Hanswolfgang - Can you explain to me...

  • Hi Hans,

    I didn't realize that I was not supposed to post on another persons thread. I found out from another post that it can muddle things up for the reader. So, I wanted to just start a new thread.

    Ok, to clarify - you said:

    I (2/20/1968) would not be able to let go of Mike (7/1/66)

    Mike has romantic feelings for me. Mike knows he tortures me.

    That we would end up together in the future (not in 10 years and not this year)

    Now, by end up together, I meant in a committed romantic relationship but you said we would just be friends.

    Although his marriage is in danger, he will not get divorced (his wife 5/28/64) and we won't have an affair.

    You said that I would not have any romantic feelings for him anymore. (at some point)

    Also, that my husband and I are heading for divorce. (my husband is Steve 2/23/68)

    And I think you said that I should Pull back and not talk to him so much - give him room...let him be...

    So I am taking this as I have NO romantic future with Mike 7/1/66. Is this correct?

    Then you mentioned this...

    Hans: My feeling is: he has given to you but you have

    not responded so it has created problems on both the

    sides. -Me: Do you mean Mike? or my husband. But not Mike or my husband...LOL - Who then? what kind of hussy am I anyway>>>LOL...oh my gosh...I need to just cut out my heart and focus on career 🙂 So really, who is this yet OTHER MAN???

    I think I want to become a nun 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

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