Is it time to move on and let him go?

  • hi im just new hear..

    my ex and I just broke up, we just had our 3 months relationship and it didn't last. During our relationship her ex girlfriend was asking him if they can be together again, at first he refuses for the reason that he already had a girlfriend and that was me.. but later my boyfriend become cold and our communication was lost. Later I found out that he agreed to be together with her ex,and so for me our relationship needs to end..

    few months had past, my ex and I meet accidentally, he wants to come back for us to be together, I asked him about her girlfriend and he told me that they relationship was going nowhere, because I still love him, i try to give him another chance.

    My friends found out that we keep on seeing each other and it alarmed them... they talked to me and told me that I should not entertain my ex again because he's girlfriend was pregnant and he is the one responsible for that thing.. and my ex was running from that responsibility.

    i never had the chance to talked to my ex again after knowing what my friends had told me, i just ignore him without asking for his explanation...

    weeks had past... my ex and I meet again accidentally... I let him explain, he told me everything, from then on we used to see each other again, text each other..we started dating... he again asked me to continue our relationship because he still loves me... I want to believe that he do still loves me because I still love him too... but the problem is, he already had his responsibility, he told me that the problem was already settled and her girlfriend did not want him to answer the responsibility, they already broke up, and the girl already go to their province.

    i want to be with him, but the thing that still bothers me is... his responsibility.

    few days pass... he texted me that her ex girlfriend already gave birth... it was a girl.. from his messages I feel how eager he is to be with his baby.. and it hurts me so much.. I asked him about his plan, he told me that her ex girlfriend inclusding her family.didn't want him to see his child.

    for that I already made my decision, I texted him not to continue our relationship for the reason that i felt like he still wants to be with her ex girlfriend maybe bcoz of their baby. I told him to do everything to win her ex back for the sake of their baby..

    it needs me a lot of courage to say everything and to finally give him up.. I really really love him..

    and it's not easy for me to move on.. after I text him he keep on texting me to know if Im ok and what going on with my life now, i choose not to entertain his messages because I know that it would be hard for me to move on..

    what should i do know? is my decision right.? i don't have any news about him, if they already reunite with thier baby or what.. but still it bothers and hurts me.. every night I used to cry out... it really hurts me..

  • Hi there, What you did is the right thing to do. Let him get on with his life and you get on with yours! I know it hard at first but you will get used to it eventually and it will be easy for you after all. Of cause everything will take time for healing, forgetting and forgiving. Take me for example, I felt in love with the guy on the internet after a few conversations while I am married! then I met up with him. We organized he from Scotland to meet me in England. He is younger than me. I found him amusing and he is a good looking guy so he took my heart straight away. We spent many nights together many times. I went up and down to Scotland to see him.

    I have no children no responsibility. He has no friends no family because later on I found out that he is a criminal and he had been in jail because all crimes that he committed. Instead of me walking away I offered him to be there for him keep him away from doing wrong. He said at first not interfere with my marriage and not to get attached on me but later he told me because in his nature he can not stop looking at other women! I was shocked and guttered! My husband found out eventually that I had affair with him. So we split and I move to Scotland but I did not leave with my lover who never said he loves me! just companion of used me to pass his time.

    By living close to him then his personality shine and make me wondered why no one would want to get involve with him. He likes to blame everything not his fault ever be, he is sexist, racist and selfish. He is very rude tight and mean. Every time I have to spend my money with him. So he used me that is definitely because I let him. Oh well, I guess I do not love him any more that is why I started the see thing that I have ignored it the past two years that I have been with him on and off, happy and sad we went through a lot together.

    First seven months was good, I have seen good side of him fun and cheerful and intelligent. We last that long then come for me to think why this man still keep his photos with all his ex why I was there! And why no one come visit him? Because if he got bad temper very defensive and aggressive toward someone who he dislike! He will not give you chance to say or have an opinion! He is control freak and he knows it and he likes it like that. He tried to show me and tell me everything and shared things with me. It was too much for me to cope as I have never experience before in my life. I felt I have lost all my dignity and integrity. I told some of my friends and my husband too they said I should have nothing to do with him. He is so dangerous to society. He was on line contact with some of them. I on the other hands did contact some of my old contact too but I left my hotmail on screen he entered and looked at my mail. He got jealousy destroyed all my things and photos thrown my stuff out of his house and me too! Since then we never be the same. Well I could not blame him that much because I intend to show him I am not that desperate with him. If he could show off I would too but it is not good. Because he is very sensitive and insecure at beginning, I have damaged him further.

    So that was it !thing never been the same every time we had an argument he stormed me off his house, punched my car’s mirrors as he also which to hurt me many times eventually he had succeed twice on my face. Good job no harm done two or three days bruised.. I never blame him of anything thought some my fault to annoy him but It also was his problem personality and his illness he got. His family chucked him out from him since he was 16 then he started to be a bad boy to look after himself. Deep down I don’t believe he is that bad but he is! He said he did it to protect and look after himself even with me. He did and forgets about the love that I had for him. At the end we end up give statement to the police one day when thing went pair sharp me and him. He refused and not admitted what he did that day to me! I was gutted and left him with bruises on my body and hurt inside me. I did nothing but he loss it just because I can not do what he want me to do. We had never said good bye properly to each other. This is my side of story, I hope I can get on with my life one day and you will do as well. Just have to keep thing simple and keep a good memory only in our mind. good luck and take care.

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