blessings

    PS-another spirit steps forward insiting knows you from childhood but she passed young--shows me water and I hear a name that sounds like Maggie. She is running waiving like she's always late or trying to keep up.

  • Blmoon....what can I say!!...this is truly amazing...THANK YOU,

    The older white haired man could only be my father, he worked down the coal mines for years, he lost his finger, he was very protective of his family, a wonderful dear Father!!....

    then the singer, wow, I know this sounds silly, but, all my life I literally could not sing, I used to open my mouth but nothing would come just lately, I found myself SINGING in the car....I must have sounded awful, good job I was on my but I was so moved that I had actually made a sound, it made me cry, now I know how it happened!!...bless the beautiful spirit who helped me do this!!...I want to mirror her and her courage!!...

    The more I read of the child with "attachment" .... this scared little energy is me? the energy I haven't been able to let go of?... about the hiding of the shoes, this is so true, you see, when I get home I purposely try to put my shoes neatly together, but they always end up separated and I have to do a little search for one of there's no one else disturbing them because I'm on my own nearly all the time...

    The Native American women!! wonderful, only just yesterday I was out walking my dog and thinking I can't wait to see the butterflies again, the feeling of being in nature is second to none!...

    and now my Guardian Angel telling me to practice breathing....oh my!!...this is just amazing, I have been talking of this with my family and I just literally this morning before coming on here forward an email I got to my Daughter on this very subject!!.and now I will be letting her know of this message, she will be blown away!!. I feel SO blessed that my Angel came through to confirm what I know I should be doing, I'm getting better at remembering to do little breathing exercises during the day, it can be so bad for us if we just spend a lifetime of just shallow breathing...

    and now the one that really made me cry with joy!! little friend from childhood, we were friends from the first day starting school, she did die young....and yes, she was always late for something or other, I was always anxious of missing the bus to go for our hourly horse riding because she was never ready on

    Your wonderful gift Blmoon has bought me so much joy, I just can't thank you enough.

    MANY Blessing to you.



  • WOW! Sorry to barge in but that is amazing, Hopeternal I know you will be on cloud 9 for a while with that info, Blmoon I hope you wont mind if ask the same of you also I have in the last about two years became very aware of some my abilities spiritually, I have recently been connected with my wonderful soulmates father in which he passed when Ja was only fifteen (youngest of five) and has never dealt with it and is still in turmoil over it 14 years later. Here as of late he has been able to make a little progress with me trying to help him .....anyways I would love to know why I haven't been able to tune in with my guides and also I would love to know who is with me. Again you have an amazing gift and I would be so humbly grateful if you could share any information with me.

    Forever in your debt,


  • BLMoon...I started my own thread and was wondering if you can respond. Thanks!

  • Hi Heather, please don't feel if you have barged in, I would love to think people can feel a bit of positivity from my reading and we can all share the feel good feeling for a little while, yes I am on cloud nine at moment and savouring it all, then when I feel down at any time I will just re-read this wonderful thing Blmoon has done for me, I've saved it in my files....hope she can do yours for you too soon, I know she has been very busy of late, I tried not to be a pest and bumping my thread, but I just needed to now and the wait for my reading was SO worth it....

    much love and joy to you Heather


    Hi AuntBuck , I'm sure she will find your thread soon, and as you know from what I said above, it will be well worth the wait.

    much love and joy.



  • Oh and I am waiting patiently. I know she's been busy and don't want to nag either. Just bump up thread when I see her post. :0)

  • Hi AuntBuck,

    I have started a thread a while back too for Blmoon and I hope she will have the time one day to let me know more about my spirit guide. I think she is extremely busy right now and she has spent lots of time helping RC Dreamer too. Maybe she will help us soon.


    This is my thread. Feel free to let me know about my spirit guides whenever you have the time and energy to do it. And of course, if you want to šŸ™‚

    thank you!

    Have a wonderful day you both!

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